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Slides from the event held at The Bay Hotel, Newquay, Cornwall on Thursday 19th January 2012.

Presented by Rob Edlin and Stafford Sumner in association with Partner to Succeed

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  • Caroline Quentin – 50% ipad
  • Introduce concept of SEO
  • Think of simpler, shorter and more general phrases for mobileThe searcher won’t necessarily search for location
  • Think of simpler, shorter and more general phrases for mobileThe searcher won’t necessarily search for location
  • Think of simpler, shorter and more general phrases for mobileThe searcher won’t necessarily search for location
  • Use email in an integrated wayWaiting on Rob re figure for purchasing from mobile
  • Bitesize Mobile Conference - Newquay

    1. 1. Welcome to the“Bitesize” Mobile Conference
    2. 2. Rob Edlin
    3. 3. So where is Mobile now, in 2012?
    4. 4. It’s not just Smartphones
    5. 5. Design your content for an audience on the move • Smaller screens • Smaller keypads • No mouse • Bandwidth issues • Different search objectives70% of mobile search is acted upon within the hourSource: Google
    6. 6. Content StrategyDecisions and dilemmas• How much content is the right quantity? (Quality?)• Mobile devices are used in “mobile” situations• Remember you are the least objective observer• Use Analytics to see what mobile users actually do.• Drop unvisited content to simplify navigation.• Full or Partial site content?
    7. 7. Content StrategyGeneralised guidance• On the move situations require less content• Simple facts with click for more info links• Directions pages for physical businesses• Postcodes for Satellite Navigation systems• Use hyperlinked Telephone numbers• Watch out for +44 (0) numbers
    8. 8. Mobile Search• 77% of mobile users have used their mobiles for search in the last week• Search engines are the most visited websites on mobiles (greater even than Social Networking sites and Retail)• Most popular searches:- – News (57%) – Dining (51%) – Navigation (51%) – Entertainment (49%) – Shopping (47%) – Sports (40%) – Games (37%) – Food (36%) – Technology (32%) – Travel (31%) – Finance (26%)• Consumers seek quick & convenient information when searching (72% whilst on-the-go)• 90% take action as a result of a search• 53% purchase as a result of a search (in-store and online)(Source: The Mobile Movement Study, Google/Ipsos OTX MediaCT, April 2011)
    9. 9. What drives mobile searches?• Word of mouth (61%)• Saw something in a shop (44%)• Saw an Online Ad (18%)• Traditional Media (68%) (TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspaper, Billboard, Mail)• Mobile Ad (27%)(Source: The Mobile Movement Study, Google/Ipsos OTX MediaCT, April 2011)
    10. 10. Google on handheld mobile
    11. 11. Key phrase research• Choose more general keywords• Choose shorter phrases• Include locations• Include incorrect spellings• Use the “All Mobile Devices” option in the Keyword Tool
    12. 12. Key phrase research - Mobile
    13. 13. SERPS - Tablet
    14. 14. SERPS – Handheld mobile
    15. 15. Monitor and Modify
    16. 16. Campaign Basics• Split Campaigns• Bid more aggressively• Set location and language targeting• Use CPP (Cost Per Phonecall) [Call Forwarding]
    17. 17. Paid Search for Mobile - TabletsClick to Call Location Extension
    18. 18. Paid Search for Mobile - HandheldsClick to Call Location Extension
    19. 19. Device, Operator & Wi-Fi Targeting
    20. 20. Geographic targeting
    21. 21. Rob
    22. 22. Stafford Sumner
    23. 23. A view from the digital inboxInsights drawn from results of the Merkle consumer attitudes and usage study 2011
    24. 24. Digital integration is here• Unparalleled growth over the past two years• Consumers adopting new behaviours, faster• Continued integration between email, mobile & social networking• Ease of checking email and social sites on the go has enabled integration to proceed quickly
    25. 25. The changing game…• Social networking changing use of email for personal communication• More focus on email for commercial messages than personal communication• Content and relevance still key• Mobile = “Personal Space”• “always on, always accessible”
    26. 26. The parallels• 55% people with internet enabled mobile phone check their personal email (on it)• 43% mobile email users check 4+ times day• Compared to 29% of non-mobile users• 78% of mobile email users are also regular users of social networking sites
    27. 27. Frequency of checking personal email account vs. social media use
    28. 28. Digital Behaviours by Age
    29. 29. Preferred Method of Personal Preferred Method of CommercialCommunication by age Communication by age
    30. 30. Mobile email• Behaviour confirming what we already know – Reading emails during downtime – ‘Filtering’ on phones before taking desktop action – Purchasing from mobile* *Growth from 2% – 11% in 2010 according to Forester Research• Optimised mobile experience = value – Tailored emails, sites and applications
    31. 31. InvestinCornwall
    32. 32. China Fleet Country Club
    33. 33. Marketing summary• Customers interact across multiple channels• Align digital marketing strategy to cater an for integrated approach• Create a united customer experience• Focus on 1-2-1 targeted messages• Email: – Behavioural driven – Dynamic content
    34. 34. Stafford
    35. 35. A Few Examples• Adrenalin Quarry, Menheniot• Hayloft Restaurant near Liskeard• Mylor Yacht Harbour
    36. 36. Questions