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'Photographing Change' - The Picture Press talk at American Center

With the end of the war in Sri Lanka, rapid changes are taking place in the country. Society, economy, culture, people, livelihoods, and the environment - they are all changing. Development, which already means so many different things to different people, is reshaping Sri Lanka swiftly and sometimes silently. How can this change be captured? How can we visually preserve the present, for the future? This is what The Picture Press set out to do, and was the focus of a recent presentation we made at the American Center in Colombo (May 21st 2014). The Picture Press (TPP) presentation looked at TPP’s work since its launch in December 2012, why we started the site, and why we do what we do. TPP's presentation was made by 2 of 3 of its co-curators (Iromi Perera and Anushka Wijesinha). We recommend that you read this written overview of the presentation, accompanying these slides -

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'Photographing Change' - The Picture Press talk at American Center

  1. 1. May 2014 Photographing Change The Picture Press
  2. 2. 01
  3. 3. In our first 2.5 years…
  4. 4. 1919 Call Centre
  5. 5. 01 Helplines in Sri Lanka
  6. 6. 01 Twilight of the Telegram
  7. 7. Java Lane
  8. 8. 01 A Childhood Robbed
  9. 9. Why photographs?
  10. 10. Why narratives?
  11. 11. 01 E01: Who’s Right of Way?
  12. 12. Absence of Technology
  13. 13. Java Lane, Vanishing
  14. 14. 01 How we work ! •High quality photographs and narratives •Rigorous research and curation •Protect those photographed •Hands on during shoots
  15. 15. Groundviews ’30 Years Ago’ project
  16. 16. 01 Challenges •Time consuming •Difficulty in getting great submissions outside of commissioned work •Lack of photographers •Financing commissioned work
  17. 17. Why do we do it?
  18. 18. Thank you! the ‘write’ side of photography