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This slide introduces about the Data Providers concept, one of many reasons that you should choose NextCMS instead of other one.

- Provide data in various kind, from basic type (such as link, image, video, file) to specify one (such as banner, tag, widget)
- You can reuse data across the modules
- Just search for the data you want, drag and drop it to desired destination
- The providers can be removed and reattached any time you want
- The 3rd parties can develop their own Providers to provide the data of their modules

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Why NextCMS: Data Providers

  1. 1. data providerspresent by Nguyen Huu Phuoc, founder of NextCMS thenextcms@gmail.com
  2. 2.  NextCMS is a content management, built on top of zend framework, dojo toolkit, and jquery it is free and open source software this slide tell you one of many reasons why you should choose NextCMS instead of other one
  3. 3. a few scenarios when you manage your website: insert link of a particular article to the article’s content upload a file and insert its link to the article’s content insert link of given category when build a menu search for photos that have been uploaded and use it as articles cover, album’s cover, or videos poster … and many other cases
  4. 4. how it is done in other CMS (insert link of an article to otherarticle, for example) do it manually (bad) 1. search for the article in the front-end 2. copy its link 3. insert the link to other article’s content open a popup (better but not good enough) 1. open a popup window 2. search for the article 3. click the article to insert its link
  5. 5. we need a better way to: search for data and reuse it data can be taken across modules
  6. 6. menu 2 1 3 providers main layout1. load the main layout of particular module dynamically (@developers: via ajax) the providers are loaded only one time2. open the providers from the main menu3. drag data from the providers and drop to the main layout
  7. 7. 1. search 2. drag 3. dropexample: insert link of an attachment to the article’s content
  8. 8. example: upload new video where to upload video’s poster?Where are my upload buttons? where to upload video file?
  9. 9. example: upload new videowhere to upload video file? let’s use the uploader
  10. 10. example: upload new videowhere to upload video’s poster? let’s use the image/photo provider
  11. 11. @end-users we change user experiences we teach you a new, only one, and best way to reuse data whenever you want to reuse data, think about data provider the interface is cleaner and simpler (without uploading buttons, popup windows, etc.)
  12. 12. @developers you do NOT have to duplicate your code for common tasks (such as uploading, inserting common data, etc.) you can create your own providers (more details in the extensibility section)
  13. 13. access the providers: from the modules menu from the toolbox tab
  14. 14. provide various kind of data: basic file, image, link, video module specified attachment, banner, photo, tag, user, video, widget provided by 3rd-parties
  15. 15. example of link provider: insert link of particular articleto the article’s content
  16. 16. example of link provider: set the link of particularcategory to a menu item
  17. 17. example of file provider: browse and insert uploaded fileto the article’s content
  18. 18. example of uploader: upload and insert a file to thearticle’s content
  19. 19. example of image provider: upload new image banner please do NOT ask me where your upload buttons are
  20. 20. example of image provider: upload an image and set it asalbum’s cover
  21. 21. example of image provider: upload an image and set it asarticle’s cover
  22. 22. example of photo provider: use a photo to set videosposter
  23. 23. example of tag provider: tag an article
  24. 24. example of user provider: create a message filter that willmove all messages from same user to a folder
  25. 25. example of user provider: define the receivers when yousend new message
  26. 26. example of widget provider: insert a poll at the bottomof article’s content
  27. 27. example of widget provider: insert a widget to a page
  28. 28. providers can be removed/reattached at anytime
  29. 29.  auto set article cover’s title after dropping an image again: you will NOT see any upload buttons in the additional panel
  30. 30.  auto set video’s title after dropping an uploaded video again: you will NOT see any upload buttons in the additional panel
  31. 31.  auto set menu item’s title after dropping a link
  32. 32.  auto set banner’s title after dropping a banner file again: you will NOT see any upload buttons in the additional panel
  33. 33.  uploader:auto organize uploaded files based on current module
  34. 34. @developers: you can develop your own providers a provider actually is an extension support MVC
  35. 35.  support internationalization (i18n) english vietnamese
  36. 36.  it is possible to execute a javascript callback after dragging and dropping data dojo.subscribe("/app/global/dnd/ dojo.publish("/app/global/dnd/ onDropLink", function(data) { onDropLink", [{ ... url: linkUrl, }); title: linkTitle, source: sourceNode, target: targetNode }]); example: auto set the title of menu item after dropping a link to the URL box
  37. 37. we listen to you!on social networks twitter.com/thenextcms facebook.com/nextcms youtube.com/thenextcms slideshare.net/thenextcms github.com/thenextcmsemailthenextcms@gmail.com
  38. 38. nextcms.orgnextcms.tv © 2012 Nguyen Huu Phuoc thenextcms@gmail.com