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Elite Research: Referral Program


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Learn how to get free consulting hours with just the click of a button!

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Elite Research: Referral Program

  1. 1. Referral Program:Earn Free Consulting Hours
  2. 2. Reward Yourself!• You are invited to join our newly-launched referral program.• You can earn 1 free hour of consulting for each referral of anew Elite Research client.**New Elite Research client is defined as a client who has paid their first services invoice (not their deposit). Please make sure youare listed as the referral client on the new Elite Research client’s contract. Determination of program eligibility and qualifyingreferrals, as well as any exceptions, are at the sole discretion of Elite Research, LLC. Accounts for both the referring client and thereferred friend must remain active and in good standing, as determined by Elite Research LLC in its sole discretion, to receivecredit hours. Credits cannot be used towards specific speaking or group trainings, workshops or services. There is no cashvalue, cannot be redeemed for cash. Terms subject to change.
  3. 3. Referral Hours:• Are unlimited. You will receive 1 free hour of consulting foreach person you refer who becomes a new client, be it 1 or100!• Never expire. Use your credits for your current project, or letthem accumulate for a later project. The choice is yours!• Are flexible. Apply your hours to any individual service, fromresume editing to transcriptions to statistical analysis to grantproposals!
  4. 4. Refer a Friend Now!• Recommend us to a friend online! Simply use one of thereferral methods below (or another of your own preference)and let someone know that you used our services.• Share this with...
  5. 5. Contact Us!• For more information, visit our website: