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Kelsey Ruger’s Face ReveStory Halo wer Ans all C The Trial lat Triu ions & mph The s ir he ns T o Th f Ev ind irati e C en F p o As DELIVERY lim ts ax (Middle) e rs Ch et Th cte RE (E ara Me The e Endin SO ND) gin P Th g) Reso (Be TU nin LU lutio SE TIO Set The Stage n& g N I N S P I R E Presentation ta ting Da Learnin Story Halo es Eth ibility & Sourc (Cr Styles os e ) g Suppor gic d os ) ng Lo (Lo Un Pathos nt Sto ivers (Emotion) n te re rie al Co uctu s Str Met ry & a Sto age Sub ries & Im Plot Vi sual yout s La

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