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SVTL 2011 - 17 - Pizziconi


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SVTL 2011 - 17 - Pizziconi

  1. 1. Arizona State University<br />Tempe Main Campus<br />Harrington Bioengineering Program<br />School of Biological & Health Systems Engineering<br />Team Members<br />US:VP & BME/ASU &Community Mentors <br />GLOBAL: VP & Jan Snyder BME/ASU & External Mentors <br />African Partners: Malawi, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda<br />SCHOOL OF<br />Biological and Health<br />Systems Engineering<br />HARRINGTON<br />Biomedical <br />Engineering Program<br />
  2. 2. ASU Bioengineering Program => Goal Now<br />[BS, MS, PhD, PhD/JD]<br />Program/Courses/# Projects<br />Undergraduate Program: Highly Qualified BME Graduates/Meet ABET <br />Enter MDDI, Grad & Professional Schools, GOV (FDA, USPTO)<br />Product Design & Development Courses- BME 100, 300, 417/490, 484 Design Spine-Product Design & Development Skill Sets<br />Capstone Projects: Real World Medical Device Product Development<br />- Year Long Effort in Dedicated BME Design Center<br />- MDDI Product Design & Development Best Practices [QSR]<br />- Interdisciplinary & Multidisciplinary [Teams & Mentors]<br /> - For Profit: Mostly Functional Prototypes <br /> - Non-Profit - Finished Devices (~25% of Total/Yr)<br />Empowering Africans with Disabilities- ~50 since 2003<br />SCHOOL OF<br />Biological and Health<br />Systems Engineering<br />HARRINGTON<br />Biomedical <br />Engineering Program<br />
  3. 3. ASU Bioengineering Program => Five Year Vision<br />[BS, MS /Prod Design/Certificates, PhD, PhD/JD/MD]<br />Program/Courses/# Projects & Ventures<br />UG: Innovative & Entrepreneurial Globally Trained BME Graduates<br />More Entreprenurial Start Ups - Global Health Social Ventures<br />Product Design & Development UG/Grad Curricular <br />Retool UG: Flexible, Modular, Experiential Design Theory & Practice<br />Early Culture of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Best Practices Projects => More Ventures Via New 4+ 1 Master in Product D&D<br /> Certificates-Proj Mgmt, Regulatory Sciences, Entrepreneurship<br />Capstone Projects & Product Ventures<br />- Bioengineering Global Health Product Development<br />- Inter/Multi/TransdisciplinaryTeams& Mentors<br />- For Profit: Functional Prototypes to Validated Medical Devices<br />- Non-Profit: Sustainable Social Entrepreneurial Ventures<br />SCHOOL OF<br />Biological and Health<br />Systems Engineering<br />HARRINGTON<br />Biomedical <br />Engineering Program<br />
  4. 4. LEARNING OUTCOMES<br />Proficient in Real World Medical Device <br />Product Design and Development<br /> Using Best Industry Practices [QSR]<br />[Whether Regulated or Unregulated]<br />Meets All ABET Outcomes<br /><ul><li> an ability to design a component, device, system or process to meet desired needs
  5. 5. an ability to apply STEM principles to engineering product design and development
  6. 6. an ability to use techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools for BME practice
  7. 7. an ability to design and conduct tests and experiments, as well as, analyze and interpret data.
  8. 8. an ability to function on multi-disciplinary design teams.
  9. 9. an ability to identify, formulate, and solve engineering design problems.
  10. 10. an understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities in engineering design.
  11. 11. an ability to communicate design activities effectively.
  12. 12. an ability to understand the impact of engineering design activities in a global & societal context
  13. 13. a knowledge of contemporary issues in the practice of biomedical engineering design</li></ul>SCHOOL OF<br />Biological and Health<br />Systems Engineering<br />HARRINGTON<br />Biomedical <br />Engineering Program<br />
  14. 14. ACTIVITIES<br />Medical Device Product Design & Development <br /> Project Management Prototyping<br /> Team Building Design of Experiments<br />Brainstorming Engineering Economic Analyses Quality Functional Deployment Cost Estimation<br />Industry Analyses / Technology Trends Design for Manufacturing <br />FDA Regulatory Practices Fabrication Techniques <br />Case Studies Rapid Prototyping<br />Ethical Scenarios Standards<br />Design Control Implementation Documentation<br />Human Factors Design History File <br />Patent Searches/ Intellectual Property Device Master Record<br />Modeling and Simulation (SolidWorks) Forecasting<br />Failure Mode Analyses/Product Business Plans <br /> Design Reviews FDA Product Submissions<br />SCHOOL OF<br />Biological and Health<br />Systems Engineering<br />HARRINGTON<br />Biomedical <br />Engineering Program<br />
  15. 15. User<br />Needs<br />Review<br />User<br />Needs<br />Review<br />User<br />Needs<br />Review<br />User<br />Needs<br />Review<br />Biomaterials<br />Fabrication&Testing<br />Resource Facility<br />Biomaterials<br />Fabrication&Testing<br />Resource Facility<br />Biomaterials<br />Fabrication&Testing<br />Resource Facility<br />Bioelectrical<br /> Fabrication&Testing <br />ResourceFacility<br />Bioelectrical<br /> Fabrication&Testing <br />ResourceFacility<br />Bioelectrical<br /> Fabrication&Testing <br />ResourceFacility<br />Design<br />Input<br />Design<br />Input<br />Design<br />Input<br />Design<br />Input<br />BME <br />Design <br />Studio<br />BME <br />Design <br />Studio<br />BME <br />Design <br />Studio<br />Design <br />Process<br />Design <br />Process<br />Design <br />Process<br />Design <br />Process<br />Biomechanical<br />Fabrication&Testing<br />ResourceFacility<br />Biomechanical<br />Fabrication&Testing<br />ResourceFacility<br />Biomechanical<br />Fabrication&Testing<br />ResourceFacility<br />Biochemical<br />Molecular/Cell/Tissue <br />Resource Facility<br />Biochemical<br />Molecular/Cell/Tissue <br />Resource Facility<br />Biochemical<br />Molecular/Cell/Tissue <br />Resource Facility<br />Design<br />Output<br />Design<br />Output<br />Design<br />Output<br />Design<br />Output<br />Verification<br />Verification<br />Verification<br />Verification<br />Medical<br />Device<br />Medical<br />Device<br />Medical<br />Device<br />Medical<br />Device<br />Validation<br />Validation<br />Validation<br />Validation<br />Prototype Assembly<br />Verification&Validation<br />ResourceFacility<br />Prototype Assembly<br />Verification&Validation<br />ResourceFacility<br />Prototype Assembly<br />Verification&Validation<br />ResourceFacility<br />Machine Shop<br />ResourceFacility<br />Machine Shop<br />ResourceFacility<br />Machine Shop<br />ResourceFacility<br />State-of-the Art <br />Biomedical Engineering <br />Design Studio & Resource Center<br />Develop a Culture <br />for Innovation<br />Best Industry <br />Practices <br />School of Biological & <br />Health Systems Engineering<br />in g <br />
  16. 16. PEOPLE<br />SCHOOL OF<br />Biological and Health<br />Systems Engineering<br />HARRINGTON<br />Biomedical <br />Engineering Program<br />
  17. 17. SWOT Analysis<br />Strengths<br />Medical Device Product Design & Development - Expertise & Resources<br />Resources- BMEDesign Center; New EPICS Program/Design Lab<br />ASU Resources: TVC/Tech Transfer, Entrepreneurial Courses & Funding<br /> Strategic Fit with ASU: Innovation, Social Embeddedness, Global Impact<br /> Global Health: Gained Experience => Low Resource Disability Sector<br />Weaknesses ManyGaps => Low Commercialization / Spin Out Record <br />Social Entrepreneurship Supply Chain Business Model Development<br />Social Entrepreneurship Network: ID Players & Logistics<br />Opportunities <br />ManyCapstone Projects with Market Potential<br />Bioengineering Global Health Strategically Aligned - Grand Challenges<br />Evolving Funding/Resources Internal/External - Social Entrepreneurship<br />Threats Roadmap to Sustainable/Scalable Social Entrepreneurships Unclear <br />Diadility<br />SCHOOL OF<br />Biological and Health<br />Systems Engineering<br />HARRINGTON<br />Biomedical <br />Engineering Program<br />
  18. 18. Bioengineering World Health<br />Empowering Africans With Disabilities<br />Impact<br />Ntchisiwoman who suffered a disability from <br />a childhood accident where she fell into a cooking fire.<br />HARRINGTON<br />Biomedical Engineering Program<br />SCHOOL OF<br />Biological and Health<br />Systems Engineering<br />
  19. 19. Empowering Africans With Disabilities<br />IMPACT<br />ASU Commencement May 2009<br />HARRINGTON<br />Biomedical Engineering Program<br />SCHOOL OF<br />Biological and Health<br />Systems Engineering<br />