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Online Home Based Business Secrets That You Should Know


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Online Home Based Business Secrets That You Should Know

  1. 1. 25, 2013Online Home Based Business Secrets That You ShouldKnow!You’re still wandering around looking foradvices about starting your own online homebased business?Good news, just read ahead!Because what you are about to read are thesecrets of how we are able to get 100,000members in less than two years, and up to$40 million in total commission payout,ONLINE, with home based business!Home Based Business SecretsI need to address first some crucialaspects of starting a home based business, before getting to the ‘good stuffs’.Starting your own online home based business can be very easy, if you do know thesecrets. But despite so, like any other business, whether online or offline – let’s be practical –there are a few mindset you need to lay as your operational foundation doing this type ofbusiness.Crucial Mindsets of starting Online Home Based Business1. How you handle failures!Disclaimer! You will fail!Like any other businesses you’ve seen in your life, your online home based business will facelots of turbulence. You can opt to quit right away when those hit you hard, but the successawaits those who can move on and learn from failures.In online home based business world, you gotta endure your own learning curve. Some peoplelearn fast, some people learn slower.It’s okay to learn slower, as long as you keep getting up after every time you fall flat in yourface!Success is not about succeeding every time, but getting up every time you fall!2. Take Action!You can dream big, sure!
  2. 2. You can put your goal as high as the stars, there is nothing wrong!But more importantly, you have to, HAVE TO take actions, no matter how hard it is, how smallit is. Especially if you’re doing Home Based Business.Keep taking action!Do not be afraid to make mistakes! Again, you learn more by making mistakes.Did you know that the opposite of taking action isn’t ‘Not Taking Action’, butinstead, ‘Procrastination’?3. Be Flexible!If something didn’t work the way you plan, maybe it’s not the way you execute the plan, but it’sthe plan itself which is the mistake.When something doesn’t work, you have to be adjustable. Don’t let your ego say, “I’ve workedso hard! This is supposed to work!”No, you have to learn to let your ego, and learn to twist, tweak, twist, tweak, twist and tweakuntil you find the things that work.You will find it, if you keep on trying.The right way is there… You just haven’t found it… Will you give up, then?4. Undeterred Determination!Nothing will ever hold you back if you have a steel determination to gain success.And that means you have to charge right through people’s criticism, negativism anddiscouraging remarks.But only those people who persevere until the end will earn the fruit of their labor.Secrets of Online Home Based BusinessThere is only one key to success in online home based business industry:BUILD YOUR LIST!What is a list?
  3. 3. A list is your personal list of email addresses of people who has in the past expressed interestin the products of your online business.They are the people most likely to become your sales, and people who don’t build their emaillist are much less likely to succeed in a long term business.The question then become:How do you start building a list? Here goes!Secret 1: Create Traffic by Compelling Content!The internet runs on two things:Content and SearchAnd the biggest database website for contents is obviously Google.Your goal here is to have people find you, come to your contents and buy your products.First, In order for people to come to buy your products or services in your online home basedbusiness, you have to provide relevant contents that provide values.You have to ask yourself, “What is the need of the mass?”Then you have to write contents that will answer that question, online.The next step is to spread your contents as WIDE as you can. This is called syndication. Ifyou have a very good product, but you operate your products on a lonely abandoned street,what are the chances that you will start to make any kind of profit?Secret 2: Capture Leads = Build Your List!The most important part in any content you create is, Call To Action!You need to direct your readers, who have landed on your website and found your contentsinteresting, to buy your products.If you’re hesitant in asking them to buy, they won’t buy, because they might think they can findsome other places that provide better value. You need to end their searches!You would usually put your call to action after you have given enough value, that they’recompelled to find out more value from you by opting into your email list.You’ll then need a great capture page that people can put their emails to once they havedecided to opt-in.Secret 3: Convert Sales = Follow Up!If you don’t follow up with your list, the people who have opted in to your email list will losttrack of you, and thus become increasingly uninterested in your online home based businessover time.
  4. 4. You will then need to set up Autoresponder like Aweber or Getresponse that can automaticallysend out messages to to your entire email list.Just remember, you have to email your leads, daily!Now, Let Me Ask You A Question…Have you made the income that you desired online, when you start to doonline home based business??I know you’ll say no.Then I have a good news for you.Here is a system, where Tony Rush made $300,000 in 10 months without an email list.Here is a system, where Vick Strizheus made over $700,000 in 30 days joining us.Here is a system, where 12-years-old Jesse Monsma from Netherland make $12,000 in fourmonths!And we are called the Empower Network!! Because we want to empower youto have your success online doing home based business!
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