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Manipur - The Jewel of India


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Manipur, as the name suggests, is a land of jewels. It is one of the “7 Sisters”of North-Eastern India. Its rich cultural heritage in martial arts, dance, theatre and sculpture has endured the test of time. Enjoy the charming beauty of Manipur with

Manipur - The Jewel of India

  1. 1. MANIPUR
  2. 2. LocationNestled in the lowereastern cornerof theIndianSubcontinent, thestateof Manipurshares 352 km ofinternationalboundarywithMyanmarand liessouth ofNagaland, north ofMizoram and eastof
  3. 3. GeoGraphy & cLimateManipur, as the namesuggests, is a land of jewels.It is oneof the “7 Sisters”of North-Eastern India.Its rich cultural heritage inmartial arts, dance, theatreand sculpture has enduredthe testof time.Thecharm of Manipur lies in its breath-takingnatural beauty with lush greenery and a moderateclimate.Area 22,347 km2Capital ImphalPopulation 27.2 lakhsLanguage MeiteilonClimate ModerateRains: May-Mid OctoberWarmest: July (32 C)Coldest: January (0 C)Best Season Octoberto February
  4. 4. pLaces of interest
  5. 5. history & heritaGe sites:• manipur state museum• War cemetary• shaheed minar• KanGLa fort• red hiLL• chorus repertory theatre• bishnupur• KhWairamband bazaar• st. Josephs cathedraL church• shri GovindaJee tempLeeco tourism sites• manipur zooLoGicaL parK• KhonGhampat orchidarium• KeibuL LamJao nationaL parK• tamenGLonG• uKhruL• dzuKo vaLLey• •Culture & Religion:St. Josephs CathedralcuLturaL & reLiGiCohuurcsh sites:LoKtaK LaKeEco-Tourism: Loktak LakeHistory & Heritage:Manipur State MuseumHistory &Heritage:Kangla FortEco-Tourism: DzukoValleyEco-Tourism: TamenglongEco-Tourism:Keibul LamjaoNational ParkCulture & Religion:Shri GovindajeeTemple
  6. 6. Shaheed MinarThe indomitable spiritof the patriotic Meitei andtribal martyrs, who sacrificed their liveswhilefighting the British in 1891, is commemorated bythis tall Minarat BirTikendrajit Park in the heartof Imphal city.War CemetaryCommemorating the memoriesof the British and Indian soldierswhodied during World War II,these War Cemeteries are managedby the Commonwealth War GravesCommission.History & Heritage
  7. 7.  KanglaThe centreof Manipurs powertill 1891,the historical embodimentof ManipurRulersand the peopleof Manipur,Kangla has a significant place in theheartand mind of the peopleofManipur. Red HillRed Hill is the spotwherea fiercebattletook place between the Britishand Japanese forces in World War 2.History & Heritage
  8. 8.  Shri GovindajeeTempleA historicVaishnavitecentre, adjoining Manipursformer Maharajas RoyalPalace, the Govindajee templeis one of the mostattractivesights for the tourists. BishnupurBishnupur Town prides itself inthe 15th century Vishnu Templebuilt of small bricks, supposedlyof Chinese inf luence.Culture & religion
  9. 9.  St. Joseph’s CathedralIt is located about 5km from themain cityatMantripukhri, Imphal. Itssplendid architecture makes itoneof the unique landmarksofImphal. Khwairamband BazarKhwairamband Bazar is auniqueall-women’smarket, with ‘Imas’ or mothersrunning the stalls.Culture & religion
  10. 10.  DzukoValleyIt is a beautiful green valley in Senapati District borderingNagaland. It is famous for its rare terrestrial lilycalled DzukoLilyand theenchanting snowclad valleyduring January &February. The highest peak of Manipur Mount Iso is locatedbehind thisvalley.Eco-tourism
  11. 11.  DzukoValleyEco-tourism
  12. 12.  Loktak Lake48 Kms. from Imphal, is the largest fresh water lake inthe North East Region. Visitors geta birds eyeview oflife on the Lake small islands thatare actually f loatingweedson which the Lake-dwellers live in the backdropof the shimmering bluewaterof the Lake from theTourist Bunglowsetatop Sendra Island. The SendraTourist Homewith an attached Cafeteria is an idealtouristspot. Boating and otherwatersportsareorganised here in Takmu Water Sports Complex.Eco-tourism
  13. 13. -- Loktak LakeEco-tourism
  14. 14.  UkhrulUkhrul is the highest hillstationof the stateand itis famous fora peculiartypeof land lily knownasthe Siroi lily. Tamenglong Tamenglongis known for its deepgorges, mysteriouscavesand its exoticorchids.Eco-tourism
  15. 15.  Manipur Zoological ParkManipur Zoological Park is a place tosee thegracefulbrown antlered deer (Sangai), oneof the rarest species intheworld. Khonghampat OrchidariumKhonghampat Orchidarium is home to more than 110rarevarieties of orchids. Keibul Lamjao National ParkKeibul Lamjao National Park is the last natural habitatof‘Sangai’, thedancing deerof Manipur. Kaina is a sacredplaceof the Hindus.Eco-tourism
  16. 16. festivaLs of manipur Yaoshang (February/March) Cheiraoba - The Manipur NewYear (April) Kang - The Rath Yatra Of Manipur (July) Heikru Hitongba (September) Kut-Festival Of Kuki-Chin-Mizo (1st November) Gang-Ngai-Festival Of Kabui Nagas(December/January)
  17. 17. yaoshanG (hoLi)Celebrated for fivedayscommencing from the full moondayof Phalguna(February/March), Yaoshang isthe premier festival of Manipur.The Thabal Chongba - a kind ofManipuri folk dance, isparticularlyassociated with thisfestival.Yaoshang to Manipur is whatDurga Puja is to Bengal, Diwali innorth Indiaand Bihu to Assam
  18. 18. cheiraoba - the neW yearDuring the festival specialfestivedishes are preparedwhich are firstoffered tovariousdeities. Celebratedduring the month ofApril, a partof the ritualentails villagersclimbingthe nearest hill tops in thebelief that itwill enablethem to rise togreaterheights in theirworldlylife.
  19. 19. KanG - the rath yatraOneof the biggest Hindufestivalsof Manipur, thisfestival is celebrated forten days in the month ofJuly. Lord Jagannath leaveshis temple in a car knownas ‘Kang’ in Manipurpulled bydevoteeswhoviewith oneanother for thishonour.
  20. 20. heiKru hitonGbaCelebrated in the monthofSeptember. Long narrowboats are used toaccommodatea largenumberof rowers. Idol ofLord Vishnu is installedbefore thecommencementof therace.
  21. 21. Kut-festivaL ofKuKi-chin-mizoIt is an autumn festival of thedifferent tribes of Kuki-Chin-Mizogroupsof Manipur. Thefestival has been variouslydescribed atdifferent placesamongstdifferent tribes asChavang Kutor Khodou.It is a festival celebrating theharvestand is observed onthe 1st Novembereveryyear.
  22. 22. GanG-nGai-festivaL of Kabui naGasCelebrated for fivedays inthe month ofDecember/January, Gang-Ngai is an important festivalof the Kabui Nagas. Thefestival openswith theomentaking ceremonyon the firstdayand the restof thedaysareassociated with commonfeast, dancesof old menwomenand of boysandgirls, presentationoffarewell gifts.
  23. 23. cuLture&cuisine
  24. 24. Theatreand society inManipurare intimatelylinked, as in many partsoftheworld. Manipuris are aculturallyenthusiasticpeople. Cultural spirit hasnever been allowed to beblownoutdespite theareasremoteness from theoutsideworld. This is why it stillthrives in the Manipur valley.
  25. 25. Manipuri dance is the perfectrepresentationof Manipuri culture.Thedance isoftendevoted toreligious themes, like the Raas Lila(lovestoryof Radhaand Krishna).The 29 tribes of Manipur havedifferentdances tooffer –Lai Haroba (feastof dances,representing celebrations of Gods),Pung Cholem (Mridang dance),Mao Naga dance, the priestessdanceof Malbe Jagoi, Thangal Surang danceetc. Thevibrantcultureof the Manipuris is ref lected in theirdanceand theatre.
  26. 26. Most Manipuri food is hotand rich. Oomorok which with NagaMirch may not beas famous, but the highest numberof this Chilliis planted and consumed in Manipur. Thestaple food is riceandfish, with seasonal vegetables.Thereare more than 200 varietiesof Manipuri dishes. Iromba, whosemain ingredientsare the fermentedfish (which iscalled Ngari) andChillies is a favourite.Manipuri cuisinealsoconsists ofunusual vegetables likeThangjing(Gorgon), Soibum(Khorisa),Hawaijaar(fermented soyabean),Yongchaak(sataw), etc.
  27. 27. hoW to reach By Air:Imphal is the second largestairport in the region. Imphal is connected to KOLKATA, NEW DELHI , GUWAHATI, AIZAWL , DIMAPUR & SILCHAR byAir India , JetAirways , Indigo & NE Shuttles. IMPHAL - NEW DELHI (DAILY) IMPHAL - KOLKATA (DAILY) IMPHAL - GUWAHATI (DAILY) IMPHAL - AIZAWL (4 TIMES A WEEK) IMPHAL - SILCHAR (4 TIMES A WEEK) IMPHAL - DIMAPUR (4 TIMES A WEEK) IMPHAL - AGARTALA (4 TIMES A WEEK) Internal travel is facilitated with numerousTaxis & Buses. Frequent busesconnect Imphal citywith all thedistricts. Autorickshaws, Rickshaw pullersareoneof the bestoptions forshopping & seeing the places in and aroundthe Imphal city.
  28. 28.  Railways:NH-39 links Imphal with railhead at Dimapur in Nagaland 215km to the north. NH 53 links Imphal with railhead at Jiribam225 Km in the south-west. Railways will reach Imphal by 2016. RoadwaysPrivate owned and managed deluxe coaches run daily fromImphal to Guwahati and Dimapurand back thus facilitatingalong the 3 National Highwayviz.1. N.H -39 VIA NAGALAND2. N.H -53 VIA SILCHAR3. N.H -150 VIA MIZORAMCrisscrossing the stateand connecting all thedistricts.
  29. 29. do’s and dont’sDO’S Read about the tribal culture of Manipur i.e. about their traditions andhistory. Knowabout the temperature prevailing at the time of visit. Adhereto photography/filming restrictions at monuments. Keepvaluables in hotel locker/safe deposit vaults and get receiptDONT’S Avoid travelling to hilly areas and nearriversduring the rainyseason. Don’t travel without tickets in public transports Dontencourage beggars. Dontaccept food ordrink from strangers. Dont buy articles made from rareand endangered spices of animals whichare banned. Smoking and drinking is not allowed in public places
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