Revealed what is the empower network


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I am going to write this for the sake of my team and my leads, so hang on tight, for those of you who still have questions about what is Empower Network.

If you’re a beginner, then it’s very important that you read through all of this.

Here goes…

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Revealed what is the empower network

  1. 1. April 30, 2013[Revealed] What is the Empower Network?I am going to write this for the sake of my team and my leads, so hang on tight, for those ofyou who still have questions about what is Empower Network.If you’re a beginner, then it’s very important that you read through all of this.Here goes…What is Empower Network?Empower Network has a few key components to it, so I am going to explain the mostimportant first. Warning: this post about Empower Network will be long, but you will get themost detailed explanation of what Empower Network is, right now!Empower Network: Business Opportunity ProgramEmpower Network is a business opportunity and affiliate program that allows you to get 100%commission on each qualified sale you make in Empower Network.100% Commission?Yes, 100% Commission!If you are a sales person, youare probably familiar with sellingsomebody else’s product foronly 20% commission. If you sell$100 product to 1 customer,you get $20.You do all the running aroundand pitching like mad, andsomebody else gets 80% fromthe fruit of your labor. Thatsucks right?But what if you can get 100%commission for the $100product?You get $100!In Empower Network, you getto earn 100% commissions foreach and all Empower Networkproducts. Because you deserveit. Because you deserve to berewarded.It’s like you own the product!!
  2. 2. Compensation Plan and Pass-UpsIf you’re familiar with MLM Program out there, you must know how hard it is to earn sometangible commission.It’s because their compensation plans go something like this.You have to sell to a few downline members, who have to sell to their own downlinemembers, who have to sell to their own downline members, who have to sell to their owndownline members… before you can finally get real commission that can’t even get you to livea month’s life! Sounds familiar?That sucks right?In Empower Network, we have our own compensation plan.Is it another MLM scheme? No! Let me draw this out to you:Let say you make 11 product sales in Empower Network for the basic $25/monthproduct to 10 people: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K.- 1st sale: Person A pays $25/month to buy the $25/mo product from you. Youbecome A’s sponsor, and you get $25/mo for this first sale.- 2nd sale: Person B buys the $25/mo product from you. You become B’s sponsor,but the money passes up to your own sponsor.- 3rd sale: Person C buys the $25/mo product from you. You become C’s sponsor,and you keep $25/mo for this 3rd sale.- 4th sale: Person D buys the $25/mo product from you. You become D’s sponsor,but the money passes up to your own sponsor.- 5th sale: Person E buys the $25/mo product from you. You become E’s sponsor,and you keep $25/mo for this 5th sale.- 6th sale: Person F buys the $25/mo product from you. You become F’s sponsor,but the money passes up to your own sponsor.From this point onward, you will get 100% commission for every 4 sales in arow, which means only every 5th sale after this will be passed up.- 7th sale: Person G buys the $25/mo product from you. You become G’s sponsor,and you keep $25/mo for this 7th sale.- 8th sale: Person H buys the $25/mo product from you. You become H’s sponsor,and you keep $25/mo for this 8th sale.- 9th sale: Person I buys the $25/mo product from you. You become I’s sponsor,and you keep $25/mo for this 9th sale.- 10th sale: Person J buys the $25/mo product from you. You become J’s sponsor,and you keep $2/mo for this 10th sale.- 11th sale: Person K buys the $25/mo product from you. You become K’ssponsor, but the money passes up to your own sponsor.
  3. 3. As it continues,12, 13, 14, 15 are yours, 16 passes up, 17, 18, 19, 20 are yours, 21 passes up,and so on…That’s clear enough I’m sure, and I’m sure you’re wondering why the **** the commissionpasses up.There are two reasons for pass-ups:1. It is only ethical to pay your sponsor the pass-up! Your sponsor in Empower Network is theone who got you in here, and he/she has worked hard for that, and so we want to rewardthem for what they deserve!2. It is designed to work in your favor. Imagine for a second if you are not earning only fromyour own sales, but also from the pass-ups of each of your downline members. That willboost your income like crazy!Difference with regular MLM compensation plan? Huuuge! Regular MLM comp plans don’t allowyou to get 100% commission off your first sale in the first place, do they? Let alone gettingpaid from pass-ups!Now you may think that $25/mo is measly for a commission. But what you don’t know is thatthe $25/mo basic membership is not the only product we have.Empower Network Products (Part 1)Now, there are five products in Empower Network. Each of them of much higher value than theprice. What are they?1. Basic Empower Network Viral Blogging System ($25/month)
  4. 4. 2. Inner Circle Weekly Audio Training ($100/month)3. Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive Training ($500 one time payment)4. 15K Per Month Formula ($1,000 one time payment)5. Costarica Masters’ Retreat ($3,500 one time payment)I’ll get to the details later.And oh, yes! You get paid 100% for the sales of each product.IMPORTANT: You have to be qualified for each product to get 100% commission.How?You have to buy the products which you want to earn direct and pass-up 100% commissionsfrom.When you get 100% commission for each sale, you’re literally owning your own business, aren’tyou? To own your own business literally meansyou pay for the set up of your business. Do you really want to earn 100% commission fromthings that you didn’t pay for?No! You’re stealing if you’re doing so!Now back to the compensation plan.You have to be qualified to earn 100% commission off each product.Let’s analyze some case scenarios.Let’s say you bought the $25/mo, $100/mo, $500 products in Empower Network,but you didn’t buy the rest, so you don’t qualify for $1,000 and $3,500 products.John joined you, and he bought $25/mo, $100/mo, $500, and $1,000 products.Consider this yous first sales of each product. You get $25/mo, $100/mo, and$500, but because you don’t qualify for the $1,000 product, the commissionpasses-up to your sponsor, as long as he qualifies.Now, let’s say John had made one sale each for the $25/mo, $100/mo, $500 and$1,000 products in Empower Network.Next comes Abby, and Abby wants the fast track. She gets all-in, and buyseverything from John.This is John’s second sale of $25/mo, $100/mo, $500 and $1,000 products. Sothey are all passed-up. So $25/mo is passed up to you, $100/mo is passed up toyou, $500 is passed up to you, and… wait. You are not qualified for the $1,000product, so your sponsor gets it, if he/she is qualified.What happened to the $3,500 product?Since you and John don’t qualify for the product, the commission passes up toyour sponsor, as long as he/she is qualified.
  5. 5. Now, what happened to Abby?She will get all the benefits and all the commissions she had dreamed ofwhen she makes sales in Empower Network (still conforming to thecompensation plan).Still don’t get it?Now watch this video.Empower Network Compensation Plan“This is just like other MLM!”It’s not!Yes, you see the multi level system over here in Empower Network, but there is one majordifference. The multi level schematics in Empower Network is not what you have to market andcreate. That is not your focus. Your focus is just to create direct sales.The multi level schematics appears in Empower Network when your downline members get theirown direct sales. You are not responsible for their downlines! Whereas in other MLM offer, it isyour job and resposibility to make sure that your downline is duplicating. Here in EmpowerNetwork, we just don’t care about the multi level. We just sell, sell, and sell!How do Empower Network pay you?You need to set up a merchant account like PayPal or Payza, so that Empower Network canpay you.Now, do realize that merchants accounts charge you monthly fee and transaction fee, soalthough Empower Network pays you 100% commission, it will be minus the transaction feewhich usually is not more than 10 %. All merchant accounts have their own merchant fees.Here’s the bad news:I have heard people’s stories about how when they stack up so much money in their merchantaccount, they get shut off! It happens to people who used PayPal before. When you earn somuch money, the merchant account usually thinks, “We don’t know where all this money comesfrom. We don’t trust you. Sorry, we’re shutting you off!”Here’s the good news.Empower Network has experienced the same thing, when the merchant accounts shut off themembers’ accounts for sure!Now Empower Network has its own merchant account – eWallet – set up for you so thatEmpower Network can pay you directly without any worries of getting shut down.If you choose to use Empower Network merchant account, the monthly feewill be $19,95/month, and our transaction fee is around 6%.
  6. 6. All the money that you pay for the eWallet is used to pay for the infrastructure of the company,and to maintain your eWallet itself.Success StoriesTony Rush, he made over $300,000 in 10 months joining Empower Network, not having a list,building his business from scratch.Lawrence Tam, he made his first six-figures income part time in Empower Network, whileworking on his daily job as an engineer!Laura Parrish, a housewife without any experience in marketing, started getting serious inEmpower Network only at the end of last year, when people think Empower Network is sosaturated, and made it to the top leaders in Empower Network!12 years old Jesse Monsma from Netherland made $12,000 in Empower Network after fourmonths joining. Which means he joined last December 2012.Saturated?No way!That’s why you gotta join us now!Empower Network: Viral BloggingPlatformWhen you buy the basic $25/month Empower Network Viral Blogging System, you will have ablog system set up instantly for you, fully optimized for getting traffic and advertising. Allyou have to do is drive traffic into your blog.Do you know how much it will cost you to set up your own blog to make money online?You have to pay for hosting.You have to pay for ads.
  7. 7. You have to pay for design.You have to pay for each blog post that you create to make money.In total we’re talking about thousands of dollars just to set up your website!And you get it for only $25/month!(FYI, free blogging platform like and don’t allow you to makemoney or put ads. They would much rather keep the money for themselves!)And all contents and blogs posted in Empower Network rank very well on the internet. Thus,you get more traffic and the more traffic you drive into Empower Network, you get more leadsand sales! Click here to check why.Blog daily! That’s the core strategy. Can it get more simple than that?And once you drive enough traffic into Empower Network, our robust funnel will do the workfor you. Empower Network has a fantastic converting funnel that does all the marketing foryou.Empower Network: Products (Part 2)All products in Empower Network, except for the basic $25/month membership, are marketingeducation and training products.Not just any education.Have you heard people who spent tens of thousand of dollars just to earn a title of MBA, onlyto fail miserably at the end in their business?That’s because their university degree didn’t teach them business the right way!And all the educations in Empower Network can outweigh all that university degree!
  8. 8. If I’m going to summarize the Inner Circle membership, Costarica Mastermind Intensive, 15kFormula, and the Masters’ Retreat in one sentence, it will be this:The educations in Empower Network train you on mindset and focus, ground-breaking marketing strategies, and the step-by-step formula that you canapply even as beginners!If you’re a beginner, how much do you want to invest in your own education that can boostyour knowledge, your marketing skills, and your mindset?All the Empower Network leaders get ALL IN and bought all the products.Even 12 years old Jesse Monsma.And you get 100% commission for all of those products!Are you really serious about making money online? If you are, you would buy all theproducts, get ALL IN and learn the educations in there.No work? No way!People often think that Empower Network offers the idea that you can just be lazy and earneasy big money.That’s just ridiculous.We worked hard to success.If you think you’re going to earn money by being lazy, just go somewhere else. We don’t want
  9. 9. lazy undetermined people in Empower Network.Because it takes clear focus and intention, the right mindset, and massive action tosucceed in Empower Network.We made it easy enough. But you still have to work.Are you up to it?Now this is your first step towards your success.All you need to do isMake a decision now,Take action now,And JOIN US NOW!