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  • BioTRIZ approach was proposed and published 10 years ago ( and is developed much further than simple examples. Authors of this slide-show should get more skills in revealing the contradictions, but examples are generally good. Please do remember that examples are not a method. TRIZ itself works well ONLY if a problem definition is done right - contradictions and inventive principles never work separately from the algorithm or give too general and therefore not so useful solution. BioTRIZ Ltd ( provides full training in REAL METHOD of how to transfer biological effect into implementation in technology since 2006.
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Open2012 bio-triz

  1. 1. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 1 Extending the TRIZ Methodology to Connect Engineering Design Problems to Biological Solutions Jonathan Weaver1, Darrell Kleinke1, and Terri Lynch-Caris21 University of Detroit Mercy Mechanical Engineering Department 2Kettering University Industrial Engineering Department
  2. 2. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 2 Outline • The Need • Triz from 35,000 ft • Handling Physical Contradiction • Handling Technical Contradiction • Blending Biomimicry and Triz • Conclusion & Invitation to Collaborate
  3. 3. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 3 The Need • Some engineers are versed in TRIZ and routinely apply its methodologies when trying to innovate • Others look to nature for inspiration • Both approaches can be effective, yet very few are well- versed in both approaches • We propose a framework to extend the TRIZ methodology to point engineers to not only relevant man-made examples, but also to potential inspiration from nature
  4. 4. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 4 TRIZ from 35,000 feet • Tough problems typically involve contradictions • A contradiction can be either physical or technical • Physical contradiction involves a conflict between two mutually exclusive physical requirements to the same parameter of an element of the system (i.e., an element should be hot and cold) • Technical contradiction involves a conflict between characteristics within a system whereby improving one parameter of the system results in deterioration of another parameter (i.e., increasing power also increases mass)
  5. 5. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 5 Handling Physical Contradiction • Altshuller recommends considering four principles: – Separation of contradictory properties in time or on condition – Separation of contradictory properties in space – System transformations (or separation between the parts and the whole) – Phase transformation, or physical-chemical transformation of substances
  6. 6. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 6 Approach for Handling Technical Contradiction • Using the set of 39 engineering parameters, state the contradiction in the form improving [first parameter] causes deterioration of [second parameter] • Use the Contradiction Matrix to identify which of Altschuller’s 40 Inventive Principles seem most likely to assist in resolving the contradiction • Study past manifestations of the suggested inventive principles and try to tailor a solution to the problem at hand
  7. 7. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 7 TRIZ: The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving The Direct Path Can Be Elusive Your Problem Your Solution Generic Problem Generic Solution
  8. 8. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 8 39 Engineering Parameters
  9. 9. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 9 40 Inventive Principles
  10. 10. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 10 Portion of the Contradiction Matrix
  11. 11. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 11 Our Approach to Blending Biomimicry and Triz • The proposed Bio-TRIZ methodology would automatically connect anyone utilizing the TRIZ methodology to potentially relevant biological inspirations. • Rationale: innovators applying the TRIZ methodology are likely to come up with a richer, stronger, and more diverse set of product concepts if they are simultaneously presented with inspiring biological examples of relevant inventive principles alongside the classical manmade examples and patents. • The proposed approach will be outlined first for resolving physical contradiction, then for resolving technical contradiction.
  12. 12. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 12 Manmade and Natural Examples of Principles for Resolving Physical Contradiction
  13. 13. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 13 Separation of Contradictory Properties in Time or on Condition Manmade Example Biological Example• Contradiction: Glasses lenses • Contradiction: Pine cone should should be clear and dark contain seeds and release them• Solution: lenses become dark on • Solution: Scales on the cones open condition of UV exposure when dry and close when damp helping to maximize the dispersion of the seeds (Dawson et al., 1997) Source: Source: terms/conifer-info.htm
  14. 14. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 14 Separation of Contradictory Properties in Space Manmade Example Biological Example• Contradiction: Bandage should be • Contradiction: Human teeth should sticky (away from the wound) and not be sharp (for cutting) yet flat (for sticky (on the wound) mashing)• Solution: Bandage has adhesive • Solution: Sharp incisors and flat around perimeter of non-sticky pad molars Source: Source:
  15. 15. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 15 System Transformations (or Separation Between the Parts and the Whole) Manmade Example Biological Example• Contradiction: A bicycle chain • Contradiction: Chameleons should be rigid yet flexible want to be camouflaged (for• Solution: Make the individual safety) yet highly conspicuous links rigid but the whole chain (for attracting a mate) flexible • Solution: They constrict cell levels of various pigments to get the desired effect Source: Source:
  16. 16. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 16 Manmade and Natural Examples of Principles for Resolving Technical Contradiction
  17. 17. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 17 Principle 1. Segmentation Manmade Example Biological Example• Venetian blinds replace solid • Nanostructure of blue penguin’s shades feathers scatter light to give apparent color Source: Source:
  18. 18. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 18 Principle 3. Local Quality Manmade Example Biological Example• A Swiss Army Knife where each • Nanostructure of blue penguin’s part fulfills a different and useful feathers scatter light to give function apparent color Source: Source:
  19. 19. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 19 Principle 17. Moving to a New Dimension Manmade Example Biological Example• A computer mouse that can move • The crossbill’s mandibles cross at in space rather than on a surface their tips facilitating extraction of pine cone seeds when they open their bill (Wikipedia: Crossbill, 2011) Source: Source:
  20. 20. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 20 Principle 18. Mechanical Vibration Manmade Example Biological Example• Vibratory parts feeder • Leaf cutter ants use vibration to stiffen the leaves for easier cutting Source: 18_img_1074.jpg Source: http://www.richard- afcutterAntWorkersCuttingALeaf.jpg
  21. 21. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 21 Principle 22. Convert Harm to Benefit Manmade Example Biological Example• ShockWatch indicators break if • Monarch caterpillars eat package is handled roughly during milkweed that is poisonous to shipping most predators – and store that poison to make themselves poisonous to others ( Monarchs, 2011) Source: Source:
  22. 22. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 22 Principle 28. Replacement of a Mechanical System Manmade Example Biological Example• Optical computer mouse replaces • The feet of aphids appear to mechanical mouse adhere to surfaces using capillary adhesion ( Aphids, 2011) Source: Source:
  23. 23. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 23 Principle 29. Use Pneumatics of Hydraulics Manmade Example Biological Example• Air shocks in automobiles • Spiders have muscles to flex the joints but none to extend them. They extend their legs by pumping fluid into them. (Asknature.Org: Spiders, 2011) Source: Source: a.jpg
  24. 24. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 24 Principle 30. Flexible Film or Thin Membranes Manmade Example Biological Example• Space blankets • Butterfly wings achieve visual color without pigment using thin layers (Imod Display, 2011) Source: weather-blanket Source: ly.jpg
  25. 25. Biomimicry Tools NCIIA 2012 25 Conclusion • The authors believe that the proposed approach can help engineers routinely connect to appropriate biological inspirations • We would welcome collaboration with anyone interested in furthering this work