A Tour in Palestine رحلة في ربوع فلسطين   يرجى ترك الماوس جانبا  ..  المشاهد تتتابع تلقائيا مع الموسيقى
Jerusalem … our Capital … our Dream
Hula valley at sunset
Akka Wall – Napoleon defeater
Baha’i Gardens near Haifa
Grapes farms - Hebron
Besan - Historical remainder
Sea of Galilee -Tabareyya
Mosque on Qesarya beach
Yafa – our old home
Holy Olives in Galilee hills
Fishing in Akka sea
Safad … the sad hills
Akka old port
Dawn over the Hula Valley
Hebron … Abraham Holy Mosque
Asdod … not for sale
Asqalan … the HEAVEN
Ramleh … the rest of the old city
Cherries flowers … Kofor kanna
Like your mother … struggles alone
Natural view - Almuthallath
Tabareyya … the sun will rise again
Sakhnin valley … olives & roses
Sand dunes in Negev “ Naqab Deseret”
Fields near Nazareth
Banias river natural view
Mosque … near Yafa beach
Al-karmel mountain - Haifa
Banias river
Natural view of lakes in the north
Bisan waterfalls
Rainbow with cloudy sky – Al-Majdal
Church of NATIVITY - Bethlehem
Hula Lake
The stronger the winds … The stronger the trees - Naharya
Marwani Mosque - Jerusalem
Tabareyya – The Earth PARADISE
Negev Desert – south of Palestine
Water falls in the north
Pray in Aqsa
We’ll … RETURN
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A Tour in Palestine


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Our beloved Palestine