The specialized foster parent training project (sfpt


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The specialized foster parent training project (sfpt

  1. 1. • The main social justice the agency addresses in the local context is giving children in foster care the opportunity of having loving parents and a safe home.• It gives children who come from abusive environments a sense of belonging, love and security.
  2. 2. • The Specialized Foster Parent Training Project works closely with other agencies such as• The Department of Social Services and• Other Foster Family Agencies
  3. 3. Children physically abused by their parents or their care providerChildren sexually abusedChildren neglected depriving them from food, clothing, shelter, security and loveChildren that come from environments of substance abuse and domestic violence.Foster parents due to need to understand special needs of foster parents.
  4. 4. • The Specialized Foster Parent Training Project provides training and support to licensed foster parents and helps them to better help foster children when presented with difficulties in their lives.• The Specialized Foster Parent Training project offers training in CPR/ First Aid. They offer training in English and Spanish and they are offered in places convenient to foster parents accessibility.
  5. 5. • To foster parents that are unable to attend the trainings, the Specialized Foster Parent Training Project offers them a self- directed training. Materials are mailed to them and after they review the material, foster parents have to take a test and score at least 70 per cent for hours to be certified.• The Specialized Foster Parent Training Project provides field Based Trainers to support and enhance services to foster parents. They work together with parents and staff to improve and develop services to meet the needs of foster children.• The Specialized Foster Parent Training also supports the services of the Best Dressed Kids and Best Dressed Teens. The Best Dressed Kids is a clothing store that provides clothing to foster children.
  6. 6. • Trainings• 20 hrs- Whole Family Foster Care• Monthly First Aid/ CPR• Monthly Caring for children birth to 6 years training• 20 hrs. Specialized Health Care Needs• 160 hrs. Basic Level• 160 hrs. Intermediate level• Specialized Training- Various depending on requests*All offered in English and Spanish
  7. 7. • Coffee Connections- English/ Spanish• Field Based Training• Support Training information and Referral• Foster Parent Recruitment Orientation• Application Assistance
  8. 8. • Social Justice: The training gives equal treatment and equal opportunity by providing trainings in English and Spanish.• People in the agency let their clients know that they will get equal treatment and that they cannot discriminate a child because of their sex, color, and their environment they come from.• Social Values: Agency encourages collaboration by providing coffee connections in where foster parents can meet and interact with other foster parents.• Human rights: The agency promotes everyone’s entitlement to all human rights without discrimination because of race, color, sex, language etc. by offering foster parents information and trainings in their language.• The agency also promotes the human right that no one shall be subjected to torture, degrading treatment or punishment by placing children with loving and caring parents.