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Whitaker August newsletter 2014


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news from the ministry of Truman & Nancy Whitaker

Published in: Spiritual
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Whitaker August newsletter 2014

  1. 1. Nancy’s English Class WORLDWIDE DISCIPLE MAKERS INTERNATIONAL INC. AUGUST ISSUE 2014 Visiting The Great Wall Of China Truman’s English Class Folk Dance in the Park Mission Statement: Our mission is to carry out the command of Jesus, to go into all the world and make disciples, intentionally with out excuse or apology, and to see His Kingdom expand by adding more disciples to His church who are growing in their faith and they themselves leading others to Jesus Christ. To Him Be All Glory! We were having a Cultural Program in the afternoon when I was asked this ques- tion. The director of the pro- gram leaned over and asked me if I believed in God. I said, Yes. Since we were having a program, I could not explain anything more and prayed that God would give me an oppor- tunity to answer her question in detail. (details later) Nancy and I went to China and spent 6 weeks, teaching Eng- lish teachers different methods of teaching English to Chinese students and to help them with their English. Nancy had 13 students in her class and I had 15 in mine. We taught every- day from 9 a.m to 11:30, took a lunch break and then went from 1 p.m. to around 3:30 p.m. It was an intense 4 weeks with little time for ourselves except weekends. Our goal was to build relationships with the teachers so we could be- come friends and witness to them. We were always mindful that we were in a Communist country , but it was deceiving. On the outside it was so capi- talistic. A lot of business, very modern buildings, roads, cars, and restaurants, but take a stroll through the park and revolution songs were sung by people every night spon- sored by the Communist Party. And I was brought to reality when I walked in on a Com- munist Party meeting. We were having a meeting in the same area and I wandered in and there was the “Hammer and Sickle” staring me in the face and I did not tarry long. However, Christianity is strong. There is the under- ground church and the above ground church sanctioned by the government. We could not attend the underground church meetings (house churches) but went to the sanctioned church twice. Each time, the building was full and people standing in line to get in. They interpreted the service for us and I was impressed with the sermon and singing. We took a young Chinese woman with us and she had never been in church and had never had a Bible in her hands. They gave me a Chinese Bible and I gave it to her. A man across the isle helped her find the text the preacher was using. It was a blessing to see a 23 year old woman who was going to the University reading the Bible for the first time in her life. Nancy asked if she would like a Bible of her own and she said she would. So we gave her a Bible and we pray that God will use it to reach this precious heart. (Nancy’s Notes on the back) TRUMAN, DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD? (Part 1)
  2. 2. YES,TRUMAN & NANCY! YOU CAN COUNT ON ME! I WILL INVEST IN TAKING THE GOSPEL TO THE WORLD BY:  Committing to monthly support of __25 __50 __100 __other  Providing a special gift of $_______  Becoming a prayer partner and praying ___daily ___weekly ____for special request MAKE CHECKS OUT TO: WORLDWIDE DISCIPLE MAKERS INC. Send to: WORLDWIDE DISCIPLE MAKERS INTERNATIONAL INC. P.O. BOX 2297 LOGANVILLE, GA. 30052 Name______________________Street_______________________City____________________ State__________________Zip________________ GIVE THANKS TO THE LORD, CALL ON HIS NAME; MAKE KNOWN AMONG THE NATIONS WHAT HE HAS DONE. SING TO HIM, SING PRAISE TO HIM; TELL OF HIS WONDERFUL ACTS. GLORY IN HIS HOLY NAME; LET THE HEARTS OF THOSE WHO SEEK THE LORD RE- JOICE! Notes from Nancy… We were on an airplane for 12 hours...and a 12 hour time change. So, I was tired when we got to China. But, I was also amazed. Imagine Tru- man and me teaching English in China to Chinese teachers! It soon became a reality to me. Beijing is the capital of China and a huge city. There are 13 million people in Beijing. The smog is as bad as you hear that it is. We did not have a sunny day the entire time that we were there. I am sure the sun was shining, but we could not see it for the smog. Bei- jing is a modern city with the old and new mixed together in their buildings. We spent several days in training for the teaching that we would be doing. Our team consisted of six teachers and a team leader. We stayed in a hotel and ate our meals there. I started out with 16 students and ended the session with only 13. The 13 that I finished with were awesome. They were pretty good at saying, “y’all!” Yes, I taught them some Southern words. The lessons were laid out very well, but each night we had to plan for the next day. One of my students took me to Burger King one day for a taste of America. Amaz- ing...even if you don’t like Bur- ger King, you would have loved it in China. We ate at the hotel most evenings. One night, I asked what a certain dish was and I was told that it was donkey. I said to our host, “No, really, what is it?” He told me that is really was donkey. Needless to say, I DID NOT eat it. We were also offered cow intestines, fried chicken stomach, chicken feet, sea urchin, and some other detestable stuff. I was hungry a lot while I was there. I really enjoyed interacting with my students. We worked hard together and they seemed to enjoy the lessons. On the last day, we had a party and I got many gifts. We had a closing program and graduation. I must say that our Chinese hosts, took very good care of us. We appreci- ated their hospitality. I got to go the Great Wall and walked on part of it. We also went to Tiananmen Square and to a cultural museum. China’s history is old and they are a proud people. We got to go to church two times while we were there. Their worship is very different from ours. However, on the last Sunday, the Chinese church sang two hymns that I knew. It taught me that God’s love knows no boundaries. Thank you for the prayers. We love you. THE REST OF THE STORY- So did I get to witness to the woman who asked me if I believed in God? I never had an opportunity to talk to her, one on one, but the last night we were there, our team leader told me she was going to stay the night with the directors’ parents. I asked if I could write a letter about why I believe in God and if she would give it to the director ?She said yes. I wrote a 3 page letter about my beliefs and pray God will use it to bring this woman to faith!