Goa Tourism - 365 days in a year


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The state of Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches, churches and temples. A Wax Museum on Indian culture and a heritage museum, of which were recently added. Tourism in Goa is just a romantic holiday vacation. Know more about Goa and where to stay in Goa, visit theotherhome.com

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Goa Tourism - 365 days in a year

  1. 1. Total3,702 km2 (1,429 sqmi)Capital PunajiPopulation (2011)Total 1,457,723Official languages KonkaniClimate Hot and humidBest Time to VisitNovember toFebruary
  2. 2. Goa- 365 days on a holiday. This tiny state is situated on the western coast of India, betweenthe borders of Maharashtra and Karnataka and is better knownto the world as a former Portuguese enclave on Indian soil. Withthe rule of the Portuguese for over 450 years and theconsequential influence of the Latin culture, Goa presents asomewhat different picture to the foreign visitor than any otherpart of the country. Tourism is Goas primary industry: It handles 12% of all foreigntourist arrivals in India. Prachi Desai has been appointed as theface of Goas Tourism. The state of Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches, churchesand temples. A Wax Museum on Indian culture and a heritagemuseum, of which were recently added.
  3. 3. Historical BackgroundDynasties controlling Goa from the 1st century BC to 1500ADName of the ruler ReignIndo-Parthians 2nd–4th centuries ADAbhiras,Batapuras, Bhojas 4th–6th centuriesChalukyas of Badami 6th–8th centuriesRashtrakutas of Malkhed 8th–10th centuriesKadambas 1006–1356Yadavas of Devagiri 12th and 13th centuriesVijayanagar Empire 14th and 15th centuriesBahmani Sultanate 15th century
  4. 4. UNKNOWN FACTS ABOUT GOA1 While the Portuguese ruled Goa, their country was ruled by Spain from the latesixteenth century for 60 years.2 The miraculous remains of St. Francis Xavier at Old Goa is more than 400 yearsold and still in a non-decomposing state.3 Goa is the only state that has its road transport named after a dynasty that ruledit known as the Kadambas.4 Goa is the only state in India that regardless of religion has an active andenforced Uniform Civil Code (UCC) for all citizens.5 The first medical school of India which is also one of the oldest medical collegesin Asia was established in Goa.6 Goa is the only place where one can find a unique pillion-passenger motorcycletaxi or two wheeler taxi often referred to as a pilot’.7 Goa houses the only Naval Aviation Museum that exists in Asia which is also oneof seven that exist in the world.8 The longest laterite sculpture in India is located at the Ancestral Goa museum inLoutolim, South Goa.9 The Se Cathedral is dedicated to St. Catherine in Old Goa. It is considered to beone of the largest churches in Asia.10 In the year 1556, the first printing press in Asia was set up at St. Paul College inGoa.
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  6. 6. Adventure in Goa Parasailing This is the best way to enjoy a microlite view of the beautiful Goa. Twooptions of Para sailing can be enjoyed here. First is winch-boat parasailing where a person lands on a winch boat and the Beach Parasailing, wherein the person is made to land on the beach itself. Beachpara sailing requires a lot of co-ordination and due to lack of goodsafety, it is now bring discouraged. Winch-boat para sailing howevertakes much higher into the sky and is more fun. The famous beaches ofGoa where one can enjoy this adventure are - Sinquerim-Candolim-Calangute Stretch
  7. 7. Adventure in Goa Jet Skiing This is the best adventure for all those who love speed. The 100-135 hppowered jet skis are used in this adventure, where the person is usuallyaccompanied by an instructor as one can easily get carried away by thestrong waves. Only when the instructor is completely confident withthe skills of the adventurer, do they allow to indulge in solo run.The famous beaches where tourists can enjoy this water sports areColva, Candolim, Calangute, Mobor, Rajbaga, Arossim, Benaulimand Utorda
  8. 8. Adventure in Goa Scuba Diving Goa is among the few places in the world that have excellentopportunity for scuba divers. Grande islands, St. George island,Devagh island and Pigeon island are the most popular places toenjoy this sport. For the beginners, Bogmalo beach is the ideal placewhere this sport is taught and even licence is provided. through thissport one can enjoy a beautiful sneak peak into the charismatic aquaticlife. The view of the coral reef inside the water is an attractions you willcherish all your life.
  9. 9. Spirituality of GoaSe’ CathedralChurch of St. Francis AssisiBasilica of BomThis is the largest church famous for bellslocated in Old Goa.This is one of the oldest build in 1605located in Old Goa.The Church of St.Francis of Assisi is locatedin Old Goa. It is a 17th century structure ofreligious art. It lies to the west of the SeCathedral.
  10. 10. Spirituality of GoaBRAHMA TEMPLEDATTA TEMPLEBrahma temple is situated 7 kms fromValpoi and 60 kms from Panaji in the Villageof Brahma Carambolim in the Satari taluka.The image shows Brahma standing in thecentre and its peculiarity being that hewears a beard. Brahma is shown in its trinityform or Trimurti that is Brahma – Vishnu –Mahesh.The presiding deity in this templeDattatreya is an incarnation of Lord VishnuDattatreya. Dattatreya temple is located at avery short distance of 1km from Murud.
  11. 11. Spirituality of GoaSHRI CHANDRESHWAR TEMPLEDEVAKI KRISHNA TEMPLEThe temple is popularly known as ‘Pisso’Ravalnath and is located at Marcel. This isthe only temple in India where Lord Krishnais worshipped with his mother Devaki asDevaki-Krishna.The ancient Chandreshwar Temple alsoknown as the Chandranath Temple and issituated on the road to Quepem, about 14km from Margao. It is located on theChandranath parvat, a heavily wooded hillon Paroda Parvat.
  12. 12. Divar IslandBats IslandDudhsagar FallKuskem WaterfallWellness & peaceThis is most famous waterfall located innorth goa.This is the highest waterfall located inCurchorem Cacora.The Pequeno Island in Goa also known asthe Bat Island is located just a kilometeraway from Baina beach of Vasco daGama.The Island of Divar was a famous site ofHindu pilgrimage located approximatelyupriver 10 km from Panaji.
  13. 13. Heritage of GoaAGUADA FORTLAMGAU CAVESTEREKHOL FORTThese fort were made 16th to17th century by the Maharajasof SavanthwadiAnd located in Curchorem.Historic caves of Lamgau were located inMormugaoThe land around the fort is nowowned by The Indian Hotels Colocated 18 km from Panaji
  14. 14. Heritage of GoaALORNA FORT CABO DE RAMA FORTCHAPORA FORTThe fort was constructed in 1612 to guardagainst the Dutch and the Marathas locatedthe beach south of Candolim.The Hindu warriors constructed thefort and around 1763 location in southGoa.The brilliant site has steep slopes on all sidesand located across the Chapora river in southGoa.
  15. 15. RomanceBAGA BEACHAGUADA BEACHThe Baga Beach located 10 kms west ofMapusa, It is a fishing beach with foreignersbathing in the sun other tourists swimmingin the cool azure waters.Aguada beach is located in the north ofGoa and 4km away from Sinquerim beach inGoa sole attraction of the Aguada beach isthe historical edifice- Fort Aguada.
  16. 16. COLVA BEACHCALANGUTE BEACHRomanceThe Colva Beach lies about 6 Kms to thewest of Margao and is the oldest, largest andthe most spectacular beaches of South Goa.This is a small beach famous for its lovelyview collectively the beach and the BagaRiver include a small beautiful hill. BagaBeach is one of the most visited tourist spotsin India. It is located on the Bank of BagaRiver at Calangute village in North Goaabout 10 km away from Mapusa
  17. 17. Culture & Fair Culture of Goa is highly influenced from Portugueseculture .people follow the trends rituals set by theancient Portuguese peoples. .The carnivals are one of the mainattractions for the peoples andvisitors because it representstheir tradition and culture.
  18. 18. Foods & cuisinesGoa offers a huge verity of see food and Tropical fruits
  19. 19.  The staple diet of Goa is fish curry and rice. Unlike the rest of India,most Hindus in Goa eat fish. In the monsoons, when no fresh fish isavailable, most Goans have very long faces.The other favorite dish is pork, although chicken is a close second. InGoa like many other places in the world, alcohol, for some, is a majorproblem. The main cause of which is FENI. This is the local drink inGoa, made from either coconut sap or cashew fruit.Goan cuisine is really palatable satisfying the gluttony of anyone,especially a gourmet or connoisseur. If you belong to the above categoryand you are making a trip to Goa, then you have made the right choice.The cuisine in Goa is a perfect blend of diverse food cultures - theKonkan, the Portuguese and the Bahamani Nawabi traditions. Whenyou travel to Goa, you will find Goan food is simple but also very hotand spicy.
  20. 20.  The major attractions of the cuisine take in seafood, sea-fruits, fish, prawns,mussels, oysters, crabs, feni, gin and many more. Goan restaurants also offerchourisso (pickled pigs liver cooked in vinegar with tamarind) & vindalho(spicy pork). Goans use coconut sauces. One can also find Indias best of beers& local wines (port being the most palatable). Goa offers equally good optionsfor vegetarians also with a wide range of regional vegetarian thalis from North-Indian, South-Indian, Jaini thali, marwari thali so on and so forth. If you are aperson who loves satisfying the demands of your taste buds, then Goan cuisinein India will offer you immense satisfaction.Name any kind of food and you have it-be it Chinese, Thai, Italian, Mughalai,South Indian, Mexican, Portuguese, Korean, Vietnamese and of course our ownGoan restaurants in Goa, India, will have them ready for you. This way, youwont be missing out on your traditional food, no matter what nationality youbelong to. But once in this Indian state of Goa, it would be a good idea to relishthe traditional cuisine of Goa, India.Eating out in Goa, India, can be a special experience. Goa is lined up withnumerous restaurants offering Goan food or any other food that you want andthese Goan restaurants are usually situated by the beach giving you a uniquerecipe of the setting sun blended with delicious sea-food and thirst-quenchingFeni.
  21. 21. Do’s & Don’t The peak season in Goa is between October andJanuary. Cuisine in Goa is not limited to just the Goan variety.In most places you can find everything fromContinental, Chinese, Tibetan, Indonesian, Thai,Portuguese and even Mexican dishes on the menu. Please note use, possession and trade of drugs (hard orsoft) is totally illegal in Goa.
  22. 22. MODES OF TRANSPORT Airport Name Goa International AirportVasco-da-Gama(DABOLIM) Airport locationDabolim, Goa State Goa, India Distance & Direction from City 23 Kms from SouthGoa District Capital Madgaon30 kms from capital City Panaji
  23. 23. 1. Madgaon Railway Station- Station Code MAO- Arrival and Departure Enquiry 0832 – 2703950- Reservation Enquiry 0832 – 2703950- Distances of major landmarks Airport (28 km), Varca Beach (9 km), ColvaBeach (10 km), Majorda Beach (15 km), Vasco da Gama (32 km), Christian ArtMuseum (37 km), Panaji (38 km).Vasco da Gama Railway Station2. Station Code VSG- Arrival and Departure Enquiry 131 (manual), 1331 (automated)- Reservation Enquiry 1345 (automated), 0834 - 2512569Distances of major landmarks Airport (4 km), Mormugao Port (0.5 km),St Andrews Church (1 km), Naval Aviation Museum (7.8 km), BogmaloBeach (9 km), Velsao Beach (18 km), Margao (27 km), Panaji (30 km).Thivim Railway Station3. Station Code THVM- Arrival and Departure Enquiry 0832-2298682- Reservation Enquiry 0832 – 2298682- Distances of major landmarks Airport (48 km), Mapusa (12 km),Calangute Beach (18 km), Baga Beach (19 km), Candolim Beach (20 km),Panaji (22 km), Margao (27 km), Vasco da Gama (48 km), Madgaon (66 km).
  24. 24. Where to Stay in GoaGOA Beaches Home Pool View ApartmentOur Air conditioned Pool View apartmentcomprises a free flowing floor plan with abedroom area that contains a large double bed, 2bedside tables with lamps, wardrobe, single sofa,corner table and TV. It has a private balcony withdistant sea view. A cosy mezzanine floor has afloor bed, wardrobe and large sliding window thatoverlooks the visitors lounge below and the pool.Dona Paula Apartment4 bed/4 bath luxury apartment Dona PaulaApartment with panoramic ocean and valleyviews. A large living/dining area, open kitchenwith bar/breakfast counter which extends to thevisitors lounge. The dining area provides servicefor 8 and opens into a verandah and sit out whichconveys the refreshing ocean breeze.To know more about such beautiful properties inGoa visit :http://www.theotherhome.com/properties/goa.aspx
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