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Kitchen waste items that can be turned into useful manure


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Kitchen waste items that can be turned into useful manure

  1. 1. Kitchen Waste Items That Can Be Turned Into Useful Manure We generate lots of waste in our kitchen every day. From vegetable scraps to paper towel rolls; fruits to coffee grounds, there is a lot of ‘useful’ kitchen waste that goes into trash every day. Not many people know that this kitchen waste can be converted into useful manure and used to make our home and garden healthy and happy. Here are some kitchen waste items that you can turn into useful manure, brought to you by TheOrganic.Life-the best online store to buy organic waste composter. Paper Towel Rolls: Cut them into small pieces and press them into the soil around seedlings, this will also serve as a protective layer from pests such as slugs. Bits of paper towel serve as low nutrient food for earth worms and can be converted into useful manure. Crushed Egg Shells: Crushed egg shells that we toss into our trash cans, make for a great addition to our kitchen waste composter. These shells are crucial to help the worms reproduce. Egg shells are an excellent source of calcium and they help aerate the soil. They are especially helpful when growing tomatoes. Used Coffee Grounds: Used coffee grounds are excellent nutrient source for vermi compost worms. Coffee grounds serve as a good mulch and look beautiful scattered around the soil surface. They are a rich source of nitrogen, which is especially good for growing plants and veggies, including tomatoes and peppers. Hot Peppers: Seeds and the tops from hot peppers can be used for pest control. Blend the waste, strain, mix with water and fill it in a spray bottle and then use the spray to deter pests from your plants. The leftover pulp can be added to your kitchen composter. Peas and soybeans: These are a rich source of nitrogen and help your plants grow fast. Important note: Bones, meat, dairy products, greasy foods, pet manure should not be placed in worm beds as they will not just produce foul odour, but also attract pathogens. These were some kitchen wastes that you can add to your kitchen waste composter to make your own organic fertilizer. Apart from that there are many other kitchen wastes
  2. 2. that can be used. Keep researching and get the best quality vermi composters from TheOrganic.Life for a happy and healthy kitchen and garden. To start shopping, visit-