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Insight demostack

  1. 1. INSIGHT - Introduction Insight is an easy, dynamic, multilingual and effective web based platform that combines a multitude of instructional tools in one seamless site. Teachers can create, share, expand, network, receive professional feedback and bank instructional resources that incorporate audio, video, text exploitation. Resources can be curated and banked. Insight is not a Learning management System but your own instructional warehouse, where you, the teacher, control what online tools you want to use in instruction. Insight provides a means for teachers to construct and assess students dynamically through the crowdsourcing of items aligned against standards."
  2. 2. Demo Front Page.
  3. 3. Teaching. Together. Learning. Together. Teachers create their own account.
  4. 4. INSIGHT will progressively roll out a series of resource creation tools, giving teachers FLEXIBILITY in what they create CHOOSE YOUR TOOLS TO CREATE Assessment Creation Audio Creation Teaching. Together. Learning. Together. Teachers have choice of creating resources with a wide variety of online tools. Tools can be used individually or collectively. All resources that teachers make or choose from other teachers can be stored in a bank. Curation Creation Mark-up Tools Creation Blog / Chat Creation Meshing Tools Creation Cloze-Ended Activity Creation Teachers can opt to get professional feedback on their resources FEEDBACK Publishing Creation Open-Ended Activity Creation MY CLASSES Teachers can create classrooms, through which the materials teachers create can be implemented . PUBLIC LIBRARY Whiteboard Creation All resources created by teachers are automatically deposited in the public library (organized by subject area), which other teachers can choose to use.
  5. 5. Teaching Together. Learning Together. Teachers can click on a subject area to surf through collections of resources. PUBLIC LIBRARY Visual Teachers can click on a resource type to find varied digital resources. Collaborative Meshing Assessment Video
  6. 6. Teaching Together. Learning Together. PUBLIC LIBRARY Teachers can click on a subject area to surf through collections of resources. Attached to each resource there is a running professional blog where teachers provide feedback and suggestions as to how to improve and use the resource in the classroom
  7. 7. Teaching Together. Learning Together. FEEDBACK The “Social Collaboration” feature allows teacher to : 1. Connect with other teachers in the similar subject area & post queries about any issue they are facing in their teaching on the community’s page 2. Access “Top Quality” content (exercises/lesson plans/videos etc.) uploaded by the company and by other teachers & voted purely by the community members
  8. 8. Teaching Together. Learning Together. Teachers can bank their resource that they have created, obtain feedback, add to their class for implementation or submit to the public library MARK-UP CREATION TOOL FEEDBACK MY CLASSES Add Hotspot Teachers can choose any number of resource creation tools and make digital resources Choose & Add: audio video text PUBLIC LIBRARY