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PDP presentation


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PDP presentation

  1. 1. ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC began to first get noticed in the late 70sand early 80s, when DISCO started to introduce the use ofSYNTHESISERS moving away from the use of orchestral, acousticinstruments.Since then electronic dance music, or, EDM as many Americans now call it,has changed ENORMOUSLY over the years. And a HUGE contribution tothe evolution of dance music comes from the underground scene.These are the people that broke free from the conventions of themainstream culture and created EXPRESSIVE AND ARTISTIC MUSIC,rather than the formulaic composition of much commercial music.
  2. 2. -Music that breaks from conventions.-In the early days heavily influenced by drugs-Often looked down upon by mainstream culture.-YOU find underground music. It rarely finds you
  3. 3. Drum Machines Sequencers Effects Keyboards & Synthesizers Digital Software
  4. 4. The introduction of the internet helped underground producers to reachout to the whole world.Before the internet underground music was exclusive to hard to findunderground clubs, raves and pirate radio stations.Now, with websites such as Soundcloud, YouTube, Mixcloud, Myspace,Facebook and a MILLION more websites, underground music is becomingmore accessible.And with the aid of modern features such as similar artists functions itsbecoming easier to find more of the music we like!
  5. 5. Since the explosion of electronic dance music countless genres and subgenres have been created. And were now at a stage where we have musicwith such a fusion of styles and genres from all over the world that a lot ofmusic is now simply categorized as Electronic dance music.
  6. 6. Mento:
  7. 7. Music fusions are the combination of different genres and styles of music.