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Digipak presentation

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Digipak presentation

  1. 1. I have looked at the digi-pack/album that the songNothing that I analyzed before, has come from which is thealbum Science and Faith’. The front cover of the albumscience and faith has a photo of the band in order to promotethem as the artist. Also the composition of the photo is alsoimportant as the have the lead singer at the front at amedium close up as in their videos he takes on the lead roleof their music videos, where as the other two members aregetting further back in mid shot and long shots. The photo isin good focus and both the band and the background arein high contrast colour, with the name of their band in the topright hand corner in their iconic style, which their targetaudience will be able to recognize. Also with the title of thealbum underneath the band title in white writing and morespaced out this is in order to show the importance of theband, so people can recognize this is their album. I like theplacing of the title of the band and the CD name as it doesntinterfere with the image as it’s not overlappinganything, which is something that will need to beconsidered if using a shot of the artist as the album cover as Ineed to ensure the layout of the photo doesn’t interfere withthe title.
  2. 2. The CD itself has got a series of lights that circle the centre, thislinks into the title of the album science and faith as its a scientificsymbol also the lights are in a warm orange colour thereforemake it a bit more romantic. Also as the lights are in a warmcolour this links to the front of the case with the high contrast ofcolours, which makes this consistent, as there skin tones arewarm as well as the background.The back design of this and the inside book are both coffeecoloured backgrounds with simple images of hands, this could behere in order to represent the faith side of the title science andfaith, where it is kept simple it can be interpreted in differentways and also looks more professional than having confusingimages instead. Also the fact that the images are similar with thelighting and the use of the hands keeps it consistent. On the backthe song titles are in the top right hand side with the editors etc.parallel at the bottom right hand side all in black writing whichkeeps it neat as this colour links into the shadow of the hand inthe photo. This is something that I hope to consider when itcomes to making my own digi pack so that it looks professionaland will need to remember that a barcode needs to be includedso its realistic as that’s what is needed to identify the CD whenbeing scanned. The barcode it placed well on the back of thescripts album as it doesnt interfere with the rest of the image atall and fits neatly.
  3. 3. The photo that they have used on the advert is the same photo that has been used on the back of the album case. This is for consistency between the advert and the album, so it is recognisable to people as the album this is advertising. This is something I will need to consider when making an advert and most likely use an image that is on the CD case itself already, or to keep similar theme with them both.The advert is made to look like a worn down poster this is could be there in order to link in withtitle of the album ‘Science & Faith’, as these are both things that go back a while and this is thereto show how old they are. Below the photo is has ‘Out Now’ written, this is wrote in black and afont similar to the other writing, in order to fit in with the style and is their in order to make itclear that it is advertising this album. On my advert I will need to have something similar writtenon it to define it as an advert.
  4. 4. This digipak contains a booklet and is moreof a traditional case style. One thing I reallylike about this arctic monkeys case is the factthat the outside cover and the picture onthe CD itself both link - the cover is of a mansmoking and the CD is a picture of anashtray - I would like to use a similar ideawhen coming to creating my own CD digpack, in order to keep it consistent butchange it and make it relevant to my artistand song. The smoking theme to this case iskept consistent through to the insidebooklet as one of the pictures with thegroup of people wrote on it is ‘Strictly nosmoking’, which is also keeping the caseconsistent as well as having the images onthe front, back and the CD itself in black andwhite.
  5. 5. The photo that has been used for theiradvert is the same photo that has been usedon the front cover of the album, this is acommon trait with adverts for albums as it isthen easier to recognise which album it is.Also the photo itself appeals to their targetaudience as although it may stick to codesand conventions in the respect that it has onof the band members on the front, he issmoking therefor makes it a bit differentwhich appeals to their target audience as italso fits in with the ‘indie rock’ genre of theband itself. In the bottom right hand corner ithas ‘Album out 23.01.06’. This is wrote inwhite in order to link in with the black andwhite theme of the poster, also this is whatneeded to be added in order to let theirtarget audience aware that the album is outand when.
  6. 6. This is the front and back cover to Beyoncé’s album ‘I am Sashafierce’. The front cover has a black and white image of Beyoncéwith her in focus with a blurred background this is in order topromote her as the artist of the album and so her target audiencewill recognise it as Beyoncé’s work. The image on the back cover isalso in black and white this helps to keep the album picturesconsistent. The image on the front cover is a soft image whereBeyoncé is natural and soft lighting whereas with the image on theback she has a lot of harsh make up on and her overall image isharsher and the lighting is also harsher with the darker shadows toemphasis this. The two images being such a contrast could be therein order to show the two sides to Beyoncé, which is most likelyshown in her songs on this album.On the back image at the top left hand side there is the track listwhich frames the image rather than text that interferes with it. Alsowhere appropriate the writing is black and white on the shadowsand in the light so that it is legible for people to understand. Thereis also a bar code on the back which is essential when it is beingsold, this is placed in the bottom right hand corner as this istypically where they are placed as it does not then interfere withthe image.
  7. 7. On the inside booklet their has the name of thetracks and the lyrics to the songs. In the firsthalf of the leaflet there is the lyrics to the songson the first disc. These songs show the softerside to Beyoncé and this is represented by thephotos used next to the track lyrics in thebooklet as softer images are used whereBeyoncé is natural with soft lighting, which isthe same style as the photo on the front of theCD case to keep up the consistency. The secondhalf of the booklet has got the lyrics to thetracks on the second disc, the photo’s hereshow Beyoncés other side which is representedwithin the track on this disc. These style ofphotos are similar to the photo on the back ofthe CD case with the harsh lighting and Beyoncéwearing heavy dark make up.
  8. 8. This is the advert for Beyoncésalbum. The photo used is the samephoto that is used on the front ofthe CD but has been extended inorder to make room for text, so itdoesn’t interfere with Beyoncé.