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Open2012 tec-roadmap

  1. 1. Innovation Living-Learning Community The students living in the Innovation LLC are freshman and sophomores interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.Invention to Venture (I2V) A workshop that teaches technology entrepreneurship and provides a framework for moving ideas forward.Idea to Product (I2P) Early-stage technology commercialization plan competition that aims for unique product ideas with clear market demand that use innovative technologies.Silicon Valley Workshop Workshop that includes visits with startups and leading technology companies to expose students to firms in various stages of a startup lifecycle.Lemelson-MIT Illinois Student Prize A $30,000 prize is awarded on an annual basis to a student who has demonstrated remarkable inventiveness.Cozad New Venture Competition (CNVC) A competition designed to encourage the creation of new sustainable businesses in the Champaign-Urbana area.VentureLab The outcome of this program is a more competitive action plan and provides a set of tools to help grow businesses for years to come.TEC Courses & Certificates Designed to add value to an engineering degree by exposing students to commercialization concepts.Entrepreneurs in Residence Provides students with direct interaction and mentoring from prominent entrepreneurial alumni.
  2. 2. TEC’S ROADMAP TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP For those further along with their innovations, an in-depth NCIIA workshop is offered called VentureLab. VentureLab is a highly experiential program developed to enhance the success ofTEC is an interdisciplinary program in the College of Engineering business the University of Illinois engaging a vast pool of faculty,students, and alumni to provide the education, experiences, and In addition, TEC offers courses in entrepreneurship and certifi-resources that students need to become the next generation of cates designed to add value to an engineering degree by expos-world-changing visionaries, leaders and entrepreneurs. TEC has ing students to business and technology commercializationdeveloped a roadmap for students to follow that greatly concepts. An Entrepreneur in Residence program alsoincreases their chances for starting a successful enterprise. provides students a glimpse into the entrepreneurship landscape with the reward of direct interaction and advice fromThis roadmap begins with the Innovation Living-Learning prominent entrepreneurial alumni.Community (LLC). The students living in the Innovation LLC arefreshman and sophomores interested in innovation and entre- By providing this roadmap to entrepreneurship, we are inspiringpreneurship. The program includes on-site classes and students to become innovative leaders and empower them toworkshops revolving around the themes of creativity, innova- change the world around them.tion, and entrepreneurship. What types of students participate in TEC’s programs?For those interested in entrepreneurship basics, TEC administersan NCIIA Invention to Venture (I2V) workshop annually that Green Light Planet; founded by Patrick Walshteaches technology entrepreneurship and provides a framework moving ideas forward. Greenlight Planet is combining cutting-edge technology with innovative distribution networks to commercialize low-powerFor students in the idea stage, TEC administers a campus round LED lanterns. The new lights are bright, long-lasting, and practi-Idea to Product® (I2P) competition. I2P® is an early-stage cal. But more importantly, they are affordable enough that villag-technology commercialization plan competition that aims for ers in places like rural India can purchase them immediately inunique product ideas with clear market demand that use innova- cash, meaning the technology can profitably scale to helptive technologies. The goals are education and developing the hundreds of generation of technology entrepreneurs. Illini Prosthetic Technologies (IPT); founded by Jonathan NaberAnother program offered by TEC and the College of Engineering the Silicon Valley Workshop. This is a technology entrepre- IPT is a non-profit organization that believes every amputee canneurship workshop that includes visits with startups and leading have access to affordable prosthetic care. Their current focus is totechnology companies to expose students to firms in various deploy a highly affordable and off-the-shelf prosthetic arm forstages of a startup lifecycle. below-elbow amputees living in developing nations. They seek to partner with various aid organizations which can purchase,The Lemelson-MIT Illinois Student Prize for $30,000 is distribute, and fit their product to amputees.awarded on an annual basis to a student who has created orimproved a product or process, applied a technology in a new IntelliWheels Inc.; founded by Scott Daigleway, redesigned a system, or demonstrated remarkable inven- in other ways. IntelliWheels Inc. is a startup that created IntelliWheels AGS (short for Automatic Gear-Shift). Packaged as a set of two wheel-For students developing a business, the Cozad New Venture chair wheels, IntelliWheels AGS replaces your current wheelchairCompetition (CNVC) is designed to encourage the creation of wheels. IntelliWheels AGS automatically changes gears bynew sustainable businesses in the Champaign-Urbana area. The sensing how you are pushing your wheelchair. Similar to the wayCNVC encourages the development of the entrepreneurial spirit that people ride bicycles, gear shifting can make going up andand mindset through teamwork and competition. down hills, over long distances, and over rough terrain more ergonomically efficient.*Hundreds of students participate annually in TEC’s Cozad NewVenture Competition. One of Cozad’s past winners just received $1 *Each year, more than 800 students enroll in TEC’s courses andmillion in funding to further their innovation and change the world approximately 2,000 students participate in TEC’s communication services. *Hundreds of millions of people are being impacted daily byQuote from student participant: “We see Cozad as a spring board projects that began here at TEC.for future development of our company. We have a lot of really greatideas that are swirling around right now and Cozad and the prizesthat we won will allow us to realize some of those ideas.” For more information, please visit