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The dell theory of conflict prevention


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A presentation on the Dell Model of Conflict prevention coined by Michael Dell

Published in: Business, Technology
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The dell theory of conflict prevention

  1. 1. Manish Parashar Manipal University, Karnataka
  2. 2. Coined by Michael Dell in Thomas Friedman’s book, The World is Flat Implication of the qualitative aspects of the knowledge economy “Countries enmeshed in a global supply chain wouldn’t like to fight each other”
  3. 3. Fought two World Wars over material resources Schuman Declaration, precursor to the EU laid the foundation for economic cooperation France-Germany today have equitable trade relations between them
  4. 4. Dell laptops: designed in Taiwan, assembled in China Apple iPhone too, along the same model Global supply chaining have enabled both nations to see the alternative
  5. 5. Predominance of land in a majorly agriculture-based economy Dell Theory in the micro level Gov. can only focus on the macro aspects of the economy
  6. 6. Market access, border administration Transportation & communication Business environment France-Germany, China-Taiwan already enmeshed; India must also follow suit
  7. 7. New Left—Herbert Schiller, advocated the push to new knowledge society Fractures in the Right-wing even Globalization is but inevitable, question is how to go about it
  8. 8. Africa & the Middle East Local skirmishes still plague those regions North-East shouldn’t slip in to that pit
  9. 9. The top-down pyramidal model has tumbled; human capital holds the key The role of institutions— G7, G20, ASEAN, SAARC has risen over individual Gov. Soft power would become a greater asset than military might