Empty Ppt 09


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The tomb is emptier than a broken heart, and yet its emptiness can fill the deadest of lives with joy unspeakable and full of glory.

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Empty Ppt 09

  1. 1. ‘ EMPTY’
  2. 2. The tomb is emptier than a broken heart, and yet its emptiness can fill the deadest of lives with joy unspeakable and full of glory.
  3. 3. It’s devoid of light and yet it held a light brighter than the noonday sun, the light of the world.
  4. 4. It’s devoid of friends who fled crippled by fear and stunned by unbelief…‘the King is dead’ ‘ the King is dead’ they cried…
  5. 5. Its quieter than a slaughterhouse on a Sunday morning, the lamb that was slain has been its only victim, the highest bidder… mans only predator.
  6. 6. Silence reigns now instead of a baying, mocking bloodthirsty crowd, hope eternal fades in human hearts while the unseen heaven awaits the King of glory's return.
  7. 7. No flowers here except the one called the Lily of the valley and the Rose of Sharon, the only wreath a hastily discarded crown of thorns.
  8. 8. The tomb bears less fruit than an orchard on a cold winter’s day… yet yields the fruit of righteousness to all who simply believe.
  9. 9. A stone its only doorway, hinges oiled with love, its couch a cold unyielding slab…
  10. 10. An unfit throne for any King let alone the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
  11. 11. ‘ SUDDENLY’
  12. 12. Authority speaks with the power of an earthquake and death removes its ugly grip…
  13. 13. Grave clothes loose their power and gather themselves neatly in obedience to await the ‘NEW’ dawn for awakening creation.
  14. 14. Groaning as only stone can, the door opens and reveals the truth ‘the dead have hope’ death does not have the final say…
  15. 15. Death is not an un-crossable sea because someone made a way, Christ created a bridge and bids us ‘come, do not fear’
  16. 16. Darkness flees to unreachable corners, emptiness follows on its heels as light fills the space….
  17. 17. A light breeze sweeps away the smell of death as it brushes past now empty grave clothes.
  18. 18. The stone which held Him whispers to the breeze …
  19. 19. ‘ He is not here He is risen’
  20. 20. The cold stone slab agrees ‘my creator has gone’ Heaven begins to stir the world to yet another dawn.
  21. 21. The guards asleep as dead men, while the greatest victory ever seen passes them by, the heavenly chorus could not awaken them from their heaven sent slumber,
  22. 22. The King passes by too no applause and without salute and awaits his courtiers by a dusty road…
  23. 23. No men folk here just women and rightly so, for none knows pain like a mother or a much forgiven one.
  24. 24. The gardener waits to tend distraught flowers, broken vessels in need of mending, souls still thirsty for the water of life.
  25. 25. An angel takes them to the empty, open tomb as the breeze heavy now with truth echoes with joy… .
  26. 26. ‘ He is gone, the one you Seek is not here’
  27. 27. Go quickly tell the lonely, fearful ones I will meet them in Galilee
  28. 28. Joy raced fear until they fell together at the feet of the only resident the tomb had ever entertained…
  29. 29. ‘ All hail, Mary Magdalene you loved much and thus have been forgiven much’
  30. 30. Fear stays on the ground like the serpent it is as Mary's heart rises with joy to meet the truth that stands before her
  31. 31. The two Mary's like peas in a pod, united in joy now as they were in sorrow…
  32. 32. One a prostitute, a demonic that found real love, the other a virgin mother that had found a true husband man.
  33. 33. Spices brought to cover his body now lie discarded in the dust, costly? Who cares?
  34. 34. No purse thief to make comments about the waste today, no anointing needed;
  35. 35. ‘ He that was dead is alive’
  36. 36. Joy left fear where it had fallen and raced to bring the good news to those whom fear had gripped.
  37. 37. ‘ Idle tales’ said fear, laughing nervously as its own shadow began to melt and truth stepped onto the playground of Peter and Johns mind.
  38. 38. A race, trembling hearts, sweating brows, minds racing ahead of swift feet, the open tomb gives way to welcome the unbelieving visitors.
  39. 39. A hasty look followed by a stare at the nothingness that was as empty as a freshly dug grave.
  40. 40. Unbelief shook its head in wonder following the example of a world coming to terms with the truth…
  41. 41. ‘ Death had been defeated once and for all’
  42. 42. CHRIST IS RISEN’
  43. 43. A Studio 18 Production 2009 (C) David Robinson