Resarch Report - Vibrant Gujarat: An Emerging Tourist Hotspot in India


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2010 being the Golden Jubilee year of the Gujarat formation, government declared the year as Tourism Year. The government aims at making Gujarat a global tourist destination.

The report is prepared by Research India, a knowledge management unit of The Other Home.

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Resarch Report - Vibrant Gujarat: An Emerging Tourist Hotspot in India

  1. 1. Vibrant Gujarat - An Emerging Tourist Hotspot in India Tourism is a major phenomenon of the modern society, which has emerged as an economic activity of immense global importance. Tourism is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries.1. Gujarat – A Land of Opportunities Gujarat is one of the most diverse States in India. Its history stretches over a long years from the age old Harappan Civilization to the Mughal period. Gujarats endless journey from Roots to Wings is timeless with historical and cultural traditions glorifying the State. Though till now, Gujarat was considered as a hub for commercial and industrial activity, has immense potential for tourism development with its vast cultural and religious heritage, varied natural attraction and long coastal line. The Tourism policy of the state is aimed at its socio-economic development by developing world-class tourist facilities with ensuring optimum utilization of available resources and developing specific tourist destinations for national and international tourists. 2010 being the Golden Jubilee year of the state formation, government declared the year as Tourism Year. To achieve its vision of tourism development, the state government has set up a company, Gujarat Tourism Project Development Company, in association with Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS). As per the Vision 2020, prepared by Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board, the total potential for investment in tourism assets in Gujarat is to the tune of US$10 billion.
  2. 2. Vibrant Gujarat An Emerging Tourist Hotspot in India 2. Vision Statement (Big 2020) Gujarat state government has set a target of putting Gujarat in the league of worlds top 50 highest per capita income earning nations by 2020 in a new Big Vision 2020 set by the Gujarat recently. The plan (Big 2020) aims to accelerate Gujarats development process and envision Gujarat with a per capita income in the league of top 50 countries of the world. The Big 2020 is designed to develop infrastructure that will provide a further fillip to the economic growth of Gujarat and aims at making Gujarat a global tourist destination. 3. Mission Statement To develop and promote tourism as an ’Engine of economic growth’ as per Big 2020 plan and to bring Gujarat on the national and international tourist map, tourism shall be considered as an important economic activity for overall sustainable economic growth, ensuring employment generation and optimum utilization of vast tourism potential in the state and at the same time preserving and promoting natural, social and cultural heritage of the state. Focus of the tourism policy will primarily be to attract tourists to the State of Gujarat. It would aim at overall development of tourism by providing best quality services of international standards and also by creating excellent infrastructure, connectivity and providing tourists with good facilities in important tourist and religious places like Somnath, Dwarka, Ambaji, Palitana, Dakor, Pavagadh, Girnar, Udwada etc. 4. Approaches The emerging tourism areas in Gujarat offer various tourism sectors:4.1. Nature Tourism The policy aims to create an image for Gujarat in international arena by developing entertainment theme parks in certain areas, which would be considered as Special Entertainment Zones. The facilities in these zones will be of world class standards for the benefit of domestic and international tourists interested in leisure tourism. Such facilities will also act as excellent destination for film industries to carry out their shootings. The plan for setting up of Special Entertainment shall be worked out with the private sector participation. 2|P a g e
  3. 3. Vibrant Gujarat An Emerging Tourist Hotspot in India  The Policy proposes to develop Dinosaur Fossil Park at Balasinorand Kutch on international scale.  The vast potential of 1600 KMs coast line in Gujarat offers excellent potential for tourism development for Gujarat.  The policy proposes to identify 9 different beaches in Gujarat and work out detailed action plan for the development of these beaches to attract tourists, both from within and outside Gujarat.4.2. Eco Tourism With the emerging interest for Eco-tourism throughout the world, the Gujarat government proposes to provide for avenues to attract tourists who are interested in eco-tourism. Existing eco-tourism centres like Nalsarovar, Velavadar, Thol Lake, Gandhinagar, Gir Forest, Balaram, Ratanmahal etc. should be further strengthened to attract tourists interested in eco-tourism.4.3. Heritage Tourism Gujarat offers high concentration of heritage / archaeological sites with proven 4500 year old history. India’s most substantial remains of Harappan civilization (Indus valley civilization), one of the world’s oldest, are present at Dholavira and Lothal. Ahmadabad’s Heritage walk is the only daily departure Walking Tour in India. Therefore measures are taken to highlight Gujarat’s heritage richness and attract more tourists to its rich culture. Gujarat’s Princely heritage has resulted in the State having more than 20 Heritage Hotels including converted Forts and Palaces.4.4. Medical Tourism With India, emerging as one of the destination for medical tourism and also with Gujarat becoming an important player in this regard, Medical Tourism shall be encouraged so that large number of NRIs get attracted to take advantage of the medical facilities in India, particularly in Gujarat, considering the competitive rates for medical treatment and also the timely medical attention, Medical Tourism shall be encouraged in a big way with special emphasis on Naturopathy, Yoga, Holistic Health Treatment etc. 3|P a g e
  4. 4. Vibrant Gujarat An Emerging Tourist Hotspot in India4.5. Cultural Tourism The folklore and folk arts of Gujarat form a major part of the Culture of Gujarat. It preserves the rich tradition of song, dance, drama as well. Gujarat is the land of rich handicrafts like Patola weaving, khadi, bandhani, block printing, embroidery, namda, rogan painting, matani pachhedi, woodcrafts, metal crafts, bamboo crafts, pithora, pottery and many more handicrafts. The tourism policy focuses on promoting Gujarat’s handicrafts and pottery such that it receives world recognition for its ancient and generation to generation passed on art and craftsmanship. Gujarat celebrates all regional fairs and festivals with great fervor and spirits and measures are taken to attract tourists in its festivities.4.6. Adventure Sports Gujarat has fairly good number of hills, which can be utilised for the promotion of adventure tourism, which is emerging world over as an important sport. Places like Saputara, Idar. Sasan Gir, Wilson Hill, Junagadh, Taranga, Mal Samot, Jessor Hill etc. will be developed for promotion of adventure sports to attract youths, students from schools and colleges and also foreigners. Adventure sports like Paragliding, rock-climbing, Forest Safaris etc. will be developed in such places. Policy also proposes to identify all potential water bodies like sea beaches, lakes and canals, and initiate projects for encouraging Water Sports.4.7. Event Tourism The policy proposes to give a very special thrust to ‘Event (Festival) based Tourism’ and market the events both within and outside the country and in the process brand Gujarat as the destination for tourism events like Navratri, Somnath festival, Dwarka festival, village olympics on very special type of sports that is unique to Gujarat, Tarnater fare, Kutch festival, Kite festival etc. The focus would be to present rich culture and religious heritage of Gujarat and also in the process to give an exposure to the life style of Gujaratis to tourists, visiting Gujarat. 5. Goals Following tourism products shall be developed and strengthened in the next 10 years:  Hospitality Industry for the tourists by setting up of Hotels, Tentcities, Village, Heritage Hotels etc. 4|P a g e
  5. 5. Vibrant Gujarat An Emerging Tourist Hotspot in India  Beach development (cleanliness, nourishment, plantation, safety and long term planning)  Beach resorts and water sports at 9 beaches.  Special Entertainment Zones.  Pilgrim hotels & dormitories (good star hotels, Air-condition dormitories, good restaurants & souvenir shops)  Dam & Canal Tourism (at Narmada in line with Vrindavan)  Wayside Amenities (twenty, each zone five)  Golf Courses (Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat,Kutch)  Dinosaur Theme Park  Vishwa Gram (Global Village)  Coastal Cruise and ferry services  Gauge conversion of The Royal Orient  Indus Valley Civilization Park (Lothal, Dholavira)  Shark Watching  Underwater Dwarka watching  Eco-tourism Projects  Science City  Buddhist Circuit (Junagadh, Taleja-Bhavnagar)  Gandhi Circuit  Sardar Circuit  Medical Tourism  Chain of Food Courts -----------X------------About Research India Pvt. Ltd.Research India was founded in 2007 by a team of management professionals, industry experts and consultants. Research India was formed withthe objective of providing local intelligence, business, legal and administrative support to foreign individuals and companies in India. Thecompany has prepared different industry reports including Urban Transportation market in India, Indian Paper Industry, Frozen Chicken Marketin North India, Skin Staplers Market in India etc. (For more information, please visit: The Other HomeThe Other Home, an India-focused, specialized Vacation Rental, Homestays and Outdoor Adventure properties booking platform. Thecompany is promoting various non-hotel properties - vacation homes, holiday homes, service apartments, villas and homestay, through adynamic portal – The Other Home. TOH is currently managing a portfolio of 40 properties in 12 states in India. The Other Home aims topromote Responsible and Micro-tourism in the country. (For more details, please visit:|P a g e