Dental Tourism in India - Next Big Opportunity


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Medical tourism in India has risen from an industry averaging US$310 million a year to a whopping US$2 billion extravaganza.

Dental Tourism is a new form of tourism, where the dental treatments are clubbed with tours, and several medical travel agencies provide specialized services in this regard

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Dental Tourism in India - Next Big Opportunity

  1. 1. Prepared by The Other Home Vacation Rental | Homestays | Outdoor Adventure Phone: 011-25985380 / 65028027 Website: www.theotherhome.comBlog: /
  2. 2. Top 10 Destination – Country wise India still have a long way to be among top 10 destinations in the world.International Tourist Arrivals by Country of Destination. 2008, 2009 and 2010(Figures in Million) 79 79 74 2008 2009 61 58 57 2010 55 56 52 53 53 51 4343 43 3030 29 28 2625 2425 25 2422 24 23 2223 5 5 6 France Unit ed Spain China It aly Unit ed Turkey Germany Malaysia Mexico India St at es Kingdom Source: World Tourism Organization (, Figures for Italy, Germany and Colombia are not updated for the year 2010. 2Copyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  3. 3. Tourism Market in India Tourism is the key area which can yield large benefits for society.• India is a land of vast attractions, ranging from diverse natural formations to historical monuments and relics going back to more than two millennia, there is vast scope for expansion of tourism in India.• In 2010, the total number of foreign tourists that arrived in India was 5.58 million and they brought in foreign exchange earning of $14.4 billion.• Tourism is one of the major engines of economic growth in most parts of the world including India. Tourism’s Contribution - GDP and Total Jobs, 2007-08 (Figures in %) In absolute numbers, the total number of tourism jobs in the country increased from 38.6 million in 2002-03 to 49.8 million in 2007-08. 3Copyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  4. 4. Tourism – A New Opportunity Travel is not a journey anymore, it is more about experience and memories… Adventure Tourism Medical Tourism Wildlife Tourism Eco Tourism Culture Tourism Pilgrimage Tourism 4Copyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  5. 5. Medical Tourism: Next Big Opportunity Medical tourism in India has risen from an industry averaging US$310 million a year to a whopping US$2 billion extravaganza.Medical Cost Comparison(Figures in %) Source: “Patient Beyond Border” by Josef Woodman and Global Benefits Options). Note: Costs are for surgery, including hospital stay only. 5Copyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  6. 6. Dental Industry in India The dental treatments in India are cheap but at the same time are ofextremely high quality. The low cost is mainly because of the lower wage rates in India. • In India, there are currently over 1,00,000 dentists with nearly 20,000 dentists in metros and over 10,000 dental specialists, which include orthodontists, peridontists, endodontists, prosthodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, pedodontists and implantologists. • Dental treatment in India is not expensive when you compare it with the cost of treatments in western countries. • The dental clinics have equipment which can match the best of international standards and the doctors are well trained and experienced. Source: Express Health Management, Issue (March 2006)Copyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  7. 7. Dental Tourism in India Dental Tourism is a new form of tourism, where the dental treatments are clubbed with tours, and several medical travel agencies provide specialized services in this regard.• Many people come every year from the USA and Europe for dental treatment to India and then visit tourist places after it.• Dentists can partner will various travel companies. Travelers contact these travel agencies who helped to make appointment with the doctors and also arranged post treatment trip. Travelers can visit some of the interesting cities of India.• Key hubs include Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Kerala and Goa. These clinics offer trained dental experts, latest dental technology and world class facilities.Copyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  8. 8. Dental Tourism – A Big Opportunity• Dental care treatment is generally not reimbursed by the National Health Schemes in many countries and hence often not affordable for many average citizens.• In America dentistry is an exuberant industry with expert, highly qualified dentists, but frightfully expensive. – In US, only 50% of the total population has dental insurance. Even those with comprehensive medical packages do not a have dental coverage. Apart from the low dental insurance coverage, cost of the dental treatments is also extremely high. – Even if the person has a proper dental insurance. Several dental procedures are not covered by the policy. – The greatest majority of tourists who come to India arrive for dental procedures like implants, rehabilitation procedures and cosmetic dentistry services (which are most of the times not covered by their insurance policy in their country).Copyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  9. 9. Why India can be Dental Tourism Hotspot? The main reason for going abroad for medical services is access to world class dental care at reasonable cost.Travelers choose to go to foreign country for any kind of dental treatment notpurely on the basis of cost. Having dental surgery abroad is without a doubt a bigdecision and therefore the quality of care should be the most important factor toconsider. Here are some advantages of dental treatment in India:• Access to state of the art medical facilities• English speaking medical staff• Significant savings for healthcare• No waiting times• High quality level of service• India’s contemporary attraction for tourism and business• Large Indian DiasporaCopyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  10. 10. Cost Comparison – USA and India There is a huge cost difference in Western Countries and India, as the medical cost is not the part of insurance coverage, largely.The cost comparison of dental treatment between USA and India Cost in USA ($) Cost in India ($) Dental procedure General Dentist Top End Dentist Top End DentistSmile designing - 8,000 1,000*Metal Free Bridge - 5,500 500*Dental Implants - 3,500 800*Porcelain Metal Bridge 1,800 3,000 300*Porcelain Metal Crown 600 1,000 80*Tooth impactions 500 2,000 100*Root canal Treatment 600 1,000 100*Tooth whitening 350 800 110*Tooth colored composite fillings 200 500 25*Tooth cleaning 100 300 75*The figures are indicative and might vary as you approach your dental tourism provider. Source: health-tourism-india.comCopyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  11. 11. Time Scale – Dental ProceduresFor Implants Two visits to the Dental consultant in India. The first visit is for 10 days and work after a span of roughly 4 - 5 months, second visit for 2 weeks duration is required. For teeth The dental consultant will prepare a whitening compound tray which whitening needs to be worn overnight for couple of nights for best results.For cosmetic 20 - 35 minutes work and could be done on the spot as out patient basis. filling For Crown work - 1 Week stay minimum in India.For Bridges 3 visits to the Dental consultant in India of 30 minutes to 45 minutes each - work 1 Week stay minimum in India. .For Veneers 7 days plan to stay minimum with 2 visits to the Dental Consultant in India work 1st. Visit of 1 hour and 2nd. visit of 15 - 30 minutes). For Root 2 visits to the Dental consultant in India of 30 minutes each.Canal work Source: Mediescapes India Copyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  12. 12. Process Flow Travel AgentsForeign Tourists Treatment at Clinic Post Treatment Trips Dentist1. Traveler either contacts tour operators or surgeon directly. The queries are answered and schedule is fixed.2. Tour operators arrange all the documents and facilitate the trip.3. Traveler comes to India and undergoes the treatment.4. Post treatment, tour operators organize the trip and provide all the facilities.5. Traveler may need to visit the doctor again as per treatment required.6. Traveler leaves the country and remains in contact with the doctor.Copyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  13. 13. Dental Treatment + Travel Packages There is a big opportunity for dental surgeon / specialist to serve foreign clients. Doctors can collaborate with medical tourism companies.Case I – Medical • Medical travel agency ties up with the travelers, fixes up theTravel Company required treatment in India and then fits in a sightseeing tour. Sometimes these medical tourist companies make arrangements for recuperation holidays for patients, so that the leisure can help them to recoup their energy after a surgery e.g. • The company helps the traveler to organize the medical treatment, the travel, accommodation and then add a holiday with it. • Dental Clinic or Surgeon directly gets in touch with travelers who Case II - Dental are looking for treatment in India. The clinic can enter into back-Clinic or Surgeon to-back tie-up with travel company to provide all kinds of support like visa, tickets, accommodation and holiday packages. • Dental Clinic provides all the treatment, whereas all logistics and tourism related services are operated by travel company. Copyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  14. 14. Accommodation – Hotel or Non-hotelThere is new debate for arranging accommodation for medical tourists in hotel or non-hotel properties (vacation rental or homestays). Particulars Hotel Room Vacation Rental Homestays Average charges : Average charges : Average charges :Big savings on Rs. 3,500 – 5,000 per Rs. 1,500 – 3,000 per Rs. 1,500 – 2,500 pernightly rates night night night A hotel room has less A vacation home A homestay provides an space and only offers provides large space access to completeExtra room space basic amenities like Bed, along with expansive property with the owner,with better TV, Refrigerator etc. kitchens, living rooms, along with living rooms,amenities bedrooms, outdoor open bedrooms, outdoor open spaced. spaced. Strict Breakfast buffet or Vacation rentals have a The host can prepareDine on your own eating out of vending fully equipped kitchen special mean on thetime machines or overpriced and private dining space request of the guest. mini-barsCopyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  15. 15. About The Other Home The Other Home‘, specialized Vacation Rental, Homestays and Outdoor Adventure properties booking platform.• The company is promoting various non-hotel properties - vacation homes, holiday homes, service apartments, villas and homestay, through a dynamic portal.• The Other Home aims to promote Responsible and Micro-tourism in the country. The company is currently managing a portfolio of 100 properties in 16 states in India.• We are in discussion with various state governments – Madhya Pradesh, A and N Islands and Orissa to promote eco-tourism in these states. Also, we are entering into partnership with different organizations – MegaCarPool, YouthforPT, Qiwi Corporation, and private property developers like Ansal API Limited. 15Copyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  16. 16. About Our Travel Interest • GTB Travels is outbound tourists destination arm of The Other Home. The company offers services in the areas of outbound packages, group and corporate packages, ticketing and visa services. • Indian Holiday Tourism is a strategic partner, and manages logistics and operations of inbound tourists. It also offers tour guide and interpreter services in various languages. • IHA is a premium and exclusive adventure club of mountaineers and trekkers. Started in 2008, IHA has collective experience of more than 50 years. • Research India is a knowledge unit of The Other Home which offers its market intelligence and research services in Tourism & Travels, Urban Transportation and Education industries. • Samanvay is a social enterprise arm of The Other Home, with a mission to work towards Sustainability and Social Equality. It has won awards like SIFE Regional award and WNS Grand Slam Award. 16Copyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  17. 17. Contact Us!!• Email and contact details Manoj Aggarwal We are planning to launch two Email: web portals – Phone: +91-11-2598 05380 / 6508027 and Mobile: +91-9818999104 You can call us or write to us Jaspal Singh for further discussion!!! Email: Phone: +91-11-2598 05380 / 6508027 Mobile: +91-9958835533Copyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  18. 18. Annexure• Detailed - Cost Comparison & DurationCopyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  19. 19. Detailed - Cost Comparison & Duration Some other tourism categories wellness, Spiritual, Heritage, Rural and Beach Tourism is also catching up very fast. Price in Treatment Type Unit Price in INR Duration $USOrthodonticsExamination Record Visit 500 10 1 visitMetal Appliances Case 30-32,000 600-640 -Ceramic Appliances Case 50-51,500 1000-1025 -Lingual Appliances Case 70-72,000 1400-1440 -Invisalign Appliances Case 257,000 5,140 -Invisalign Express Case 171,000 3,430 -Retainer Piece 2,500 50 3-5 daysMouth guard / Splint guard / Sport guard Piece 3,500 70 5-7 daysSnoring & OSAMandibular advancement splint Case 10,000 200 -X-RayPeriapical Film 100 2 1 visitPanoramic / Cephalometric Film 500 10 1 visitCopyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  20. 20. Detailed - Cost Comparison & Duration Price in Price in Treatment Type Unit Duration INR $USPeriodonticsScaling & polishing Visit 750-1,000 15-20 1 visitFluoride Application Case 400 8 1 visitHydroprophy jet Case 750 15 1 visitPeriodontal Scaling & Root Planing Tooth 800 16 1 visitCrown Lengthening Tooth 3,500 70 1 visitGum Surgery Quadrant 8000 160 1 visitEndodonticsAnterior Tooth Tooth 3000 60 5-7 daysPremolar Tooth Tooth 3500 70 10-14 daysMolar Tooth Tooth 4000 80 10-14 daysSurgeryExtraction Tooth 400 8 1 visitSurgical Removal of impacted tooth under LA/GA Tooth 2250-7450 45 - 149 1 visitCopyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  21. 21. Detailed - Cost Comparison & Duration Price in Treatment Type Unit Price in INR Duration $USOperative DentistryAmalgam Filling Tooth 400 8 1 visitMolar Tooth Tooth 4000 80 10-14 daysResin Composite Filling Tooth 600-1,000 12- 20 1 visitMolar Tooth Tooth 4000 80 10-14 daysDiastema Closure Tooth 1,500 30 1 visitVeneer Tooth 7-15,000 140-300 1-7 daysInlay / Onlay Tooth 8,000 160 5-7 daysLED Tooth Whitening Visit 15,000 300 1 visitIn-Office Bleaching + Scaling+ Fluoride Visit 6850 137 1 visitIn-Office Bleaching Only Visit 6,000 120 1 visitHome Bleaching Package Set 4,000 80 1 visitSealant Tooth 300 6 1 visitProsthodonticsComplete Denture Piece 7-15,000 140-300 10-14 daysPFM Crown & Bridges Tooth 3,000 -6,000 60 -120 5 - 7 daysProcera/Lava Crown & Bridges Piece 15000 300 5- 7daysCerec Piece 6850 137 5 - 7 daysCast Post / Pin Tooth 1,500 2,000 30-40 5 - 7 daysCopyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  22. 22. Detailed - Cost Comparison & Duration Price in Treatment Type Unit Price in INR Duration $USPedodonticsProphylaxis Case 400 8 1 visitFluoride Application Case 300 6 1 visitSealant Tooth 300 6 1 visitExtraction DeciduousPedodontics Tooth 150 3 1 visitAmalgam Filling Deciduous Tooth 300 6 1 visitResin Composite Filling Deciduous Tooth 400 8 1 visitPreventive Resin Restoration (P.R.R.) Tooth 600 17 1 visitPulpotomy / Pulpectomy Tooth 1200 24 1 visitStainless Steel Crown Tooth 1800 36 1 visitSpace Maintainer Piece 2500 50 5 - 7 daysDental ImplantsNobel Biocare Groove dental Implant 40,000 800 Multiple Visitsimplants(SWEDEN)/Bicon Short dentalImplantsDentsply Friadent / Xive / AlphaBio Dental Implant 30,000 600 Multiple VisitsImplantsCopyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  23. 23. Dental surgery offered in India India is well equipped with quality hospitals and experienced dentists that assure reliable treatment.Most of them include the following dental surgery/treatment options:• Intra mouth dental scanning • Fluoride treatments for children• Extraction of normal/fractured teeth • Cosmetic dentistry• Extraction of impacted wisdom teeth • Smile designing.• Ceramic caps without gold under microscopic control • Root Canal• Maxillary Surgery • Teeth whitening• Dental Bridges, Porcelain/Ceramic crowns • Tooth contouring and reshaping• Bleaching • Dental Fillings• Prosthesis on the implant/ Dental Implants• Vertical and horizontal bone grafting• Gum Grafting/ Gums treatment• Palatal orthodonticsCopyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved
  24. 24. Thank You!!!Copyright © 2011 The Other Home. All rights reserved