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Project Atomic-Nulecule


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Multi-container application packaging and eco-system tooling from project atomic.

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Project Atomic-Nulecule

  1. 1. Project Atomic And Multi-Container Application Packaging Lalatendu Mohanty Senior Software Engineer @ Red Hat
  2. 2. Topics ● Atomic Host ● Nulecule ● Atomic App ● Getting Involved
  3. 3. Atomic Host ● It is not a new GNU/Linux distribution. ● Framework to create an OS from RHEL, CentOS and Fedora. ● Optimized for Linux containers.
  4. 4. Why Atomic Host? ● Our expectation from an OS is not same anymore. – Pets vs Cattle. ● Updating and maintaining the system should be easy. ● It needs to be more secure than the traditional OS
  5. 5. Atomic hosts comprises of ● Rpm-ostree ● Cockpit ● Kubernets ● /usr/bin/atomic ● Docker
  6. 6. OSTree “OSTree was born to help implement a continuous delivery model for operating systems. One can be a lot more confident in updating systems if one knows that a reliable rollback system is always available.” COLIN WALTERS Senior Software Engineer, Inventor of OSTree Red Hat
  7. 7. rpm-ostree ● Git for operating systems. ● Update methods of containers and applied them to operating system. ● No more half way upgraded systems # yum update bash: yum: command not found # atomic host upgrade Upgrade prepared for next boot # atomic host rollback Successfully reset deployment
  8. 8. Why rpm-ostree? ● Atomic host would only run containers. ● Atomic update makes more sense for an immutable system. ● Allows reuse of RPMs. ● No need to re-invent wheel on packaging. ● Option to rollback to previous state (old good state).
  9. 9. How rpm-ostree works? ● Fiilesystem is read-only except /var and /etc ● All data (e.g. containers) are unchanged on upgrade. ● /etc gets updated through a 3-way merge.
  10. 10. /usr/bin/atomic ● Coherent entry point : manage host and containers with the atomic command. ● Fill gaps in Linux container implementations. – e.g. “atomic install foo” can install a container with its k8s configuration and/or systemd unit file. – “atomic run” grabs the LABEL “run” with its all command line details. – It can serve as metadata for containers for different use cases
  11. 11. Cockpit ● Server manager for administrating Linux servers via web browser. ● Designed to be multi-server ● Support for managing containers, Kubernetes. ●
  12. 12. Want to try? ● ISOs are available for CentOS and Fedora Atomic Host. ● Available in public clouds. ● For Vagrant users – vagrant init fedora/23-atomic-host – vagrant init centos/atomic-host
  13. 13. Any Questions for Atomic Host? Website: IRC: #atomic on Freenode
  14. 14. Containers are great, but it is not just one container.
  15. 15. In real life applications are composed of multiple containers (Micro-services?)
  16. 16. But how to define a multi-container application configuration without distributing instructions and files to the end-user ?
  17. 17. We have docker compose , kubernetes configuration files, but is it enough?
  18. 18. The application also goes through different stage
  19. 19. Metadata changes for each stage.
  20. 20. Nulecule ● A specification ● Container technology independent ● Provide a simple, flexible way to describe a multi-container application, including all dependencies.
  21. 21. Understanding Nulecule ● Graph – Directed acyclic graph to define application dependencies/components.
  22. 22. Understanding Nulecule ● Parametrization – Values/information for deployment – Default values (Can be overridden by answers.conf) – Each component has its own parameters – Supports variable substitution, regular expression etc
  23. 23. Understanding Nulecule ● Answers.conf – Porvides answers to question defined by prarameters – Override default values of parameters (e.g. for different environment)
  24. 24. Understanding Nulecule ● Providers – e.g. Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker Compose, Mesos, Docker – Metadata for orchestrators/providers
  25. 25. A complete Nulecule Spec
  26. 26. Atomic App ● Nulecule app installer ● At this moment only supports docker run time ● It performs all actions required to run the application by reading the Nulecule spec. – Downloading all required docker images – Communicating to providers etc
  27. 27. Using Atomic App ● As a docker image ● Use atomicapp base image to build nulecule-ized applications ● Running a nulecule-ized applications – $ atomic run projectatomic/helloapache ● Uses /usr/bin/atomic labels – $ grep Run Dockerfile RUN="docker run -it --rm ${OPT1} --privileged -v `pwd`:/atomicapp -v /run:/run -v /:/host --net=host --name ${NAME} -e NAME=${NAME} -e IMAGE=${IMAGE} ${IMAGE} -v ${OPT2} run ${OPT3} ${IMAGE}"
  28. 28. Nulecule-library
  29. 29. Get involved ● ● ary ● ● #nulecule on Freenode ● Mailing List:
  30. 30. Reference ●
  31. 31. Thank you :-) Any questions please? Contact me: @lalatenduM on Twitter lalatenduM on Freenode