Framing Your Digital Footprint


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This is the presentation I gave as keynote presenter for the Adelaide edna workshops held at Hallett Cove R-12 School on Saturday, 5th April 2008.

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Framing Your Digital Footprint

  1. 1. Framing your digital footprint What is your digital learning footprint and where are you headed? Some Images from Google Images
  2. 2. Digital Footprint - what does this mean?
  3. 3. non-digital vs digital ‘footprint’
  4. 4. What can Web 2.0 offer you?
  5. 12. My digital footprint Public vs Private Online Behaviour Email Avatar Username ME
  6. 13. Is Cyber-space really more dangerous than real life?
  7. 14. Do educators have a social responsibility in Cyber-space?
  8. 15. <ul><li>Open online community & sharing? – social networking? - Keeping up? - E-portfolios/PLEs? - digital footprint of mobile devices? </li></ul>