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Rajasthan is located in the North West part of India. Rajasthan is the largest state in the country. The state capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur. Geographical features of Rajasthan include The Thar Desert, Ghaggar River, Aravalli Mountain Range.

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Destination Rajasthan - The Other Home

  1. 1. The Other HomeDestination RajasthanThe Other Home(Vacation Rental | Homestays | Outdoor Adventure)Travel Blog - Photo Blog - Travel Books
  2. 2. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)About RajasthanRajasthan is located in the North West part of India. Rajasthan is the largest statein the country. The state capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur. Geographical features ofRajasthan include The Thar Desert, Ghaggar River, Aravalli Mountain Range. Theonly hill station of Rajasthan is Mount Abu and its world famous Dilwara Temples.Eastern Rajasthan has two national tiger reserves, Sariska and Ranthambore, aswell as Keoladeo National Park near Bharatpur.The temperature in this season ranges from 32° C to 45° C. The nights in Rajasthanare pretty cool, with the night temperature falling considerably.
  3. 3. • Hawa Palace• City Palace• Bharatpur Bird• Umaidbhavan Palace• Ranthambhore WildlifeAttractions• Thar Desert• Palace on Wheels• Pushkar Fair• Havelis• Sam Sand Dunes
  4. 4. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Hawa MahalHawa Mahal is also known as The Palace of Winds, which looks like a light, airystructure which might blow away with the slightest wind. It is situated near theBadi Chaupad (the big square), this reddish-pink building made of red sandstone.Out of its five floors, the top three are just a room deep while the lower floors areconnected to rooms and courtyards. It is an enormous tapering structure withnumerous arches, spires and a mind-boggling 953 latticed casements and smallwindows.
  5. 5. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)City PalaceCity Palace is situated in Jaipur. The City Palace covers one seventh of the cityarea. The palace has a high wall or the sarahad that surrounds it on all sides. Themain attractions of the palace is Mubarak Mahal, The Museum Attractions, TheTextile and Costume museum, The Peacock Gate.The Palace has entry charges aswell there are charges for taking a handy cam or a still camera in side the palace.There are also provision for lockers, the visitors can also hire a locker to keep theirbelonging.
  6. 6. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Umaidbhavan PalaceUmaid Bhawan Palace was called Chittar Palace during its construction due to itslocation on Chittar Hill, the highest point in Jodhpur. The construction work wascompleted in 1943. The building does not use mortar or cement to bind stonestogether, all of its pieces are carved stones joined together by a system of carved,interlocking positive and negative pieces. Umaid Bhavan is designed in such amanner that it always maintains the temperature at approximately 23 degreesCelsius.
  7. 7. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Ranthambore WildlifeRanthambore National Park is one of the biggest and most renowned nationalpark in Northern India. The park is located in the Sawai Madhopur district ofsoutheastern Rajasthan, which is about 130 km from Jaipur. RanthamboreNational Park terrain is major wildlife tourist attraction spot that has pulled theattention of many wildlife photographers and lovers in this destination. The park ismajorly famous for its tigers. The tigers can be easily spotted even during the daytime.
  8. 8. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Thar DesertThar desert is also known as the Great Indian Desert. Thar Desert is located inWestern India and South Eastern Pakistan. The landforms of Thar Desert is dividedinto three major regions - Sand Covered Thar, Plains and Hills. The dexterouspeople of Rajasthan have transformed this scrubland into what is popularly knownas ‘the most colorful desert in the world’, making Rajasthan the No.1 destinationin India for tourism.
  9. 9. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Palace on WheelsThe Palace on Wheels is a luxury train, run by Government of India. The traincovers the state of Rajasthan, along with Agra. The luxury train is completely selfdependent and has all the facilities of a five star hotel. The train trip is among thetop ten luxury train tours in the world. The coaches were made for the formerIndian rulers, comprising of personal coaches of the rulers of the princely states ofGujarat and Rajputana.
  10. 10. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Pushkar FairThe annual Pushkar fair in Pushkar, Rajasthan is celebrated with great enthusiasm.It is celebrated on the occasion of Karthik Purnima (November), It is consideredvery holy to bath in the Pushkar lake on this auspicious occasion. The festivalbecomes a hub for the cultural activities of Rajasthan. They also bring herds ofcattles along.The main attractions are cattle fair/ competition and otherattractions are temples and ghats.
  11. 11. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)HavelisThe beautiful sandstone mansions of Jaisalmers wealthy merchants are known as ‘haveli’s‘ .There are three types of Havelies i.e Nathmal ki Haveli, Patwon ki Haveli,Salim Singh ki Haveli. Their elaborate homes are a poem etched out in sandstonewith infinite details and pains, carved and pieced together in different patterns,and though they are lavish and loud in nature, there is a perfect harmony thatcharacterizes them and they are a treat for the eyes of the beholder.
  12. 12. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Sam Sand DunesThere is no point coming to the Thar Desert if you dont go for the Desert Safari.The Sam sand dunes are becoming the major attraction in Jaisalmer. Sam has atruly magnificent stretch of sweeping dunes, with sparse or no vegetation. Thebest way to get here, of course, is on camelback. In the month of February/March,this whole place turns into a cultural hub. The desert festival organized amid thesedunes is the showcase of Rajasthani culture as a whole.
  13. 13. Major Destination• Jaipur• Udaipur• Jaisalmer• Bharatpur• Ajmer• Jodhpur• Bikaner• Mount Abu• Alwar• Pushkar
  14. 14. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)JaipurJaipur is a modern city built according to the specifications laid down in ancientarchitectural texts. It is known as the pink city on account of the flush colour of itssandstone palaces, it is a major centre for handicrafts. Its former capital, Amber,consists of fortifications with an interesting rang of highly decorated public andprivate apartments.
  15. 15. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)UdaipurUdaipur is Second best City of Asia. The city is popularly known as the City ofLakes, Romantic City and Venice of the east. There are many lakes in the city. It isone of the most worth visiting cities of Rajasthan. The city is known amongtourists for its historical monuments, magnificent Havelis, palaces and beautifullydesigned Scared temples.
  16. 16. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)JaisalmerJaisalmer stands on a ridge of yellowish sandstone in midst of vast Thar Desert.The city is crowded with massive forts, palace and Jain temples. Jaisalmer ispopularly called ad the "Golden City of India" because the yellow sand gives ayellowish-golden hue to the city and its surrounding area. Sonar Quila or GoldenFort is the major landmark of Jaisalmer. The city is very rich in its culture andheritage.
  17. 17. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)BharatpurBharatpur is known for bird sanctuary, Keoladeo Ghanna National Park. The parkhas provided opportunity to see hundreds of different species of birds in just afew days. Bharatpur is located at 50 km west from Agra city. It is one of the mostvisited destinations in the country. One can easily drive from Delhi as it can becovered in 5 hours. Bharatpur is also considered as eastern gateway of Rajasthan.
  18. 18. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)AjmerAjmer is a well-known Muslim Pilgrimage centre. The major attraction of Ajmer isDargah Sharif. Dargah Sharif is the Tomb of famous Muslim Sufi Saint HazratKhawaja Moinuddin Hasan Chisti. It is also honored by Hindus as well as Muslims.Millions of pilgrims from all over the world amass in Ajmer. The city is also knownfor its traditional handicrafts.
  19. 19. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)JodhpurJodhpur is second largest city of Rajasthan. Jodhpur is a popular touristdestination with several palaces, forts and temples. It is situated on the edge ofthe world famous vast Thar Desert. It enjoys bright, sunny weather it enjoys allyear so it is also called as the Sun City. The city is also known for its handicrafts,exotic festivals and folk music & dances. Camel safari is the key attraction of thecity.
  20. 20. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)BikanerThe camel country Bikaner is one of the three destinations of the desert circuitcities of Rajasthan. The city is popular in all over world for its best riding camelsand architectural wealth lying in its marvelous forts, palaces and temples. Bikanerdraws large number of tourists for its pictures of golden sand dunes and Havelis.The largest Camel research and breeding farm in the world is also in Bikaner. Cityis very famous for its camel safari and delicious snacks, bujiyas and sweets.
  21. 21. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Mount AbuThe town of Mount Abu is located at an elevation of 1220 meters in Sirohi districtof Rajasthan. Mount Abu is the highest peak in the Aravalli Range. It is the only hillresort in the desert land of Rajasthan. The lushness of Mount Abu makes the hillresort being referred to as the paradise of Rajasthan. The main attraction areDilwara Temple, Nakki Lake, Sunset Point.
  22. 22. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)AlwarAlwar is located between small hills of the Aravalli range. The city has a richnatural heritage. It houses some beautiful lakes and picturesque valleys. Alwar hasSariska Wild Life Sanctuaries, which is an excellent tiger country. It is one of thegood wildlife habitats of India. Ajmer holds the record of withstanding highestever recorded temperature of 50.6 °C in 1956. The main attraction are The Alwarfort, Bhangarh, Sariska Palace.
  23. 23. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)PushkarPushkar is the sister city of Ajmer. Pushkar is famous for its fairs and festivals andfor Brahma Temple. Pushkar is very dear to Lord Brahma. The place is famous inHis name. So it is blessed by Him in every way. In olden times the people who tooka holy dip at Pushkar were relieved from all the sins and went to heaven aftertheir death by the grace of Lord Brahma.
  24. 24. Homestays in Rajasthan• Colonel’s Homestead• Cosy Home• Jhajhar Khas Camp• Lake View Villa• Madhu Pushp Bhawan• Mandela House• Naindivi Homestay• Nohra Heritage Homestay• Pahuna Haveli• Pink City Homestay• Rajasthani House• Rawla Homestay• Silver Sands B&B• Sri Niwas Country Homes• The Villa White House
  25. 25. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Colonel’s Homestead• Colonel’s Homestead Jaipur offers aglimpse of rich Indian culture and offersthe comforts of home to the guest.• The homestay is located in a safe andquiet residential part of Jaipur.• There are 5 rooms with twobeds/double bed and attached toiletseach.• All rooms are large sized and wellequipped. There is a comfortablelounge with a private dining area forthe guests.• Two lily pools with tropical fish, waterlilies, lotuses and other exotic aquaticplants have been provided to thrillnature lovers.For More Details Click Here
  26. 26. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Cosy Home• Cosy Home is a beautiful homestaylocated in the peaceful environs ofBanni Park in Jaipur.• There are seven rooms, all in cool pastelshades. There is a fully equippedkitchen and trained staff. There is abeautifully decorated lobby holding thereception.• Cosy Home offers the Guest house isbuilt to make you feel at home, as if youare staying with your friends on a familyholiday.• Cosy Home offers the Guest housewhich is built to make you feel at home,as if you are staying with your friendson a family holiday.For More Details Click Here
  27. 27. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Jhajhar Khas Camp• The Jhajhar Khas, a small-tented safariresort in aristocratic style sets inShekhawati. Staying in tents isromantic. A beautiful Lounge tenthaving an outdoor fireplace.• There are eight unique, stylish, Shikartents sets in traditional concept,attached bathrooms with hot & coldwater. Every bathroom has personal hotwater geezer and every room haswarmer in winters.• Nawalgarh is just 7 Kms from Jhajharand the other famous tourism spots likeDundlod, Mukundgarh, Mandawa,Mahansar, Parasrampura.• Camp is Operational from September toMarch only in winters.For More Details Click Here
  28. 28. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Lake View Villa• Lake View Villa is a premium homestaysituated on the banks of Fateh SagarLake in Udaipur.• It offers an aura of calm, serene,comfortable and cozy stay.• The homestay has a dining hall and abeautiful lobby where the guest canrelax and enjoy reading with a drink.• The amenities include Air Conditioning,Safe (locker), intercom/telephone, LCDTV with Satellite receiver, Room Service,Doctor on call, Private modern ensuiteBathroom.For More Details Click Here
  29. 29. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Madhu Pushp Bhawan• Madhu Pushp Bhawan is enormoushouse of traditional Rajasthaniarchitecture.• Staying in Madhu Pushp Bhawan is thepart of the home stay tourism.• The house is very well maintained andsurrounded by spacious lush-greenLawns and Garden.• The traveler gets the opportunity tostay with the traditional Indian familyand one gets the feel of the day to dayIndian family life.For More Details Click Here
  30. 30. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Mandela House• Mandela guest house provides bestaccommodation to the tourist in linewith Indias slogan "Atithi Devo Bhava".• The property is just 40 minutes fromairport and 16 minutes from railwaystation as well as from bus stand.• It has air cooled hygienic rooms withmodern and luxury facilities.• The main source of attractions areJaigarh, Nahargarh and Amber,jalmahal, Birla Temple, Hawa mahal.For More Details Click Here
  31. 31. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Naindivi Homestay• Naindivi home stay offers nice, cozyhomely atmosphere.• Naindivi Home Stay is a premiumaccommodation alternative thatrepresents Indian Hospitality at its best.• The home itself has five guest roomsspread over two floors, a large terraceand three spacious common rooms.• The key attraction of the homestays isits central location. Not just touristspots but also pubs, discs and malls likeINOX and MGF are less than 2 kmsaway.For More Details Click Here
  32. 32. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Nohra Heritage Home• Nohra Heritage Homestay is situated inthe pink city of Rajasthan.• It is an exclusive courtyard in everyRajput Family household, where guestrelatives and marriage parties weremade to stay for days together campingthere as if in their own home.• Nohra Heritage Homestay is built withthe same soul of offering rich cultural,heritage and home experience to theguest.• The homestay is located 6 km fromairport, railway station.• There are three rooms and all roomsare equipped with modern facilities andhas attached bathrooms.For More Details Click Here
  33. 33. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Pahuna Haveli• Pahuna Haveli is a heritage Homestay. Itis built in the Mewar style ofarchitecture surrounded by beautiful,lush gardens, and won an award for thebest Homestay in Mewar region.• The guest can feel the comfort of homeand can relax in the garden, sit in theelegant conservatory.• Udaipur is known as one of the mostenchanting and colorful cities of India.• The city is surrounded by the AravaliMountains, tranquil lakes, sprawlinggardens, majestic forts, palaces andcarved temples.For More Details Click Here
  34. 34. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Pink City Homestay• Pink City Home is a cozy nest where youwould find a perfect blend betweentradition and service.• It is situated just two minutes from theairport.• It offers you variety of rooms to choosefrom. It has several double rooms withfull en-suite bathroom, a commonlounge, a garden and terrace sittingarea that provide an enlighteningatmosphere for enriching mornings andbarmy evenings.• The rooms are a complete blend ofelegance and style. Poised furnishing,western–style toilets and an eco-friendly environment make your stay amemorable experience.For More Details Click Here
  35. 35. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Rajasthani House• Rajasthani House is situated in Jaipur.The property is liked by the tourist as itis a fusion of Asian and European styleswith a simple, uncluttered design andwarm ethnic colors.• Guests have a choice of full-Western orIndian breakfast.• The rooms are well furnished and thebathrooms are western-style withshowers and hot & cold running water.• Whether you are on a short pleasuretrip or on long trip to unwind from thestresses of daily grind or on a leisurelyholiday, the experience at Rajasthanihouse will remind you to return again.For More Details Click Here
  36. 36. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Rawla Homestay• Rawla Homestay is a homestay locatedin the heart of the Pink City.• The house is located just 20 minutedrive away from the airport, 5 minutefrom the railway station and 2-minuteaway from the bus stand.• The elegantly decorated rooms are wellfurnished offering the warmth of ahome coupled with all modern facilitiesand comforts.• The attached bathrooms are fitted withmodern amenities with hot and coldrunning water available.• It offers the rich culture and cuisineexperience of Rajasthan with a personaltouch.For More Details Click Here
  37. 37. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Silver Sands B&B• Silver Sands is a apartment style homestay situated at Jaipur, offering 5 suitesLuxury Villa.• There are 2 independent apartments –Jaipur Villa and Penthouse Apartment.The guest can hear the Birds Singingand see the Peacocks Dancing.• The two Apartments are identical inarchitecture Both have two bedroomseach with en-suite bathrooms, a fully-stocked kitchen and spacious balconies.• The guest can also plan to visitRanthambhore-wildlife sanctuary.For More Details Click Here
  38. 38. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)Sri Niwas Country Homes• Sri Niwas Country Homes is an exoticvillage guesthouse, offers a tranquilhome stay.• Spacious lawns around the countryhome make possible for the guest torelax in natural surroundings.• It aspires to provide the traveler thefeel of ‘a home away from home’.• A special trip can also arrange forguests to visit villagers in their homes,to get a real taste of Indian life.For More Details Click Here
  39. 39. © 2011, The Other Home (All rights reserved)The Villa - White House• The Villa - White House is delightfulplace. Located on the outskirts ofAjmer, Rajasthan. The Villa has asprawling lawn with fountains at theentrance.• The Villa has sixteen luxury rooms,including Villa with 6 Suites, 7 Cottages,Heritage Building with 2 Suites and Tentaccommodation, all surrounded bygardens and overlooking the hills.• There are five Individual Cottages in aseparate Garden. The two BedroomApartment with attached mains roomin the heritage building.• The place is ideal for the guests who arevisiting the Dargaha – Ajmer Sharif orvisiting The Brahma Temple at Pushkarthe only temple in the world.For More Details Click Here
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