African Mission Evangelism

Cline Connection
Vol. 15 Issue. 1

Winter ‘09

African Mission Evangelism
Attn. Scott Dann...


a serious situation. The GBC students were likely to obtain
“worthless” degrees and the...
V O L. 1 5 I S S U E . 1


This has been a difficult few months for our family. We learned in October that a long-t...
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The Cline Connection_winter_09

  1. 1. African Mission Evangelism Cline Connection Vol. 15 Issue. 1 Winter ‘09 US: African Mission Evangelism Attn. Scott Danner 7343 Ridge Rd. Lexington, NC 27295 336-764-1900 Wow, What a Year! Africa: African Mission Evangelism P.O. Box DD142 Dodowa, Ghana 828-398-0637 (Skype: pcnghana) Inside this issue: Wow, What a Year 1 Merger with Ghana Bible College 2 Heather’s Happenings 2 PC’s Corner 3 Prayers and Praises 4 I cannot believe another year in Ghana has flown by and what a year it was! The college is growing by leaps and bounds with over 180 students 4 new Ghanaian faculty members a new certificate extension in Ho and academic cooperation with our noninstrumental brethren in Kumasi. Our academic programs were approved again by the University of Wales and our students are making impacts all throughout the world. Those of you who teach understand how it feels when one of your students succeeds in life and that you played a small role in that success. To me, teaching is all about encouraging your students through academic rigor to achieve more than what they thought possible. One of my Development Management students, Cyril Prince, was selected as a UN Youth Delegate on two occasions to attend youth conferences in Quebec, Canada and Guangdong, China. Cyril wrote a position paper on the importance of youth in country development and presented it on both occasions. He went as a representative for the youth of Ghana as well as the col- This pose was not intended for this picture but the students liked it so much I though it would also be good to use here. They say I intimidate them when I look over my glasses lege. In his presentation he gave thanks to Christ, the college, and me for encouraging him to follow through with his dream of creating an NGO that will assist the youth of Ghana to be more involved in the country‟s development at a strategic level. With more like Cyril educated to participate in wider issues affecting Ghana and the continent of Africa we can maintain a Christian perspective in the development arena where secular policy constantly attempts to erode that aspect of society. In a paper for my Development Class Cyril wrote, “Only in and through Christ can Ghana hope to achieve its development goals. And the youth, now more than ever, have an opportunity in Ghana to fully participate.” Amen. GCUC Academically Merged with Ghana Bible College In an effort to help our non-instrumental brethren at Ghana Bible College (GBC) in Kumasi stay in good graces with the law and give their students access to our professors and academic program some students at GBC are now being taught through GCUC. Since the passage of new laws governing colleges and universities in Ghana requires all such entities to be accredited and use approved curriculum all smaller schools are now in Cont‟d pg. 2
  2. 2. PAGE 2 C LI NE C O NNE C T I O N a serious situation. The GBC students were likely to obtain “worthless” degrees and therefore be hindered at continuing their education. The college president was made aware of this situation by a new professor that came to GCUC from GBC. Of course, Mr. Adjei could not allow good Christian brethren to lose out on academic opportunity. With some negotiation with the University of Wales on what courses the students will need to take to earn their degrees we will now be teaching Ghana Bible College 3rd and 4th year students so they can obtain certified degrees. This is a temporary arrangement but could easily become permanent for the few GBC students who want B.A. degrees after we are granted a Charter next year. Ghana Bible College still maintains their campus and separate board of directors but our faculty will teach their students the necessary courses required by the University of Wales to earn full degrees. I have enjoyed talking with some of the teachers from GBC over the past few months as I used to live in Kumasi and knew many of the elders with Bomso church of Christ and teachers at the college. They are a good group of people caught up in Ghana‟s changing educational environment. There are several other institutions like GBC whose students will not get certified degrees due to their colleges not being prepared. I hope this arrangement is the beginning of a long-term relationship between our two colleges where both sides of the Restoration Movement can co-exist as V O L. 1 5 I S S U E . 1 brethren and educators. All of us at GCUC and African Mission Evangelism believe that God is working among us for great things to happen in the coming years. We are pleased you will be with us! SCD and Theology students taking Human Resource Management class. Part of our effort to give pastors a broad education that links management skills with ministering to churches involves elective classes in Management. Heather‟s Happenings With Ghana‟s Presidential election moving to a second run-off vote falling on the second day of a vital trip to Bolga in the Northern Region of Ghana there was much trepidation in our group. There had already been civil unrest in a neighboring area to Vea over politics and we had to drive through several cities where violence was reported. Safe passage depended on which party won, and where your allegiance fell. Psalm 143:8 “Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.” This verse gave us needed peace so that at 3:30a.m. with the truck loaded, Nana, Ursula, and I journeyed north knowing that our journey was in the hands of our Savior. My mission, completing the last part of an adoption for two little girls. They had been living with a Ghanaian minister and his wife for two years and this trip was the last of the customary procedures. The girls had bonded with their family well and all that was needed was a final visit to their very old grandma and her signature (thumbprint). Because of all the child-trafficking, obtaining the Social Welfare report was a difficult endeavor that required the gentle persuasion of a missionary. In God‟s grace, I am overjoyed to tell you that all the official documents are comHeather, the quintessential teacher, pleted and the family can continue their life‟s journey in Christ. couldn’t resist taking some time to teach about God’s beautiful creations, children God gave Ursula and I an incredible opportunity to speak to hundreds and flowers. It also looks as if the kids of youth and their families at a youth convention about the hope and for- are trying to give “Auntie Heather” a giving power of Jesus. This village needed serious healing. Earlier in the lesson in Northern Region fashion! month, two boys were walking along the river and heard small muffled screams but instead of seeing if they could help, they ran fearing the “river was feeding her child and they scared the baby”. Because of an old pagan belief in the river taking unwanted babies as its own, a baby boy was eaten alive by feral pigs getting water. When confronted with this Cont‟d on page 4
  3. 3. V O L. 1 5 I S S U E . 1 PAGE 3 This has been a difficult few months for our family. We learned in October that a long-time major supporting congregation would discontinue their support (nearly %20 of the 2008-09 budget) of our family/mission in December. This congregation has decided to change their evangelistic ministry to a community focused endeavor. Being a foreign missionary myself, you should not need me to respond to the concept of “local ministries” because you know what my response will be. However, I feel compelled to respond, partly for therapeutic reasons and partly due to concern about all foreign missions. PC’s Corner America is indeed in a time of economic stress, although not close to what the mass media doomsayers articulate nightly. There are some who are suffering and need our prayers and assistance. My interests are however not economically centered; rather they are concerned about a radical inwards shift with „missions‟. In a July „08 Foreign Policy article, Arrested Development, the authors call for a refocusing of our international development efforts towards building linkages of understanding and addressing issues of poverty, disease, political turmoil, and corruption for the sake of national security. To the security minded politicos the enemy is “out there”. Our security scholars see the wisdom in using our compassionate strengths, instead of bullets on raging thornpawed beasts like Islamists. However, some of our theological brethren are in disagreement about similar missiological strategy and rather choose to jump in spiritual foxholes to satisfy numerical benchmarks. I have been outspoken in the past about US churches sequestering themselves from society and not embracing its educational needs through our universities to affect change and embed our beliefs in the broader society. Well, it now seems some churches are in the process of retracting from foreign missions in favor of keeping things close to home. Please do not misunderstand me, I realize there are people in need of Christ in the US, and there is need for evangelism but each Christian already has that responsibility in their daily lives. We do not need more local ministry organizations; we already have the local churches and their parishioners. Get involved in your local communities institutions, educational systems, politics, etc. and stop asking someone else to fight your battles. The same cannot be said of many places like Africa, India, and Indonesia where open and active Christianity is non-existent, embryonic, threatened, or outright attacked. Every year we train leaders for the church and its corollary institutions for a spiritual battle that only Africans can engage. A few are lost in battle along the way and need replacing but many more continue to fight the good fight. Yet, at a time when the battle is being won, at least in Ghana and some parts of West Africa, we as a Christian people are retrenching in the name of “ministry reorientation”. I am thankful that Christian heroes in the New Testament did not vacillate in the grips of diversity and pressed on towards that which God called them. We in America, the land of freedom, opportunity, richness, and compassion are the fruits of the apostles‟ labor two millennia ago. GCUC is training present and future Christians that will carry out a spiritual battle of immense importance throughout West Africa. Speaking as a veteran missionary with boldness in Christ‟s name, I implore the young ministers tasked with growing their congregations to not abandon the field missionaries for quick fixes to fill the pews. We cannot let go of this good work, just now beginning to gets its legs and walk on its own, or surely it will fall. The college administration is moving this college forward in so many good ways that within 3-5 years it should be operationally self-sustaining. But in order to grow at a rate that will achieve this goal the college needs places to put students. We need funds to build dorms (male and female). A single dorm room that houses 4 students now costs $11,457 (roughly the amount we just lost) and we need 25 of them by August 2010. We need scholarships for students and faculty. We need more US faculty to come for a semester and teach. We need YOU! I am removed from the churches on a daily basis but hear from many missionaries and visitors that times are changing in the US and churches are not involved in foreign missions as they “used to be”. People want quick ministries and short-term solutions to long-term and entrenched problems. This battle against the “black hoard”, as a friend of mine in Israel said recently, is “America‟s Christian calling and something we cannot walk away from because we think the battle is too long or too difficult to win.” Christ did not save us to think, He saved us to do. Whatever the reason, my concern it is real and is presently felt in ways that I cannot fully elaborate here. It has indeed been a difficult and disheartening few months for us but we will not give up easily. If you want to hear more about how this ministry is training and fighting the battle here in Ghana then please schedule a speaking date. I will be glad to share my thoughts more fully and hopefully whip up some good ol‟ Christian optimistic enthusiasm. I hope to see you soon!
  4. 4. AFRICAN MISSION EVANGELISM US Address: 7343 Ridge Rd. Lexington, NC 27295 US Phone: 336-764-1900 Skype: 828-398-0637 (pcnghana) E-mail: Ghana: P.O. Box DD142 Dodowa Ghana, Africa Prayer; the Power of God in the Hands of His Children As was mentioned earlier in this newsletter we have lost a significant amount of support this year, we need your prayers that this will be replaced in the coming months while on furlough We are close to finishing the house loan off, approx $5,900 is left. We are planning to take an extended furlough July ‘09—June ‘10 , first as a family in nearly 6 years, we asking for prayer that God will help us to arrive in the US with no plane ticket debt. Continue to pray for the leadership at GCUC as well as the students and that the college can continue to grow strong in the Lord’s service of teaching. Praise; God is Merciful and Deserving of all our Love We are thankful that this year has shown our family a new love in our hearts for the children of the Northern Region and that our efforts are saving the little ones from horrible conditions. Thankful for the many trips on dangerous roads and that our vehicles are still holding on and getting the job done. Establishing Christian Education in Ghana Praise God for all the wonderful people who keep us in their daily prayers and also for those who keep us in the field, doing God’s work among His people. God continues to open doors for the college and students are coming to learn more about Christ, coming to Christ, and leaving with a servant’s heart. Thankful for the continued good health of our family in the US and our loved ones here in Ghana. Heather’s Happenings; con‟td atrocity occurring in their village even old men were in tears asking for forgiveness. Ursula and I spoke boldly about parental responsibility with God‟s little ones and how He expects us to bear the responsibility of our mistakes, not throw babies into bags as if they were trash. Christ can forgive many evils but to throw a life, a blessing, away is tempting strong retribution. There were some twins in Bolga we‟ve been trying to rescue for over a year but have been unable to get the documents needed to bring the child to Beacon House due to political bureaucracy. They have since died waiting for the paperwork. Isaiah 49:15-16; “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.” Another baby was found near Vea but with Beacon House‟s assistance, this baby was able to receive help from Bolga Hospital and is now doing well. We cannot get to every discarded baby and at times this can be a gut wrenching burden but we continue in faith that God will use us as His vessel to save another Moses along the river. We are continually thankful for our supporters that make this work possible through donations and prayers. We are thankful that our old truck, even without air condition in very hot desert conditions, made the trip to the north and back. God continues to bless our family with peace and mercy even when we venture into the unknown. Please continue your prayers about this ministry, whether the college or the orphanage, and for our family. Your prayers are the spiritual sustenance we need to continue in this spiritually deviant place called Africa. This elderly lady gave a plot of land for this library to be built. The land was meant for her grandson, last male in family, who was adopted to a US couple last year. Heather hinted that the church should name the library after her grandson so we will see if that idea takes shape in the next few months as they stock it with books.