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On the beautiful occasion called wedding

On the #beautiful occasion called wedding, we offer #special bridal/pre-bridal and #pampering guests services to celebrate your special day with luxury and comfort for all your family and friends.
Comfort Of Your Home, Your Time and Your Convenience!!! Do call us On 8010135135

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On the beautiful occasion called wedding

  1. 1. Hot candle oil Massage - Ideal for winters- in the comfort of your home The enticement of this ritual is the combination of the Swedish massage with Hot Candle aromatherapy oils and tenderness of pure luxury. An incredible Classical Swedish massage performed with the warm oil coming from the
  2. 2. Chocolate facial, a new fad in the beauty circle will not only enhance your complexion but also ensure that your skin is healthy and glowing in the long run. Chocolate cream, paste, scrub etc - used for chocolate facial has a smooth and creamy texture with the fragrance of chocolate that ensures that your skin is de- tanned and glows. Chocolate helps in getting rid of the tan. How to do a chocolate facial at home? Start with cleansing your face. Use a cleanser of your choice - one with raw milk and turmeric or rose water and besan. Once you've cleansed your face, you can now opt for a home-made scrub. Grind brown sugar and coffee beans and apply this paste on your face for approximately 10 minutes. Once you've done scrubbing, use the chocolate paste as a massage cream. Clean your face and apply the chocolate pack for 20 minutes until you wash it off with cold water. Pat your face dry.
  3. 3. Thank You!!!