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Social media for your gaming business slide share

SocialConnX creates dynamic, social media marketing strategies and highly effective programs designed for gaming operators who are looking to acquire, convert, retain and reactivate players. We connect gaming operators with their target audience, keep players engaged, enrich the gaming experience and improve player LTV.

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Social media for your gaming business slide share

  1. 1. presents Social Media for Your Gaming BusinessMonitoring, Engaging and Monetizing Customers Retention & Reactivation Program
  2. 2. Nearly 1 in every 5 minutesspent online is now spent on social networking sites Do you have a real social media strategy? Does it produce results? The Benefits of Social Media Marketing (SME 2012)
  3. 3. Do you know how many times a gaming operator can be mentioned in social media channels over 30 days?This operator has been mentioned 15,658 times in the past 30 daysacross various social media channels.(Actual operator data gathered from our social media monitoring dashboard)
  4. 4. Where is the discussion about this operator taking place?When you know where your audience is talking, it becomes much easierto create a strategy to engage them and build a successful retention andreactivation program.
  5. 5. Do you know how many people are talking positively or negatively about your brand? For this operator, 29.4% of the posts are negative.This chart represents the sentiment for all comments regarding thisoperator across social media for a 30 day period. How are you managingyour negative comments? How are you incentivizing the positivecomments?
  6. 6. Now we know how many positive and negative comments have been made but exactly which channels are they coming from?When we know the channels that are being used to comment, we arebetter positioned to focus our efforts on those that can generate thehighest ROI, and spend less time on those that are less relevant.
  7. 7. More specifically, what regions are these posts coming from?Knowing the geographic source of the negative comments, or even thepositive comments, helps us to develop a geo-specific social mediastrategy.(Note: individuals that do not specify a location will default to US where the channel is US based i.e. Twitter or Facebook)
  8. 8. When is the conversation about this operator taking place?Knowing when the conversation is taking place across all social mediahelps us understand when chatter is active, at what points to create timesensitive promotions, and know when to commit resources to our socialmedia engagement
  9. 9. More specifically, when is the conversation taking place across a particular social media channel such as Twitter?Knowing the specifics surrounding the exact times chatter is occurringthrough a specific social media channel further helps us create andexecute our engagement, retention and reactivation strategy
  10. 10. The Business Challenge Click here for the next
  11. 11. What is the SocialConnX SmartEngagement SystemTM • We custom-design a campaign around the players you want to reach • Our engagement API “listens” to all publicly available information on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, chats, forums, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, micro sites and millions of other social media websites and posts • We pull in the data when people talk about your brand, your business, your industry or any related terms and phrases that you want to monitor • We target and filter so that we find the players you want to reach • We engage them through captivating online posts, discussions, offers, direct messages and other methods with our SmartPostTM System • We drive players to your site, buildAre you making money with social media? You should be... brand reputation, retain and reactivate players
  12. 12. What can the SocialConnXSmartEngagement SystemTM do for • Increase revenues • Increase traffic Your Gaming Company? • Increase visitors • Retain players • Manage customer service • Resolve customer issues • Reactivate players • Find new revenue streams • Build your following • Enhance your brand • Reach new customers • Build your social community • Target / expand markets • Manage social identity • Monitor your competition • Monitor industry chatter Click here for the next
  13. 13. • Blogs (over 150 million) • Blog aggregators • Message Boards, Review Sites and What channels does the Forums (over 25,000) • Videos (we search title, tag andSocialConnX SmartEngagement description) - over 450 sites monitored • Flikr (we search title, tag andSystemTM Monitor as Part of Your description) • Mainstream Media (over 25,000 sites Social Media Program? • monitored) Micromedia (Twitter, Friendfeed) • Voting / Bookmarking sites (Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Facebook likes) • Facebook Discussion Groups • LinkedIn Answers • Google Buzz Our Social Media strategy is built around the audience generated from the search results in these channels Click here for the next
  14. 14. How Do We Do It? How does the SocialConnX SmartEngagement SystemTM drive customers and revenues to your gaming business? We work with you and establish the goals of your social media programEstablish Goals We listen to whats being said about your business, your brand, your industry and your competition in the social world We identify and choose the social Listen channels where players are talking We engage them with our Choose SmartEngagement SystemTM and drive Channels new players to your business while retaining and reactivating existing players We analyze and optimize results Engage & Monetize, Retain and build new programs designed and Reactivate to address player needsAnalyze & Optimize Click here for the next
  15. 15. Reputation Management What is Your Brand Worth?How does SocialConnX protect your brand imageonline?• Obscure personal information from search results• Prevent negative posts, comments, blogs, articles and forums from ranking for your targeted keywords• Control search engine results for your targeted keywords• Inoculate against and suppress defamatory posts• Monitor for potential attacks on social media channels and search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing• Optimize Google Auto complete results• Build positive, authoritative content The foundation of Online Reputation Management is found in content control. Beyond simply suppressing negative content, the creation of unique, authoritative information will differentiate your business from the competition, but more importantly, will position you organically at the top of searches. The ability to control online information will be the cornerstone for virtually every 21st century business. Click here for the next
  16. 16. To find out how SocialConnX can create a highlysuccessful social media program designed to acquire, convert, retain and reactivate your players, please contact us today Stephen Padveen Certified Inbound Marketer SocialConnX Office: (800) 607-4550 Direct: (302) 525-8209 Social Media for Your Gaming Business Monitoring, Engaging and Monetizing Customers Retention & Reactivation Program