Case Study Renault Clio mobilike 2012


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mobilike'ın Renault Clio İçin Hazırladığı Mobil Rich Media Reklam Kampanyası

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Case Study Renault Clio mobilike 2012

  1. 1. Renault & mobilikeRenault New Clio CampaignFrom 07/12/2012 to 31/12/2012
  2. 2. Client Objectives and Goals Brand LogoClient Briefing Introducing New Renault Clio by emphasizing the new logo and the new brand position. Advertiser To change brand image from Megane into new Renault S.A. is a Renault Clio. French vehicle To attract attention New Renault Clio’s manufacturer established in 1899. features. The company produces a range of cars and Organizing an interactive mobile ad campaign vans, and in the past, that target audience is avaible. trucks, tractors, tanks, buses/coaches andmobilike Solution autorail vehicles. Using mobile Rich Media ad campaign to take attention and increase the engagement. Creating a panel that users can experience the features of the New Renault Clio and a platform that users can take further information. Introducing users all the characteristics of New Renault Clio within only one mobile campaign and enable them to obtain information easily. Cases – Thats how its done 2
  3. 3. Campaign HighlightsCampaign Highlights Rich Media campaign takes the users’ attention with New Renault Clio when it appeared in the iPad app’ and magazine’. t Users can use the buttons to change the colour, to look over interior and exterior design, R-Link eA n v a e ua l options and motor features of the car. It provides a high integration with the user’ by turning the New Renault Clio in 360 degree and changing the features of the car. With the customization button, users are directed to Renault Clio web site and discover the car’s customs. With Twitter and Facebook buttons, users could shared their designs on the social media. R Users take information about the New Renault Clio by contributing their own style to the product. Cases – Thats how its done 3
  4. 4. What Were the Results? New Renault Clio Rich Media campaign reached to 2.339.524 page impressions in all channels t l u a n e R Cases – Thats how its done 4
  5. 5. Campaign Effectiveness AnalysisCampaign Highlights Clicks via buttons t 28.12.2012 31.12.2012 l10,000 8,834 9,000 8,230 u 8,000 6,546 7,000 5,898 5,936 6,149 6,000 5,427 a 5,000 4,336 4,067 3,868 4,138 4,000 2,584 3,000 1,562 1,287 n 2,000 992 836 1,000 0 e R Clicks within mobilike network (in billions) Cases – Thats how its done 5
  6. 6. Campaign Effectiveness AnalysisCampaign Highlights Average campaign interaction rates in iPad apps and magazines t 28.12.2012 31.12.2012 l45 41 sec 41 sec 40 sec40 39 sec u35 a30 27 sec 24 sec 25 sec25 23 sec n2015 e10 R 5 0 News Sport TV Magazine Interaction rates within mobilike network (seconds) Cases – Thats how its done 6
  7. 7. Channel Performance AnalysisAverage Impressions of the Campaign in Media Categories The campaign was held in 3 different app category channel which are news, sport, TV and different t iPad magazines l 28.12.2012 31.12.2012 u700,000 598,830600,000 a500,000 441,895 n400,000300,000 e200,000 185,075 103,643 126,333 71,429100,000 62,172 R 36,592 0 News Sport TV Magazine Source: mobilike network Cases – Thats how its done 7
  8. 8. Channel Performance AnalysisTotal Impressions of the Campaign t l 2,500,000 u 2,000,000 a 1,500,000 n 2,339,524 1,000,000 e 1,568,101 500,000 R 0 28.12.2012 31.12.2012 Page Impressions within mobilike network (in million) Cases – Thats how its done 8
  9. 9. Campaign Figures at a Glance OS share of the campaign t  The campaign was held in iPad applications l and magazines uiPad magazine 38% a n 62% e iPad apps R Source: mobilike network Cases – Thats how its done 9