What to do when your Church is closing.


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What to do when your church is closing.

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What to do when your Church is closing.

  1. 1. ==== ====What to do when your church is closing? Find out here.http://churchrealty.com==== ====According to the ministry organization, "Feed My Starving Children", it only costs about $55 a yearto save the life of a starving child. And, based on their statistics, between five and six millionchildren die from starvation each year throughout the world.In the midst of these sobering numbers, we find the appalling truth regarding the finances of theChristian Church in America. According to statistics from "The Yearbook of American andCanadian Churches" and "The National Center for Charitable Statistics", Christian churches andministries in America have a total annual income from donations of approximately eighty billiondollars.How are American churches and ministries spending their massive income? They have acquiredhard assets of prime real estate and luxurious buildings totaling in the hundreds of billions ofdollars. They frequently are paying their ministers six-figure salaries, and in some cases sevenfigures. Their elaborate mega churches are filled with expensive and luxurious furnishings andstate-of-the-art equipment. Some preachers fly to their meetings in their own personal private jetscosting millions of dollars each. By comparison, the actual amount spent on "true ministry" topeople in need is only a minute percentage of their total income.If Americas Christian churches and ministries gave only ten percent of their total annual income tosave starving children throughout the world, and to house Americas homeless population, everystarving child worldwide could be fed three meals a day throughout the year; moreover, within justtwo years, 4000 new homeless shelters could be built across America with the capacity to houseevery homeless person in our nation. Now I ask you, what would Jesus do? He said that the truetest of discipleship is whether we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and minister in general tothose in need (Matthew 25:31-46). Jesus values starving children and homeless people more thanexpensive buildings and "fat-cat" salaries.Americas selfish and materialistic churches try to justify their lavish, self-pampering expendituresby comparing each of their church buildings to the luxurious temple in Old Testament Israel.However, their comparison is both unBiblical and dishonest. There was only "one temple" in all ofIsrael, and only the priests could enter it. It was not a place where the people "went to church"each week. On the other hand, there were numerous synagogues throughout Israel where thepeople attended on a weekly basis. These synagogues were quite "commonplace", and were notexpensive and luxurious structures. They would be the equivalent of our churches today, and notthe temple. Furthermore, the temple housed the "Shekinah Glory", "Ark of the Covenant", mercyseat and the Ten Commandments written by God Himself on tablets of stone. To compare ourchurches in America to the temple is both dishonest and ridiculous. As previously mentioned,there was only one temple in all of Israel. However, Americas selfish and worldly churches arebuilding thousands of "temples" throughout our nation, while the commonplace
  2. 2. synagogues/churches are vanishing from our landscape.The truth of the matter is that contemporary churches do not really want to be "like" the temple.They just want to compare themselves to the temple in "one aspect". They only use thiscomparison when it comes to justifying their luxurious and expensive buildings. They dont want toactually "operate" like the temple. What do I mean? If todays mega churches want to "truly"compare themselves to the temple, the first thing they must do is close down all of their coffeeshops, arcade rooms, restaurants and bookstores. Why? Jesus cast the "moneychangers" andthose who bought and sold merchandise out of the temple, and He said that we are not to makeHis Fathers house into a "house of merchandise" (Matthew 21:12; John 2:16). However, dontexpect to see Americas mega churches close down their profitable business enterprises that theyoperate in their "temples". You see, they only want to compare themselves to the temple when itcomes to the enormous expense and luxury of their mega churches, not when it comes tooperating them in a similar manner regarding sanctity and reverence.Christian ministers and their congregations are fully aware that millions of children die fromstarvation every year. Yet, they willfully allow these children to starve to death, and theyconsciously choose to spend their money on their ornate buildings and self-pampering furnishingsand equipment instead. It is certainly a glaring contradiction that these same ministers and theirparishioners will fight to save the life of unborn children, while they purposefully choose to allowmillions of "already born" children to slowly and painfully die from starvation. I am also pro-life, butwhat is being done by Christian churches and ministries in America is unconscionable and mindboggling.For a more in-depth study of this subject, read "The Gospel for Sale." And, also check out otherinteresting and provocative articles at http://godormen.com.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Henry_Bechthold==== ====What to do when your church is closing? Find out here.http://churchrealty.com==== ====