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SVTL 2011 - 4 - George


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SVTL 2011 - 4 - George

  1. 1. My  Five  Minute  Presenta/on University  of  St.  Thomas School  of  Engineering Camille  George,  David  Gasperino
  2. 2. Vision/Goal• Interdisciplinary  base-­‐of-­‐the-­‐pyramid  product   design  seminar• Product  design  seminar  for  engineering  senior   design  students  focusing  on  emerging   market  technologies  in  the  developing  world• 2  semester,  1  credit  /  semester  addi/on  to   senior  design  capstone  -­‐  adding  content  that   teaches  skills  and  techniques  for  effec/ve   product  design  in  the  developing  world
  3. 3. Course  Strategy  Map maintain engineering incorporate health / develop / identify apply economics to learn engineering goal and scope develop concepts / complete detailed build and test design / log book, safety assessmentsSenior Design Objectives design process definition engineering concept tradeoffs designs / CAD protytpes drive design / cost document design within design, specifications analysis process process understanding the identify and document "wrap-up" identifying critical introduce need for develop approach link this objective to customer understand local customer / user package for nextSustainable Design stakeholders requirements - alternative forms of for testing within the tech transfer material / design visual feedback design team, techObjectives unknowns around constraints field package transfer package communication/ roles / customs training materials Peace Corp unbuild-it modules - Davids lecture on charcoal press Design for supply Plows in Mexico / Shea butter lecture on behaviors GAP / findMaterials lecture on mission- Volunteer handbook D-Lab, ho creation, !!! need a book on professional tech design case study - chain, design for solar ovens - case communication case and approaches to GAP international creep - culture matters / hammer forging parametric analysis transfer packages - D-Lab / market study study / form coop testing within the standards find similar materials (modern vs. local) communication field / business more directed purpose provide students customs / gender towards product dev. Creative Capacity identify list of pairs Village Technology with exposure to roles / Building design for comparison Handbook good training workbook materials / sketches examples of same product from different locations videos of modern vs. Non-verbal Guest mini-lecture, GAP / identify moral read case studies supply chain 1. in-class role-play exercises Fill-in template: Disseminate translation of strategies for & legal standardsActivities in-class reflection (find latrine storage Exercises from book analysis local product discussion / trade-off designs / simple eliciting user (offending your GAP periodically update that apply to their information to E4C- example) (engineering-centric) construction chart hosts) and review like group techniques ("No sketching feedback in different product Spare Parts" movie - cultures supply chain Ghana 2. in-class peer analysis review of products (stakeholder-centric) 3rd party interview - with an eye for go through checklist product issues / of materials required misuse potential for product, validate feasibility with in- country source Local diaspora / communications Sociology / Sue Cargill Speaker,Resources text ??? international text text text dept / Art & Design Smith-Cumnien / Florence Dunkel, text template is provided Tech Transfer logic MSU by faculty students on campus school John Angeli and mechanics Cargill Speaker, Tech Transfer logic and mechanics graded plan / Pugh chart / peerAssessment questionnaire / pre- open-ended case graded review of grade supply chain approach for critique on possible graded assessment open-ended participation in wrap- ~2 week checkups Grade completed Grade completed customer map and of their product homework - add to Grade analysis and reviews - post survey study analysis obtaining info on product issues or up discussion document document requirements engineering specs sketches template guidance by faculty materials & supplies potential for misuse
  4. 4. AHA!  1:    Tech  Transfer  Package• Standardize  project   document "wrap-up" endpoints  -­‐  industry  B.P.’s package for next design team, tech transfer package• Expose  students  to   Dissemination of repositories  for  this   tech transfer package to informa/on  -­‐  add  to   appropriate sources community  knowledge• System  for  building  good   ideas  -­‐  preven/ng  pre-­‐ mature  push  of  tech  dev.
  5. 5. AHA!  2:    Technical  Product   Communica/on  Strategies Objec&ves Materials Ac&vi&es Non-verbalintroduce need for Shea butter translation ofalternative forms of communication case designs / simple visual study / form coop sketching communication/ training materials Resources provide students with exposure to communications good training dept / Art & Design materials / sketches school / Theatre
  6. 6. GAP  1:    BOP  Product  Design   Economics  • Best  prac/ce  documents?• Case  studies  for  student  review?• Effec/ve  student  ac/vi/es?
  7. 7. GAP  2  /  AHA!  3:    Health  and  Safety   Standards  for  BOP  Product  Design• Best  prac/ce  documents? • Find  interna/onal  design   standards,  create  base  • Case  studies  for  student   template  for  students review? • Have  students  review  • Effec/ve  student   template  and   ac/vi/es? augment  ,  consider   ethics?
  8. 8. Commitment• Next  Steps – Build  material/ac/vity/resource  base  for  2  credit   seminar  to  parallel  senior  design – Determine  how  to  get  credits  for  class  approved  /   secure  student  incen/ves• Timeframe/Schedule – 5  year  phased  deployment• Needs/Partnerships – short  term:    fill  in  GAPs – long  term:  systema/ze  BOP  design  seminar,  bring