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Building a Business Development Strategy


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Old Business Development Strategy Session PowerPoint from Training TJG group

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Building a Business Development Strategy

  1. 1. Business Development Strategy Session  In this session, we will be discussing two points, keeping in mind the current economic trends and conditions.  Client Development Strategy  2009 Business Plan
  2. 2. Business Development Strategy Rewind 2008  Look Ahead to 2009  Review Your Business  From your review, do From Last Year you need to establish  What Did You – (or reestablish) a niche  Focus On? (Niche) specialty?  Do on a Partner Basis?  What trends have  Bill? emerged, and are  Cash-In? emerging, in 2009?  How much was repeat  Where could you ‘trim business?? the fat’ from your rewind?
  3. 3. Importance of a Business Plan Your Business Plan serves as the Compass for the future direction of your business  Sets Strategy Helps You Get Funding  New Hires, More Tools – Business Growth Management Tool  Daily Direction
  4. 4. SWOT Analysis Be Specific  Everything in your SWOT analysis should be specific, quantifiable  I.E. – “The Market is Soft” is not sufficient for a weakness or threat/risk  “There is a softening in the market within HR as it relates to functionally specific positions – there is a THREAT of companies exchanging Recruiters and Benefits Managers for HR Generalists with more rounded exp.”
  5. 5. Market Sectors/Clients Rome Was Not Built in A Day – Your Practice Should Not Be, Either… How are you establishing who you are going to work with (target) in the next 12 months? How many have asked clients what percentage of the client’s total recruitment budget is allotted to them?
  6. 6. What Makes a Key Account? What are 3 Things that Make an Account a “Key Account?” If you don’t have any ‘key accounts,’ how do you build one?
  7. 7. Job Orders and Pricing Develop a Pricing Strategy Per Desk  When You talk to a client about our fees, there should be a method behind how you work and what goes with each type of service:  Partnered  Contingent
  8. 8. Looking at the Competition It is CRITICAL to know your major competitors. Who are your top 3 competitors?  What is their differentiation?  What competitive information have you surfaced?  Do you ask your clients about their “other firms?”
  9. 9. Production Three Biggest Issues with the Plans:  1. Achievable, yet aggressive goals  2. Accountability with yourself to your plan  How often do you review against your plan?  If you get off plan, do you have measures in place to get back on track?  3. Really understanding your marketplace  Have a viable niche specialty from which to grow  Remember, flowers start as seeds   Knowing what level(s) you are going to target