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2011 Department of Public Safety Organizational chart


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August 2011 Indianapolis Public Safety Organizational Chart

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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2011 Department of Public Safety Organizational chart

  1. 1. Department of Public Safety Frank Straub, PhD Director Carolin Requiz Smith August 2011 Department of Public Safety Chief of Staff/Deputy Director p y Finance/PR/Marketing Community Relations Rick Hite Deputy Director Cate Marshall Thomas Michalak Strategic Initiatives Executive Assistant Chief Financial Officer And Training Brian Mahone Community Affairs Public Relations Special Counsel Manager Major Teri Kendrick Paul R. CiesielskiCharles Miramonti, MD Brian Sanford Gary Coons Ray Raney Animal Control Indianapolis MetropolitanIndianapolis Emergency Police Department Indianapolis Fire Department Homeland Security Public Safety Medical Services Administrator Chief of Fire Chief Communications Chief of Police Matthew Hamner Deputy Administrators Chief’s Executive Officer Michael G. Bates David Owens Amber Myers Major Ernest Malone Homeland Security Homeland Security Assistant Chief Bureau Bureau Darcie Kurtz Deputy Chief Deputy Chief Lloyd Crowe William J. Benjamin Valerie J. Cunningham William Lorah Anthony Williamson G. Ted Fries Special Operations Training Division Operations Division Professional Standards Investigations Division Executive Services Major IFD Deputy Chief p y Deputy Chief p y Deputy Chief p y Deputy Chief p y Deputy Chief p y Joseph Finch Karen Arnett Gregory Bieberich Kenneth Bacon Training Executive Professional Standards Commander Investigations Operations Officer Office Downtown District Major Deputy Chief Major Scott Haslar Arthur Borel Professional Narcotics and Firearms Firearms T i i Fi Training Commander C d Logistics Performance Bureau East District Deputy Chief Thomas Koppel Performance and Policy Recruit Commander Organized Crime Development North District Peter Mungovan Training Commander Accreditation and Policy Homicide and Robbery Northwest District Chris Boomershine Domestic and Sex CLD Commander Citizens’ Service Violence Southeast District Bryan Roach Commander Juvenile Southwest District8/10/2011