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Find out how Leg Curl can help in improving the appearance of your thighs and lower legs in this infographic by

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  1. 1. The Leg curl: Attractive Thighs and Fast Legs The hamstnngs contract to pr~ovide knee fiexmn. which 15 the technical name for the movement performed dumng the / leg Curl. Each hamstring IS a group of four muscles that Start on gour pelvis (arouhi the bottom of gotlr buttocks). cover the backs of gour thighs and attach to the lower leg. / ‘ ‘ )u. s't below your knee. Hamstrings Buiidang the muscle fibers an the hamstnngs can proxnde a Firm appearance to the backs of the thighs. and can also create an ovuiar shape. This can be seen if gou look at the back of somennes thighs from a szde V‘l€UJ. s muscles that are responsible for running speed K xi ‘ ‘ The hamstring: are a major muscle group responsible for pulling the log down after the knee rises. For any athlete who sprints. such as those playing baseball, softball, and football, the leg curl trains a muscle that is critical to maximizing acceleration. / C (akoknaunaacall If your toes ore pointed down as you flex your knees, your calves will be multitasking with two responsibilities, and they will do poorly in each. « Keep your toes up to make sure your calves can do their best in flexing your knees. ""liF§Ffi9Jur~ Personal Trainer West LA www. ThePerfectWorkout. com