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Young Living Everyday Oils Kit. Every home should have an emergency Kit.

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  • Essential oils have been cherished and prized by humankind throughout history. Ancient Civilizations, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans… Egyptian tombs, such as King Tut’s, contained essential oils. Dr. Gattefossé, a French chemist, coined the term aromatherapy. Aromatics were common in the Middle Ages.
  • Young Living Everyday Oils Kit

    1. 1. What you’ll experience tonight:• What is an essential oil?• Young Living Therapeutic Grade™.• Smell, taste, touch our most popular oils.• How to transform your every day with simple, practical uses.• A special offer for new members.• The rewards and opportunities of sharing.• Product drawing.
    2. 2. What are essential oils?• Volatile liquids distilled from aromatic plants.• Expertly cultivated, harvested, and steam distilled to preserve “nature’s living energy.”
    3. 3. Peppermint
    4. 4. History of Essential Oils Mankind’s First Medicine
    5. 5. Gary Young ─ a pioneer inthe field of essential oils. Life’s work is to reintroduce essential oils to Western culture. Realized true essential oils are much more than just a fragrance.
    6. 6. Young Living Therapeutic Grade Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ means that every essential oil Young Living distills or sources has the optimal naturally-occurring blend of constituents to maximize the desired effect.• Plants• Preparation• Purity• Potency
    7. 7. Menthol
    8. 8. Studies of Peppermint“The data shows that essential oils inhigh concentrations can reduce in-vitrociliary activity of human respiratorycells.”¹“Performance and vigilance on atedious task are enhanced bypeppermint oil.”²“Peppermint oil…resulted in asignificant reduction in EMG surfaceactivity of the temporal muscle.”³
    9. 9. 694
    10. 10. Peppermint Usage TipsAdd to herbal tea to aiddigestion.Use before and duringworkouts to invigorate thesenses and reduce fatigue.Place two drops on the tongueto improve alertness and focus.Mix in footbath to relieve sorefeet.
    11. 11. Thieves ®
    12. 12. Studies of ThievesBlend“Thieves can significantlyreduce the number ofaerosol-borne bacteria”¹Antifungal Effect of VariousEssential Oils againstCandida albicans²Activity of thymol, carvacrol,cinnamaldehyde andeugenol on oral bacteria³
    13. 13. Thieves Usage TipsDiffuse daily to kill airbornebacteria.Place in hotel room vents tokill airborne germs.Add to dishwasher for cleanerdishes.Add to mop water for cleanerfloors.
    14. 14. Purification ®
    15. 15. Purification Usage TipsPlace on cotton ball and use inhousehold vents to purify air.Use on insect bites to cleanseand stop the itching.Apply on blemishes to clearskin.
    16. 16. Lavender
    17. 17. Studies of Lavender“Lavender odorants have an anti-stress effect.”¹Anticonflict effects of plant-derivedessential oils.²
    18. 18. Lavender Usage TipsCombine a few drops with water andspray to freshen linens.Place a few drops on the paws ofoverly-active pets.Use a few drops to relieve skinirritations.Place lavender essential oil on apillow to help with sleep.
    19. 19. Other Everyday Oils• Valor® - Energy alignment and confidence• Lemon - Refreshing and cleansing• Peace & Calming® - Relaxing and soothing• Frankincense - Spiritual; great for skin• PanAway® - Eases sore muscles, tension
    20. 20. Welcome to the World of Young Living
    21. 21. Young Living’s Mission We honor our stewardship to championnature’s living energy – essential oils – by fostering a community of healing and discovery, while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose and abundance.
    22. 22. Become Part of the Change…• Join a community of like-minded individuals• Jumpstart a healthy lifestyle – physically, emotionally, financially• Share your enthusiasm and inspire others
    23. 23. Open a Bottle of Essential Oil and…* Experience Immediate Results* Attract Attention
    24. 24. Essential RewardsGuaranteed Monthly Shipments Reduced Shipping Rates FREE PRODUCTS!