I Know A Place


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I know a place where sorrow is replaced with joy and peace

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I Know A Place

  1. 1. I know a place;
  2. 2. Where the sick are healed, where the dumb can speak and the deaf can hear, a place where the weak can say they are strong, Joel 3:10 Where health springs forth speedily, Isaiah 58:8 and where the wounded are made whole, even on the Sabbath day, John 7:23 I know a place
  3. 3. I know a place; Where ‘good news’ flows like a river, where ‘the broken hearted find healing, where the oppressed find freedom, where the captives find deliverance, Where the blind receive their sight and where the bruised, the beaten and the downtrodden find liberty.’ Luke 4:18
  4. 4. I know a place; Where ‘every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be brought low; Where the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough ways shall be made smooth;’ Luke 3:5
  5. 5. Let me open the windows of heaven a little further so that you can see.
  6. 6. I know a place; Where all my needs are met according to Gods riches in glory, Philippians 4:19 Where my ‘provision is abundantly blessed and the poor satisfied with bread,’ Psalm 132:15,
  7. 7. I know a place; Where ‘the hungry are fed, where the prisoners are loosed, blind eyes are opened and the righteous are loved, A place where the strangers are preserved, the fatherless and the widows are relieved and the wicked are turned upside down, ’ Psalm 146:7-9
  8. 8. I know a place; Where ‘the longing soul is satisfied and where the hungry soul is filled with goodness,’Psalm 107:9 where Where ‘no good thing will be withheld from those who walk uprightly,’ Psalm 84:11
  9. 9. I wonder have you found it yet?
  10. 10. I know a place; Where ‘the poor are raised up out of the dust and the needy are lifted from the dunghill,’ Psalm 112:7 Where ‘the cause of the afflicted and the right of the poor is maintained’ Psalm 140:12,
  11. 11. I know a place; Where ‘the fatherless finds a Father, and where the widow finds a husband, where the lonely are placed into families.’ Psalm 68:5-6 Where a friend sticks closer than a brother, Proverbs 18:24
  12. 12. Let me open some more doors and let some more light in so that you can see more clearly…….
  13. 13. I know a place; Where ‘I will not be cast off in old age and where I will not be forsaken when my strength is gone.’ Psalm 71:9 Where ‘this corruptible puts on in-corruption, where this mortal puts on immortality,’ 1 Corinthians 15:53, and where ‘death has lost its sting and where the grave has no victory.’ 1 Corinthians 15:55
  14. 14. ; I know a place Where even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, Psalm 23:4 Where my mourning will be turned to dancing, Psalm 30:11, and ‘my are tears wiped away’ Revelations 7:17
  15. 15. By now you must be getting a glimpse of the place I speak of…….. It’s where there is ‘a refuge for the oppressed a refuge in times of trouble,’ Where I am ‘delivered from my strong enemy and from them that hate me,’ Psalm 18:17,
  16. 16. I know a place; Where I ‘shall not be afraid of the terror by night, or for the pestilence that walks in darkness,’ Psalm 91:5-6 Where ‘no evil shall befall me’ Psalm 91:10 and where ‘no plague shall come near me,’ Psalm 91:10 I know a place; Where ‘no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper,’ Isaiah 54:17
  17. 17. I know a place; Where storms cease, where ‘temptations are counted joy’ James 1:2 and where darkness flees from the light and where victory is assured. I wonder have you found this place of which I speak….
  18. 18. I know a place; I know a place; Where ‘my transgressions are blotted out and where my sins are not remembered anymore,’ Isaiah 43:25 Where bad people can be made good and where good people can be made better, a place where sinners become saints and where all who believe ‘stand complete in Christ’
  19. 19. I know a place; Where ‘mercy is new every morning,’ Lamentations 3:22-23 and where although ‘weeping may endure for a night, joy always comes in the morning.’ Psalm 30:5.
  20. 20. I know a place; Where ‘all my iniquities are forgiven and all my diseases are healed,’ Psalm 103:3, where my life is redeemed from destruction Where here I am crowned with loving kindness and tender mercies’ Psalm 103:4
  21. 21. I know a place; Where my sins were paid in full, where a once and for all sacrifice was made, a place where grace and holy blood atoned for this one time hell deserving sinner As we draw to a close can I ask you, do you know this place? Have you walked its streets in freedom and have you known the joy it brings to every heart?
  22. 22. ? Have you felt the healing it brings to the wounded and the oppressed, the liberty it brings to the weary and the peace it brings to the troubled heart? Do you know the place where love and mercy meet? Where ‘the well of living water’ John 4:14 flows to the thirsty and ‘ the bread of life’ John 6:35 is freely given to all who are hungry?
  23. 23. Do you know the place where tears are no more and where death is defeated, where sorrow, crying and pain have passed away? Do you know the place where ‘all things are made new? Where old things are passed away and all things are become new?’ 2 Corinthians 5:17
  24. 24. I can see you getting hungry for the place so dear to my heart…
  25. 25. A place where there is ‘no condemnation, and where the law of the Spirit of life has made us free from the law of sin and death.’ Romans 8:1-2 It’s a place of ultimate freedom where joy reigns alongside peace and where all things are made new, and ‘where sin has no dominion over us,’ Romans 6:14
  26. 26. It’s the place ‘we receive the Spirit of adoption,’ Romans 8:15 where ‘we become children of God and he becomes our Abba, our Father, our daddy.’ It’s a place where ‘nothing shall be able to separate us from the love of God’ Romans 8:38-39
  27. 27. So where then is this place?
  28. 28. It’s the presence of God, its lying close enough to his breast that you can feel every heartbeat and feel his breath bringing you power and peace, It’s a place where storms cease and where demons and the devil have no mission.
  29. 29. ‘ It is near, even in your mouth and on your heart’ Romans 10:8 it’s the place of which the scriptures speak from Genesis to Revelation Its ‘Christ in you the hope of glory’ Romans 5:2 where ‘joy unspeakable and full of glory’ reign, 1 Peter 1:8
  30. 30. Its heaven on the way to heaven, its doorway is Christ; its key is faith in his ‘once and for all sacrifice for sin forever’ Hebrews 10:12 The ransom has been paid in full and it’s where all those who truly believe in Christ are welcome to receive their reward from the nail scared hands of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
  31. 31. It’s ‘the temple of the Holy Spirit’ 1 Corinthians 6:19 and its you and I, we are the called according to his purpose’ Romans 8:28 who are ‘saved and called with a holy calling’ 2 Timothy 1:9 It’s where the redeemed sing praise to ‘the Lamb of God who took away their sins,’ John 1:29 Its where ‘we overcome the world by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.’ Revelation 12:11
  32. 32. Its in the here and now, not in the sweet by and by, it’s today that ‘Christ in us’ Romans 5:2 ‘carries out the will of his Father’ John 5:30
  33. 33. It’s now that we have come into our great inheritance, its today that we are ‘heirs and joint heirs with Christ’ Romans 8:17 It’s today that we have been ‘given the keys of the kingdom of heaven, to bind the powers of darkness and to loose the captives.’ Matthew 16:19
  34. 34. Now that you have found ‘the place’ start fulfilling the wonderful destiny God has planned for you…
  35. 35. David Robinson © 2009 Studio 18 Productions