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The Power is now Media Kit

  1. 1. | Info@ThePowerIsNow.comStay Connected!
  2. 2. The Power is Now is the premiere venue to educate and inspire real estateprofessionals nationwide to pursue excellence in their profession by providing accessto leaders in the real estate industry that will enable them to act NOW.About the Power is Now Radio ShowThe Power Is Now Radio and was created to empower and educate real estateprofessionals in Orange County California but the news about it soon spread all overthe country. The Radio Talk Show is supported by National and State real estateassociations in addition to National and State minority real estate trade associationsthroughout the United States.The Power Is Now Radio is accessed online and by telephone and can accommodateup to an unlimited number live participants each week. The number of actualparticipants depends on the guest speaker and subject matter that day. The Power IsNow talk show conducted its first teleconference on August 20, 2009 with thepurpose to be a resource for real estate agents who are trying to go to the next level.The Power Is Now Radio has achieved a milestone in recording its 125th talk showon April 26, 2012.Guests on The Power Is Now Radio include real estate industry leaders, local andnational government agencies and politicians, CPA’s, Attorney’s, Marketing experts,Economist’s, all three Minority Trade Associations, National and State Associationsand more. Each talk show is recorded and available for replay and
  3. 3. How do Listeners find The Power Is Now Online RadioShow?Twice a week promotional flyers are emailed to over onemillion agents and to real estate trade associationsnationwide who have endorsed the Power Is Now. Thesesame promotional flyers are placed on FACEBOOK,Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, Dig, Active Rain, My Space,Google plus, Google buzz, You Tube, Vimeo, Plaxo,Google, Yahoo and other social networking sites. Inaddition, press releases are sent out every week to majornewspapers nationwide promoting the speaker of theweek.
  4. 4. Membership Is Free and will always be! Membership in The Power Is Now Network is free and willalways be free. All real estate agents and consumers canlisten to live talk shows every week with industry leadersand experts. The Power Is Now Online Radio launch onBlog Talk Radio April 14, 2011. The Power Is Now TVlaunched April 25th, 2012. We are now able to conduct liveradio an pre-recorded video interviews with industry leadersand experts. Our first live radio session was at the RegionXV Conference June 15, 2012 at the Hyatt Hotel inAnaheim California. It was a tremendous success and itwas free to the worldwide audience.
  5. 5. NAREB and the Power Is Now RadioThe National Association of Real Estate Brokers is fullyendorsed and embrace by the Power Is Now. Eric Frazier isthe President of the Orange County Realtist a chapter of theNAREB and currently uses the Power Is Now to promoteall conferences, events, and meetings in both the Local,State and National level. NAREB members are loyallisteners of the Power Is Now.
  6. 6. The Power Is Now Radio PlatformThe Power Is Now Online Radio is an opencommunication’s platform for Online Radio and Videocommunications for all Real Estate Trade Associations,Chambers of Commerce and Nonprofit organizations. Asan open communication platform any specialannouncements, training and business opportunities can beconducted on the Power Is Now Radio. In addition, thePower Is Now has a standing invitation to service providers,AMCs, GSEs, HUD, Departments of the FederalGovernment, Banks, Credit Unions, and any otherorganizations that services or provides businessopportunities to real estate agents to come on the programfor free. They are welcome. Live Radio and Videosimulcast of their events is also available.
  7. 7. About our HostEric Lawrence Frazier is the President Founder, and Executive Producer of The Power Is Now Radio.In addition to being the Host and Executive Producer of the Power Is Now Radio, Eric Frazier enjoys avery successful career in Mortgage Banking His career includes a total of 31 years in sales andoperation management. Eric Lawrence Frazier has an MBA with an emphasis in Finance and a BS inBusiness Administration and Management from the University of Redlands. He has been married for30.75 years and has 4 daughters. His wife and daughters own and operate Frazier Group Reality inRiverside, CA a full service Real Estate Company. In addition to mortgage banking, Mr. Frazier is areal estate Investor, a California Real Estate Licensed Broker, and is affiliated with many communityorganizations: Orange County Realtist President California African American Museum President African American Association of REO Brokers President/CEO The Power Is Now Foundation, Inc. A Nonprofit Org. President/CEO AAREA Former Advisory Board & Member Black Chamber of Commerce Advisory Board Project Tomorrow Director OC NAHREP Former VP & member Open Door Institute Advisory Board California Association of Real Estate Brokers (CAREB) Director REOMAC Member Pacific West Association of Realtors (PWR) Member Orange County Association of Realtors (OCAR) Member California Association of Realtors (CAR) Member National Association of Realtors (NAR) Member Women Council of Realtors MemberMr. Frazier is also a minister, singer, poet, songwriter, motivational speaker and Community Leader. He is a a businessconsultant and personal coach. He strives to be a role model and leader in his community.
  8. 8. Contact Information: Olina Bishop, Administrative Assistant(800) 401-8994 ext. 705erica.beuster@thepowerisnow.comJacob Navas, Chief Technology Officer(800) 401-8994 ex 707jacob.navas@thepowerisnow.comSherri Jackson, Assistant Producer(800) 401-8994 ext. 709sherri.jackson@thepowerisnow.comEric L. Frazier, President/Executive Producer800-401-8994 ext.