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Engage Play Technologies is a leading developer of tournament-based gaming platforms which allow game developers and brands to increase revenue and brand engagement. We develop end-to-end, private-labeled gaming platforms whereby users can play games, compete, and win prizes. We make it easy to seamlessly integrate gaming and prize-based tournaments into any brand strategy.

Products / Platforms
Social Competitions Platform - Our Social Competitions Platform allows any social game developer to offer prize-based competitions around their existing games.

Web/Mobile Competitions Platform - Our Web/Mobile Competitions Platform allows any type of brand (loyalty programs, ecommerce websites, retailers, gaming portals, etc.) to offer prize-based contests and competitions to their consumers.

Trivia Competitions Platform - Our Trivia Competitions Platform makes it easy to offer trivia competitions to your consumers across any platform (web, mobile, or social networks).

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Engage Play Technologies Overview

  1. 1. 5301 Beethoven St. Suite 200B Los Angeles, CA 90066 | engageplay.com “ENGAGE, PLAY, COMPETE!” Justin F. Beckett – Founder e: justin@engageplay.com p: 213.841.9622
  2. 2. The Problem Mobile, social, & web game developers face increasing challenges monetizing and engaging their users +70% of brands want to offer some form of gamification contest to their users but have no turn-key way of doing so 2% of Gamers Monetized via Transactions 98% of Gamers Not Monetized via Transactions 2
  3. 3. The Solution TURN-KEY GAMIFICATION through skillification, competitions, & prizes Engage Play has developed a competitions platform that… Allows any web, social or mobile game developer to offer prize-based competitions & contests around their existing games Allows any brand (loyalty programs, ecommerce/retail sites, web portals, etc.) to offer prize-based competitions & contests 3 Increased ARPU Decreased Churn Increased Engagement
  4. 4. The Global Opportunity / Market 4 $6 Billion Casual/Social Gaming in 2015 98% of ALL gamers not monetized 70% of brands want contests/competitions $7 Billion Social Gambling in 2015 $3 Billion Skill Gaming in 2015 ~$2-$3 billion addressable market
  5. 5. The Platform – Hub & Spoke Deployment 5 ① We develop/manage spokes for partners ② Partners promote their spokes ③ Gamers purchase virtual items through spokes ④ We share the spoke revenues “Spokes” - customized, private-labeled game platforms that all utilize Engage Play’s “Hub” competitions platform Spoke “Hub” – Engage Play competitions platform (look & feel, competitions, games, currencies, languages, social integration, reporting, user account management, prize fulfillment, etc.) Hub
  6. 6. Low to No Risk Deployment 6 Established Titles Little / No Distribution New Titles Little / No Distribution Established Titles Large, Existing Distribution New Titles Large, Existing Distribution Risk Matrix Content/Title/Brand Risk DistributionRisk
  7. 7. The Founders 7 Milestones First to launch cash prize trivia (skill-based industry) in 2000 Helped launch the “social gaming” sector as members of the original MySpace game development team in 2002 - 2004 Launched 1st competitive versions of Wheel of Fortune, Scrabble, American Idol, The Price Is Right, and the Pop Cap games in 2002 – 2005 First to launch frequent-flyer based gaming platform in 2012 PROVEN FOUNDERS – STARTED, GREW, & SOLD SEVERAL SUCCESSFUL START-UPS Justin Beckett & Michael D. Raeford, Jr. have worked together for +15 years (4 start-ups) eGamesGroup – Founded 2000, Sold to MySpace 2001, ROI = 3X SkillJam Technologies – Founded 2002, Sold to Liberty Media 2004, ROI = 6X Mood Media (aka Fluid Music) – Founded 2004, IPO on TSX 2008, ROI = 10X