Western Challenge  News and Information from Summit Christian CollegeIs God Calling You?Page 4September 2012              ...
Inspiring the next generation’s best and brightest              to the highest calling on earth.1. NominationParticipating...
Stand Free, Unencumbered, Well equipped, BoldSo he left all, rose up, and followed Him. (Luke 5:28 ASV)          •	 Only 3...
Is     God        Calling                                     You?           Is your heart on fire like travelers who had ...
The easiest                            3               hour            scholarship            you’ll earn.Visit our campus...
SUMMIT                         CHRISTIAN COLLEGE                                                                          ...
All Aboard Alumni!                                                              2012 Bachelor DegreesSummit Christian Coll...
The Western Challenge2012 New Students: Front Row: Brooke Eckerberg, Emilie Jones, Adya Gore, Andrea Olson2nd Row: Isaac L...
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Western challenge oct 2012


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Summit Christian Challenge Oct 2012

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Western challenge oct 2012

  1. 1. Western Challenge News and Information from Summit Christian CollegeIs God Calling You?Page 4September 2012 Vol. 58, No. 1
  2. 2. Inspiring the next generation’s best and brightest to the highest calling on earth.1. NominationParticipating Churches nominate one highly committedperson they would like to encourage into full time ministry.Nominations will be accepted until November 30, 2012,and can be made online at www.ascendthesummit.org 2. Ambassador’s Forum Supporting Churches send a delegate to present the Church’s nominee, and an Ambassador to represent the church to the forum, where nominees are reviewed, defended by their advocates, and then voted upon. Several winners are selected. This year’s forum will be held on January 11, 20133. ScholarshipAll nominees automatically receive a 3-hour scholarshipat Summit Christian College. For More InformationChallenge winners receive a 1-year tuition and room www.ascendthesummit.orgscholarship for their first year at Summit Christian ascend@summitcc.netCollege. (308) 632-6933 2012 Challenge WinnersBrooke Eckerberg, Gering Central Church of Christ, Gering, NebraskaJeffry McKean, Cañon City Christian Church, Cañon City, ColoradoShane Jones, Diamond Willow Ministries, Ft. Thompson, South DakotaLynée Keith, Alliance Christian Church, Alliance, NebraskaRyan Yates, Christ’s Church of the Valley, Montrose, ColoradoEmilie Jones, Alliance Christian Church, Alliance, NebraskaNate Bowen, First Christian Church, Wheatland, Wyoming
  3. 3. Stand Free, Unencumbered, Well equipped, BoldSo he left all, rose up, and followed Him. (Luke 5:28 ASV) • Only 36 percent of the full-time students who began college in 2001 received a bachelor’s degree within four years. AThe world today is ensnared in rapid transitions that are rather large percentage of students discover within theirpropelling whole societies around the globe into great clashes sophomore or junior years that their loan accumulationof erratic and unsettling changes. Global economists herald has risen to such an unmanageable level that they darethe advent of economic disaster. Climatologists fuel the fires of not continue.concern for the future viability of the planet. News broadcastsfill the airwaves with disturbing images of acts of brutality and • Approximately 14 percent of “The world needscivil unrest while political opportunists exploit public fear to all students that graduate to hear the truth,expand power by offering safety and security in exchange for with student loan debt end up the whole truth,individual freedom. While most Americans manage to avoid defaulting within 3 years of making spoken fromliving in the kind of grinding poverty that is experienced by their first student loan payment. the mouths ofmillions around the world, an astounding number of Americans faithful Christianare enslaved by debt. • The growth in education costs scholars and continues to outpace increases bold, God fearingIn recent news we learn that: in family incomes, grants, and preachers.” federal loans.• Student loan debt in America is at $870 billion and climbing toward $1 trillion, easily surpassing the $693 billion credit In the midst of all of this anxiety and card debt and the $730 billion auto loan debt that now concern there remains a voice that offers another course. It is burdens American citizens. the voice that said to Levi, “Come, follow me.”• Since 1978, the price of tuition at US colleges has increased The world needs to hear the truth, the whole truth, spoken over 900 percent, 650 points above inflation. from the mouths of faithful Christian scholars and bold, God fearing preachers. The truth must be seen in the lives of• The average college graduate student loan debt has now faithful Christian families and in Godly leaders, and felt in the topped $25,000. convictions of authentic Christian servants.• Parents who took out loans in behalf of their children to The world needs to see God’s people, standing free, help support their way through college have an average of unencumbered, well equipped and boldly living out their faith, $34,000 in student loans with a payback figure that rises free of anxiety and fear as they hold out God’s answer. to about $50,000 over a standard 10-year loan period. Here at Summit Christian College, students are taught to think• Approximately two-thirds of all college students today for themselves, stand on the truth, rely upon God’s Word and graduate with student loans. speak from the heart. They are challenged to dig deep and• 23 percent of all college students actually use credit cards apply what they learn. Graduates from this college are well to pay for tuition or fees. prepared and yes, unburdened by student loan debt. Ready to follow.In Memory of Rose McLaughlin 2011 Memorial Gifts In Memory of Ernest Reed In Memory of Jennifer Powell Michelle Russell Wayne & Arrilla Ford Meredith McClenahanIn Memory of Floretta Harter In Memory of Yvonne Johnston Charley & Lois Matthaei Edwin Harter The John Family Trust D.E. & B.E. SegerIn Memory of Ron Tate In Memory of Lois Kembel Mike Clements Wanda George Wanda George Thomas & Patricia GribbleIn Memory of LeRoy Shaneman In Memory of Jack Rutter Ron & Sandy Cacek Anna Nielsen Mary Rutter Larry and Phyllis Plummer Dale & Saleta John Central Church of Christ V.F.W. Auxilliary Martha O’Connor Jerry & Barbara Tallmon
  4. 4. Is God Calling You? Is your heart on fire like travelers who had met face to face with Jesus on the road to Emmaus? After hearing his words and coming to know him for who he really is, asked, “Wasn’t our hearts burning within us?” Are you filled with joy like the shepherds who, after hearing of the birth of Christ chose to go discover for themselves the truth, and then, after seeing the truth with there own eyes, could not help but carry the good news to all who would hear? Have you been driven to your knees like Peter, who, after recognizing Jesus for who he really is as he stood before him in the boat, could not help but give up ev- erything to follow him, wherever he might lead? Has your faith in God, turned your world up-side-down like Paul to the point that you now know that what you had chosen as a life’s purpose just is not good enough anymore? Knowing God’s call is not at all difficult. You know it when you feel it. It is a conviction that burns, a joy that moves, and a recognition of truth that cannot be denied. Perhaps, asking the question, “Is God Calling You?” is not asking the right question. Perhaps a better ques- tion that should be asked is, “Are you ready to heed the call? We’d Love to Talk With You!
  5. 5. The easiest 3 hour scholarship you’ll earn.Visit our campus and receive a 3 hour scholarship. www.summitcc.net/campusvisit For more information, contact John States, Director of Recruitment Services (308) 632-6933 admissions@summitcc.net
  6. 6. SUMMIT CHRISTIAN COLLEGE Coming Events October 6 Bible Bowl on Campus November 9-11 Fall Fling TW www.summitcc.net/fallfling E NT Y-T WELVE November 15-18 International Conference on Missions (National Missionary Convention) REVELATION3:15-16SCC’s annual Fall Fling High School Rally is scheduled January 8 Spring Semester Beginsfor November 9-11. This Year’s Guest Speaker isJames Shade with music from Northglenn Christian January 11 Ambassador’s ForumChurch Band. www.ascendthesummit.orgVisit summitcc.net/fallfling to get more details and March 2-11 Spring Breakregistration forms. March 21-30 Fisherman’s Crew Fisherman’s Crew 2013 www.summitcc.net/fishcrew www.summitcc.net/fishcrew May 12 Summit to Summit www.summitcc.net/s2s Admissions from Admissions In recognition of Summit Christian College’s 60th anniversary, SCC is offering a 60 % introductory tuition rate to everyone who holds a BS/BA or AA degree in any non-Biblical study and would like to apply it toward pursuing the new Bachelor of Science: Major in Ministries degree. This is a $90 per credit-hour offer to those who would like to add Biblical studies to their education without having to go back to square one. If you have earned 48 transferable credit hours in the appropriate areas and desire a career or degree change so you can enter into ministry, missions or Christian Education Contact John States, Director of Recruitment Services this degree is for you. For qualifying students, this is an 80 Summit Christian College credit hour degree. 2025 21st Street Gering, NE 69341 If you have any questions be sure to contact me or check us out 308-632-6933 at www.summitcc.net. admissions@summitcc.net
  7. 7. All Aboard Alumni! 2012 Bachelor DegreesSummit Christian College is on the move and having you onboard makes the trip a lot more exciting.Every great college has behind it a great Alumni Association.Now, more than ever, we are calling upon every one of ourAlumni, old any young, who believe in the ministry of the college Bachelor of Science Scott A. Marsh -- summa cum laude, Melissa Dawn Prohsto come join us. Together we can make a very big difference. -- summa cum laude, Francois Ferdinand, Michael M. Fogle -- magna cum laude, Lura Jean Sedivy -- magna cum laude, Lacey Marie Fenner Rein -- cum laude. (Michelle Babette Gonzales graduated in absentia.) All Aboard! Alumni Scholarship RecipientsYou have good reasons to get on board with your Alma mater This year the alumniand become an active member of the Alumni Association: association of Summit Christian College awarded• Summit Christian College is on the right track! Anna Shade and Riley Yates • SCC is geared for growth. The new campus allows for $500.00 scholarships for the more than double the expansion of it’s student body. 2012-2013 school year. • SCC offers a solid curriculum that is focused squarely upon Bible and Ministry. • Serious academic study combined with practical application gives SCC students an edge. All Aboard!• Summit Christian College is up to speed! Have you attended Platte Valley Bible College, now called • SCC professors are actively engaged in practical Summit Christian College? ministries keeping their classroom interactions • If yes, then you know how remarkably affordable and how interesting and relevant for today’s world. faithfully dedicated this college is to the cause of Christ. • SCC’s mentored ministry program continues to grow in effectiveness. as students learn to address the • If yes, you also know how important a college like SCC realities of ministry today. is to those like you who rely upon great professors who• Summit Christian College gets you there! are willing to make great sacrifices for the good of their • The serious Bible student can take a bachelor’s students. degree from SCC and move on to pursue a Master’s degree in a wide range of ministry applications at any • If yes, then you too are an alumni of this great institution. of our sister Seminaries and Universities in the same Step on board the Alumni Association. Become a participant way that they can from any one of our other great and help us build the momentum. undergraduate colleges in the brotherhood. • Ministry opportunities abound for those who hold a After sixty years of ministry, Summit Christian College has degree from Summit Christian College plenty of Alumni to go around. Lets see how much we can accomplish together. Email or call today to find out how to get involved with your Alumni Association: alumni@summitcc.net, (308) 632-6933
  8. 8. The Western Challenge2012 New Students: Front Row: Brooke Eckerberg, Emilie Jones, Adya Gore, Andrea Olson2nd Row: Isaac Leinen, Jennifer Leathermon, Jeffry McKean, Ryan Yates, Becca LillieLast Row: Dakota Gulley, Micah Berkoff, Joe Cline, Lynée Keith, Shane Jones, Jane Kinberg, Gene Hill, Nate Bowen Gering, NE 69341Return Service Requested 2025 21st Street