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Intervention Design workshop #4


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Just a brief imaginary view on the Intervention Design Process Model (IDPM).

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Intervention Design workshop #4

  1. 1. intervention design: designing, designing, designing
  2. 2. Intervention Design deliverables 1. detailed documentation (online, digital, paper) of the design process using IDPM 2. Prototype of the designed intervention 3. Presentation of the design process and prototype
  3. 3. presentations: betahuis heerlen, 11 or 18 june
  4. 4. define a design problem or opportunity world as it is (current designer praxis) design a solution using existing, current (old) models and way of thinking IDPM area of interest new world (partially based on theory) design a solution using new models and way of thinking old design solution new design solution INTERVENTION DESIGN theory, sustianism, mcluhan, accelerationism DESTEP, trend piramide four laws of media current design principles, design research future of design and research
  5. 5. homework? see blog!