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Inforum Inbound Optimizer 20100126


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Presentation by Theo Slaats, partner Deloitte, on InboundOptimizer, the inbound marketing solution of Deloitte, presented on Inforum in Noordwijk Jan 26, 2010

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Inforum Inbound Optimizer 20100126

  1. 1. More effective inbound customer contact? Discover the Inbound Optimizer INFORUM Benelux 2010, Noordwijk
  2. 2. Agenda Inbound Optimizer Demonstration Inbound Optimizer Results Case 1 and Case 2 Next Steps Appendix 2 © 2010 Deloitte
  3. 3. It is becoming more difficult to reach the consumer ... Especially NOW Inbound Marketing is important 3 © 2010 Deloitte
  4. 4. The expectations of marketeers, inbound contact centers and the expectations of the consumer. Consumer Marketeer Agent I am recognized as a customer I use customer-initiated contact I can do my job better because for my offers instead of me I am commercially supported  The agent understands my calling the customer during my calls situation I can immediately see the Ican make personalized  I get personalized offers that fit result of my campaigns, real- offers. This improves the my situation time contact that I have with the I am open to discuss a customers. And as a result, I I can immediately launch and personalized offer that fulfill my have more successes in my adjust campaigns needs work and I am happier at my  I need to significantly improve work. the conversion on my inbound Ican get better results out of sales campaigns sales- and services calls 4 © 2010 Deloitte
  5. 5. The evolution of Inbound Marketing Available Context data  Real-time personalised context based offering Real-time Rule based Recommender Predictive Standaard modelling offer Size: chance Available customer data  of acceptance A customer is more likely to accept an offer when it is personalised 5 © 2010 Deloitte
  6. 6. Inbound Marketing capitalizes on a contact moment that is initiated by the customer Consumer Agent Question Answer Standard offer Limited acceptance When you make a standard offer, it is not very likely that the customer will accept it. The offer needs to be customized towards the wishes and needs of the customer 6 © 2010 Deloitte
  7. 7. Inbound Optimizer maximizes the conversion of customer contact by giving the agent a tailor made offer. Consumer 1 Question Agent Tailor made 3 offer 4 2 Identification Answer Offer 1 Offer 2 Offer 3 5 Personalized Offer 6 Make Offer 7 8 Accept Offer Log Response The likelihood that the customer accepts increases when: • Thetool learns from the responses that the agent logs. The tool automatically analyses the results of each offer and takes this into account when calculating new offers. Raking based on likelihood. • Thepersonalized offer is presented in a way that it matches with customer needs and aligns with the context of the conversation. • The agent visually supported to discuss a tailor-made offer. • Responses are logged by the agent so that learnings will be improved. 7 © 2010 Deloitte
  8. 8. Inbound Optimizer enables the marketeer to take advantage of the inbound contact opportunity. 1 Defines campaigns/Offers Marketeer Inbound 2 Defines customer view Optimizer 3 Results of Responses Offer 1 Offer 2 Offer 3 4 Adjust campaigns/Offers 5 Results of Responses The tooling is expending the possibilities for targeted inbound campaigns, resulting in higher conversions • It provides the marketeer to quickly set up, launch and fine-tune campaigns. It reduces the time-to- market significantly. • Enables the marketeer to directly measure and analyze his campaigns. He can improve his campaigns based on this collected information (inbound and Outbound). • Monitor KPI’s per agent, per offer, per channel • Insights in needed customer data running inbound campaigns 8 © 2010 Deloitte
  9. 9. The most important features of Inbound Optimizer. These features support the workflow of the agent and marketeer Inbound Optimizer… used the results of previous conversations and predicts which offers have the most chance of acceptance.  shows the agent tailor made personalized offers during contact. The agent can get the most out of the conversation.  shows the number of accepted offers per agent. This enables managers to steer on results.  provides the marketeer the ability to quickly set up, launch and adjust campaigns.  enables the marketeer to take advantage of the inbound contact opportunity.  enables the marketeer to directly measure and analyze his campaigns. He can improve his approach based on this information.  9 © 2010 Deloitte
  10. 10. Agenda Inbound Optimizer Demonstration Inbound Optimizer Results Case 1 and Case 2 Next Steps Appendix 10 © 2010 Deloitte
  11. 11. Demonstration - Inbound Optimizer for the Agent and the Marketeer 1st Role Agent 2nd Role Marketeer 11 © 2010 Deloitte
  12. 12. Agenda Inbound Optimizer Demonstration Inbound Optimizer Results Case 1 and Case 2 Next Steps Appendix 12 © 2010 Deloitte
  13. 13. Case 1: What are the benefits of Inbound Marketing? 30% 25% 24% 20% 18% 17% 15% 15% 13% 12% 12% 13% 11% 12% 10% 10% 10% 7% 9% 7% 5% 5% 4% 3% 2% 0% 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 % Score Inbound Sales Reference Groep Average extra Conversion What was achieved? The highlights: • In the Inbound Optimizer group the net conversion is on average 9 % higher compared with the reference group. • Usage tooling is very important. When filtering out the agents who use the tool properly, the net conversion is 16% higher than in the reference group. • Percentage Net conversion increase shows peaks up to 24% . • Call value (ARPU) is 10% higher in the Inbound Sales channel of the Inbound Optimizer group. • The percentage of "very satisfied customers" is twice as high. 13 © 2010 Deloitte,
  14. 14. Case 2: Maturity of the offer process results in a higher conversion percentage with a lower AHT Offer volumes per channel Phase 1 100.000 90.000 • Inbound Marketing is introduced in multiple channels 80.000 • Learnings and experience is created throughout the 70.000 organization 60.000 Web • Data, Strategy and Governance is key 50.000 Retail 40.000 Callcenter 30.000 20.000 10.000 Phase 2 0 phase 1 phase 2 • Improvement of customer data, profile and business rules results in: Offer conversion per channel • More critical business rules resulting in less volumes 35% but better quality of offers 30% • Higher conversions per offer • Less call handling time 25% • Higher customer satisfaction? 20% 15% Web 10% Retail Callcenter 5% 0% phase 1 phase 2 14 © 2010 Deloitte
  15. 15. Agenda Inbound Optimizer Demonstration Inbound Optimizer Results Case 1 and Case 2 Next Steps Appendix 15 © 2010 Deloitte
  16. 16. You can start with the Inbound Optimizer implementation today! The solution is directly ready for use. A short period of implementation, based on “best practices”.  Little impact on existing systems, the solution works almost independently of other systems.  Low costs of start-up (caused by SaaS)  Quick ROI  Start small, upscale easily  16 © 2010 Deloitte
  17. 17. Characteristics of the Inbound Optimizer Service features  You can start today!  Pay per use, for a fixed amount per user per month  A predicable payment model  Web-based access, location independent  Including Helpdesk support 8.00 h-20.00 h (incidents) including 24 * 7 system  Including 24 * 7 system monitoring  Secure data centers (certified and full backup of all data) © 2010 Deloitte
  18. 18. Questions? © 2010 Deloitte
  19. 19. Learn how the Inbound Optimizer can improve your business processes? Please feel free to contact us: Harald van Doorn Theo Slaats Senior Manager Partner Deloitte Consulting Deloitte Consulting Harald has over 10 years’ experience in CRM Theo specialises in Marketing Automation and consulting and transformation projects, mainly in the Customer Relationship Management. Theo has telecom industry. During the past last 2 years, Harald managed large Marketing and CRM projects in was responsible as Delivery Manager for integrated different areas, going from CRM strategy and inbound and outbound campaign management Operations to Marketing and CRM technology solutions for Call Centres, Retail, and Web Channels. implementations. His clients are multinationals in different industries (Consumer Business, Telecommunications and Manufacturing). Mobiel: +31(0)6 5151 6582 E-mail: Mobiel: +31 (0)6 5267 2525 E-mail: 19 © 2010 Deloitte
  20. 20. You can rely on vendors with extensive experience and expertise  Years of experience with  Proven technology  Broad experience in CRM implementations of inbound hosting  Intelligent software marketing solutions  Reliable hosting partner  Business driven CRM-  Safety and quality are of vision and technical skills highest priority  Detailed knowledge and experience in your industry 20 © 2010 Deloitte
  21. 21. Agenda Inbound Optimizer Demonstration Inbound Optimizer Results Case 1 and Case 2 Next Steps Appendix 21 © 2010 Deloitte
  22. 22. Agent Screen (1) with personal offers Context Call Reasoning Tab: Customer Tab: History of Customer Real-time offers change when using data overview inbound offers Identification the call reason Contactc enters The agent sees the inbound optimizer offers in his screen Response logging, Ranking of the offer list is including an option determined based on likelyhood * for calling back benefit (customizable) © 2010 Deloitte
  23. 23. Agent Screen (2) with an overview of customer data Customer view data is customizable based on available data in source systems © 2010 Deloitte
  24. 24. Agent Screen (3) with an overview of discussed offers,including responses History of all inbound offers that a customer has received © 2010 Deloitte
  25. 25. Campagne Manager Screen for managing campaings and running analyses or reports.  Standard reporting  Customer Data  Callback requests User  Analysis learnings  Supporting  Data for Administration  Managing/changing of visuals reporting offers Contactc enters The Campagne Manager can download data for reporting via the Inbound Optimizer © 2010 Deloitte
  26. 26. Reporting options on offer level for improving customer analyses Best / Worst Customer Lift rapportage Contactc enters 26 © 2010 Deloitte
  27. 27. Inbound Optimizer offers a standard reporting functionality that exports data to Excel Campagne Manager and Teamleads can download standard performance reports like: KPI’s per offer KPI’s per agent …. Excel-reports:  Conversion ratios based on discussed offers versus accepted offer per product, per campagne, per timeframe Number of customers (=calls) per agent per period  Benefit per agent per periode (sum of benefits per accepted offers per agent per periode) © 2010 Deloitte