Ymag. Edition 21 [A window for action loving professionals]


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A monthly eMagazine focussing on igniting thoughts for actions amongst professionals of all kind.
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Ymag. Edition 21 [A window for action loving professionals]

  1. 1. Y Window for action loving professionals Dear Readers #1 #21 December 1, 2013 Don't simply retire from something; have something to retire to. - Harry Emerson Fosdick In this issue… POLL results 2-4 Synergy in retired life 5-6 Nothing serious: Celebrate Retirement 7-8 Inner Exploration 9 Quotes: Retirement 10 Advt. Pages 11-12 1 I often wonder: whY do people have to retire at 58 or 60 years of age while in the western world this may go up to 68? whY does the Government in India think that people who reach 58 or 60 years must leave the office and retire while a person above 80 years who we elect may enter the office and lead the country? I am often asked whether Ymag is age specific and I respond: whY should it be? Ymag is for anyone who is bold enough to remain active on the action radar. So what, if technically, the person may have to remit the office on statutory retirement. S/He is ready to play the second inning. An inning where the pressure of performance may be low yet the pleasure of accomplishment may multiply manifold. whY should it not be. We know how to create new rules and play it with élan. whY remains important. Start MAG – My Actions Game to play the second inning. Cheers, Rajiv Khurana Editor rajiv@rajivkhurana.com 9810211256. Coaching Learning Advancing Sharpening Smartening ©
  2. 2. Y Window for action loving professionals #21 December 1, 2013 In your opinion, what are the top 3 concerns of the retired/retiring people around the age of 60 years? 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 2 Total Voters: 141
  3. 3. Y Window for action loving professionals In your opinion, what are the top 3 concerns of the retired/retiring people around the age of 60 years? #21 December 1, 2013 61% Top 3 57% 44% Total Voters: 141 36% 30% 26% 21% 3 12% 9% 8% 7% Work towards realising un-fulfilled activities/hobbies/interests Take up a full time/part time job for few more years Spend time on social service/initiatives/activities Regain fitness Become a consultant Become a trainer/teacher/coach… Do nothing. Enjoy the pleasures of retirement Re-learn to enhance competence Become a writer, columnist, blogger… Set up a business Spend time on internet, social media etc. to remain connected/updated
  4. 4. Y Window for action loving professionals #21 December 1, 2013 I think the biggest fear is ageing and being financially well off. A lot depends on how far ahead each of us has been able to plan. Personally I would like to be gainfully employees for a few hours a day and have fun for the rest. For that I must be healthy NOW. And must invest wisely NOW. Mamta Wasan Like for politicians, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, etc. it should be lifetime employment system for all. Anybody could retire whenever he/she wanted, irrespective of the age. There should be a formula linked with age, for the retirement benefits. Specially in the case of judges, like USA, there should be no retirement age so that they do not have to look for post-retirement jobs which is generally the reason for the biases which creep in their judgements. Varun Arya 4 I Guess all these activities arises out of serious concerns towards post retirement what he presumes to be facing viz. financial instability , health problems , social insecurity , unfulfilled dreams etc. The secret of having a good post retirement life is to keep yourself active both mentally and physically. Thanks Rajiv for triggering these thoughts. Shivram This interesting poll got me thinking seriously on how and what to plan for the future. It is better to plan in advance itself !! Sunil Jagtiani In my opinion majority do not want to retire in the real sense to pursue hobbies or time for fitness or social service per set. given a choice would do anything to have monetary benefits. Suguna Swaminathan
  5. 5. Y Window for action loving professionals #21 December 1, 2013 Synergy In Retired Life Sharu S. Rangnekar CMC, FIMC 5 Thought Leader, Management Guru, Author, Columnist… Synergy is the ability of a group to outperform over its best individual member. This ability comes from the cohesive relationship in the group which works with common objective fulfilling the designated need. In normal bureaucratic life this synergy is created by nature of the system which gives cohesion through hierarchy, expertise and concern. In bureaucracy, hierarchy plays a big role in creating respect for the system that gives each person a sense of importance through a sense of “position”. The caste system amongst Hindus has survived thousands of years because belonging to a caste gave a “position” to each person. Although he was not enthusiastic to accept “superiority” of the higher castes, the fact that there were “lower” castes to look down upon gave him a feeling of position and security. Acceptance of hierarchy in organizations creates synergy. A bureaucrat gradually acquires expertise which is valuable in his job contribution. Pooling this diverse expertise can create synergy. The bureaucracy creates a “cadre” system with people belonging to batches that create affinity and mutual concern which is also responsible for creating synergy.
  6. 6. Y Window for action loving professionals #21 December 1, 2013 However, when a person retires the system vanishes overnight and these three cohesive factors are suddenly missing. Now the person has to create a new synergetic group or become a loner with a feeling of bitterness for the rest of the world. We find the majority of retired people drift to the loner option and slowly get separated from the main stream. They form groups with similar loners who blame the rest of the world but are unable to take any concrete steps to remedy the situation. As a result the group becomes increasingly depressed. We have a very rich crop of a capable retired people – but very few of them are able to make any functional contribution to the society as they are drifted away from the main stream into depression. To get back to the main stream they have to develop relationships with new memories, new expertise and new concern. How to do that has been illustrated in film titled “Bawarchi” where the hero Rajesh Khanna in the role of “Bawarchi” (cook) is able to recreate relationships by creating memories, expertise and concern for each other. The film shows a family with a hostile atmosphere has been navigated through the memories created and the concern shown for each other into a cohesion synergetic group. An interesting experiment in their regard is being carried on in Hegdewar Hospital in Aurangabad. This is a charitable hospital which serves the Muslim slum areas. Typical illiterate women bringing their sick children to overworked doctors have a great problem in communicating. The doctor has very little time to listen to a long narration and the women are unable to relate the exact problem briefly. An idea came up to make teams of retired bureaucrats who would like to do social work. This team of 3-4 members listen to the mothers patiently and summerise the problem to the doctor. The previous experience of the bureaucrats facilitates this work and helps both the patients and the doctors by improving communication which reduces the hostility. (We have noticed cases where the patients’ relatives attack the doctors alleging negligence). 6 Similar experiments are possible where the retired person can prove their utility through synergetic group efforts.
  7. 7. Y Nothing Serious… Window for action loving professionals #21 December 1, 2013 Your Way… R E T Rajiv Khurana is a 7 transformationist through co-creative energy of people for individual and organizational impact. An International Management Consultant, Trainer and Executive Coach by description, he is a well published writer, author and digital expressionist. I R Remain D.A. [Dukhi Atma] Life has not been good to you. Even everyone else. Show it. Compete with others. Wear the Dukh on your face. Look Bechara, Bina Sahara, Aafat ka maara… Excuse Master While in a job, you mastered it to the core. Extend it or else you will be drowned in meaningless and sundry work because you are easily seen hanging around… Trouble Lover You have lived through the trouble of self perceived kind. Now extend it to others by playing games around. Troubles teach. Spread it. You will receive the relief and others their share of learning. Be generous. Invite Pressure You may already be under a lot of pressure if the retirement planning has not gone well. Doctors depend on you. Add value to their career. Remain hyper. Even for nothing. Rattle the Past You have the bank of 3 or 4 decades of memories to relive every day. All future issues have solutions in the past. Your past. Keep revisiting. Your past is unique.
  8. 8. Y Nothing Serious… Window for action loving professionals #21 December 1, 2013 Your Way… E M E N T 8 Eternal Bore How do you create deep borewell in the minds of others? Bore them. Take charge of the gathering. Keep talking on meaningless things. Your past, world issues, the society, the political system…talk about anything with your meaningful theories, principles and anecdotes from your past. Make Opponents Easily Start interfering in all that has been happening around when you were still gainfully employed but had no time to point out. Start with your spouse’s activities. Focus on kids. Put your nose in relationships, society or even try taking a political stand. You will be suitably rewarded. Eager to do Nothing People around will tell you to do something. If ‘kuch Nahi’ can be a noun and become the brand of a scotch, use ‘nothing’ as a noun too. Do it. It takes mastery to show that you are doing something while doing nothing. A majority has already mastered this art in the job. Seek help to become a pro. Negativity Enhancer Negativity sells. Very well. No one likes goody-goody television serials or Bollywood movies. People eat sweets as a desert and not as the main dish. Try eating everytime a full meal of sweets. You will be sitting and waiting for the doctor. Give people what they love . Dollops of negativity. Talk-Talk Champion Get infected by a soothing disease. COLDOS. Constipation Of Listening and Diarrhea Of Speech. Fight to the finish. You will love your self sanctioned accolades.
  9. 9. Y Window for action loving professionals #21 December 1, 2013 THE QUESTION Said the monk, “All these mountains and rivers and earth and stars — where do they come from?” Said the Master, “Where does your question come from?” Search within! THE BLIND MAN’S WIFE Someone married off his ugly daughter to a blind man, for no one else would have her. When a doctor offered to restore the blind man’s sight, the father of the girl .would not allow it, for he feared the man would repudiate his daughter. Sadi says about this tale, “The husband of an ugly woman is best left blind.” And a defensive person ignorant. HOLINESS IN THE PRESENT MOMENT 9 Buddha was once asked, “What makes a person holy?” He replied, “Every hour is divided into a cer-tain number of seconds and every second into a certain number of fractions. Anyone who is able to be totally present in each fraction of a second is holy.” The Japanese warrior was captured and thrown into prison. At night he could not sleep for he was convinced he would be tortured next morning. Then the words of his Master came to him: “Tomorrow is not real. The only reality is now.” So he came to the present — and fell asleep. The person over whom the Future has ‘lost its grip: How like the birds of the air and the lilies of the field. No anxieties for the morrow. Total presence in the now. Holiness!
  10. 10. Y Window for action loving professionals #21 December 1, 2013 'When one door closes, another one opens, but we often look so long and regretfully at the closed door that we fail to see the one that has opened for us.' Alexander Graham Bell. 'When a man retires and time is no longer a matter of urgent importance, his colleagues generally present him with a watch.' R C Sherriff. 'The best time to start thinking about your retirement is before the boss does.' Anonymous 'Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.' Will Rogers 'It is time I stepped aside for a less experienced and less able man.' Scott Elledge 10 Y readers say Yes and whY-not to positive action Ymag is an initiative of YPROSINDIA, a social enterprise founded by Rajiv Khurana
  11. 11. Coaching Learning Advancing Sharpening Smartening © Help People Acquire Improve Master rajiv@rajivkhurana.com
  12. 12. Coaching Learning Advancing Sharpening Smartening © Awareness Creation Broadening Horizon Creating Curiosity Decluttering Thoughts Enthusing Actions Visit us at thepersonnellab.com to know more about our consulting facilitation. Better call us at 9810211256 . Rajiv Khurana CMC, FIMC Call these the handshake programmes or celebrating Learning and Development in ‘tasters’ menu’, these 3 hours customized inputs will help your people undergo sensitization through Coaching Learning Advancing Sharpening Smartening at your place and time with the quality commitment of Rajiv Khurana, CMC, FIMC. Rejuvenating PERSONAL BRAND Accelerating CHANGE MANAGEMENT Jumping ahead with IMPACTFUL PERFORMANCE Intensifying INFLUENCING Vibrant CREATIVITY Knockout BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS Harmonizing RELATIONSHIPS Upgrading LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS Role-impacting COACHING & MENTORING Achieving high results through TEAM PLAYING Novel ways for TRAINING THROUGH MULTIMEDIA Actioning high calibre CUSTOMER SERVICE rajiv@rajivkhurana.com