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27th Sunday Gospel of ordinary time B


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27th Sunday in the Ordinary Time B
October 7, 2012
From the reflections of Fr. Cielo R. Almazan, OFM

Published in: Spiritual
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27th Sunday Gospel of ordinary time B

  1. 1. 27th Sunday in the Ordinary Time B October 7, 2012From Fr. Cielo R. Almazan, OFM
  2. 2. 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time B
  3. 3. (2) The Pharisees approached andasked, "Is it lawful for a husbandto divorce his wife?" They weretesting him.(3) He said tothem in reply,"What did Mosescommand you?"
  4. 4. (4) They replied,"Moses permittedhim to write a bill ofdivorce and dismissher."(5) But Jesus told them, "Becauseof the hardness of your hearts hewrote you this commandment.
  5. 5. (6) But from the beginning ofcreation, God made them maleand female. (7) For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother (and be joined to his wife),
  6. 6. (8) and the two shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one flesh.(9) Therefore what God has joinedtogether, no human being mustseparate."
  7. 7. (10) In the house the disciples again questioned him about this.(11) He said to them, "Whoever divorceshis wife and marries another commitsadultery against her;(12) and if she divorces her husband andmarries another, she commits adultery."
  8. 8. (13) And peoplewere bringingchildren to himthat he mighttouch them, butthe disciplesrebuked them.
  9. 9. (14) When Jesus saw this he becameindignant and said to them, "Let thechildren come to me; do not preventthem, for the kingdom of God belongsto such as these.(15) Amen, I say to you, whoever doesnot accept the kingdom of God like achild will not enter it."(16) Then he embraced them and blessedthem, placing his hands on them.
  10. 10. TEXTUAL CONTEXT OF MARK 10,2-16 Part I The Mystery of the Messiah: Revelation of Jesus Person (1,14--8,30)Three sections, each beginning with a summary of the activity of Jesus and a narrative concerning the disciples and concluding with the adoption of an attitude in regard to Jesus. A. Jesus and the Crowds 1,14--3,6 (1,14f, 16-20; 3,60) B. Jesus and his Own 3,7--6,6a (3,7-12.13-19; 6,1-6a) C. Jesus, the Disciples and the Gentiles 6,6b- 8,30 (6,6b; 6,7-31; 8,27-30) Conclusion and Transition 8,27-33 Confession of Peter First Prophecy of the Passion Correction of Peter Part II The Mystery of the Son of Man: Revelation of Jesus sufferings 8,31-16,8 A. The Way of the Son of Man 8,31--10,52 Indicated by 3 announcements of the fate of the Son of Man and 3 instructions on the lot of the disciples. B. Jesus in Jerusalem 11,1--13,37 C. Passion and Resurrection 14,1--16,8 The Later Ending 16,9-20
  11. 11. Mk 9,33 Theycame toCapernaum.Jesus wasteaching here.Immediate Context (Mk 9)of our TextTransfigurationFirst Prediction of thePassionHealing of a Boy with aDemonSecond PredictionGreatest in the KingdomAnother exorcistCauses of SinMk 10MarriageDivorceBlessing of ChildrenThe Rich ManThird Prediction
  12. 12. COMMENTARY The gospel text is divided into two parts: Vv.2-12 On Divorce Vv.13-14 On ChildrenIn the first part, Jesus disapproves divorce, invoking the text in Genesis (1st reading). Jesus adds that those who divorce and marry again commit adultery. A divorcee is not entitled to marry again. The second part, Jesus shows tenderness to the children.Again taking the cue from last Sunday’s reading (children = new converts, new comers), we should take these people seriously for to them belong the kingdom of God. We must be childlike to enter the kingdom of God.
  13. 13. REFLECTIONS ON THE GOSPEL READINGJesus affirms the sanctity of marriage. To do this, he invokes the pre-Mosaic law in Genesis (although Gen itself is Mosaic according to the Jews.) No human being has the right to separate what God has joined together. No one should foil his plan in marriage. Divorce or infidelity is a no-no to his followers. It defeats the purpose of God.Equally important in the gospel is how we treat children in our communities. These are not useless members, nor are they liabilities.They represent the excited / fascinated group, eager to learn, to be nurtured and to discover other people.They qualify for the kingdom of God; they make us qualified to enter God’s kingdom.