Taste of taiwan - may 2014


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Taste of taiwan - may 2014

  1. 1. Forwarding Agent: Kathy Murrell c/o Team Expansion PO Box 51 Bement, IL 61813 217-678-8258 KMurrell@teamexpansion.org Field Address: David & Brenda Atkin 67 Wen Xin S. 1st Rd. Nan Tun District Taichung 40876 Taiwan 011-886-42-381-8447 DAtkin@teamexpansion.org Serena  Lee  has  attended  my   Monday   night   English  Bible   class   for   many   years.     Serena   has   attended   many   of   the   Come   Christian   Church  outreach  events,  but   there  has  been  a  skeleton  in   her   closet   that   has   held  her   back   for   many   years.     Serena   has  hated  her   mother-­‐in-­‐law,  who   lives   with  her   and   her   family,  for  many  years.    A   heart   Ailled  with  hate  has  also   effected  Serena’s  relationship  with  her  husband  and  children. So,   when   Serena   asked   me   to   baptize   her;  I   asked,   “Are   you   ready  to  forgive  your  mother-­‐in-­‐law?”    When  she  said,  “I  can’t.”     I  had  to  say  no  to  Serena.    I  added,  “What  is  impossible  for  us,   is  possible  with  God.    Do  you  believe  Jesus  can  help  you  for-­‐ give?    Also,  Serena,  if  we  ask  for  God’s  forgiveness,  but  are  un-­‐ willing  to  forgive  others  -­‐-­‐  can  love  for  God  and  hate  for  others   really   live  together  in  our   heart?”     Two  days   later,   and  with   many  tears,  in  front  of  her  entire  family,  Serena  confessed  her   faith   in  Christ,   and   both   gave   and  asked   for   her   mother-­‐in-­‐ law’s  forgiveness.    The  following  Lord’s   Day,  with  her  family   looking  on,  Serena  gave  her  life  to  Christ.    I  do  not  believe  her   family  will  be  far   behind  her,  because  they  have  already   wit-­‐ nessed  the  transforming  power  of   God.    Christ   has  done  in  a   moment  what  idols,  for  decades,  were  powerless  to  achieve! We   had   been   in   Taiwan   for   1   1/2     years.    Noah  had  just   gotten  out   of   neonatal  intensive  care,  having  been   born  a  month  pre-­‐mature.    Em  &  Tab   were  10  and  8  years  old.    On  a  warm   Saturday,   during   Christmas   break,   the   girls   went   to   the   park   with       Bethany   Dunn,   who   was   11.    While   at   the  park,   Tab   came   down  off   the   slide,  and  another  child  stepped  on  her  hand.    Tab   cried.    Sit-­‐ ting   nearby,   watching   his   own   daughters   play,   was   Eugene   Tsai.    Eugene  came  to  Tab’s  aid,  and  the  girls  came  to  his! Eugene  and  Tina  were   baptized  on  Easter,  of   2000.     They  at-­‐ tend   the   small   group   the   met   in   our   home,   and   eventually   Eugene  began  leading  it!    Now,  14  years  later,  it  was  a  privilege   for   me  to  return  to  Kaohsiung  and  be  a  part  of  the  conAirma-­‐ tion  of  Eugene  &  Tina  into  the  ministry,  by  the  Bible  Seminary   Eugene   has   been  attending   for   many   years.     On  April   20th,   Eugene  was  ordained  into  the  ministry  by  the  church  that  he  is   serving! Truly,  we  never  cease  to  be  amazed  by  what  God  can  do  in  the   lives   of  His   people!    Eugene  &  Tina  are  being  used  by  God  in   amazing  ways  to  advance  the  Kingdom  in  Taiwan!    You  never   know   who   you’ll   meet,   and  what   God   has   planned  for  those   who  are  willing  to  follow  and  serve  Him! Confirmation We are praising God for allowing us to be a part of His work here in Taiwan. As we prepare to say farewell, we are seeing things we thought we might not see. Rejoice and thank God with us! 台 Taste of Taiwan 灣 David & Brenda Atkin Church Planting in Taiwan Datkin@teamexpansion.org Batkin@teamexpansion.org May, 2014 Vol. XVII, #5 “Sorry, Serena, I won’t baptize you.” Another Example of What God Can Do!
  2. 2. Team Expansion: David & Brenda Atkin April, 2014 - General Fund Opening Balance $24,133.98 Received (Individuals) 375.52 Received (Churches) 6093.75 Expenses 7456.00 Ending Balance $23,147.25 Detailed report sent to all supporters. All gifts to this ministry are tax deductible! Thank you for your partnership with us! w w w . t e a m e x p a n s i o n . o r g lCome Christian Church making plans for the future lSerena, James & Wendy lWendy & James wedding on May 10th lAtkin transition plans - praying for wisdom for the months ahead lBrenda’s cooking class / Dave’s English Bible Class lSports & English Camp - preparing for camp lOur unreached friends l70 days until we transition Thank You for Praying! PRAY WITH USSports & English Camp ’14 Our 9th annual Sports & English Camp will be held in Taichung, at Morrison Acad- emy, July 13-19, with about 144 Taiwanese teenagers. Registration was open for only 45 minutes this year! We are excited to have a group coming from Las Ve- gas, the Crossing Church, again this summer. They will bring a group of 16 workers! In all, we’ll have a faculty of nearly 50 people. Our theme is “Not a fan.” E- mail us for additional info and check out the S&E web- site: datkin@teamexpansion.org www.sportsandenglish.com The Future April 11-21, we were overwhelmingly invited by the Memorial Church of Christ, Livonia, MI; to become their new Outreach Minister. We have a long his- tory with Memorial, as they have been one of our supporting churches here in Taiwan. Two reasons why they’ve called us: 1) there is an ever increasing foreign presence in the suburbs of Detroit, for which the church feels responsible to reach; and 2) their current senior minister, Mark McGilvrey, after more than 40 years of service with Memorial, is planning to transition into other areas of service. So, our plan is to say good-bye to Taiwan (easier said than done) the end of July, after S & E Camp. We will then be on home assignment (furlough) from August thru December, based out of Livonia, as we report to churches on weekends, attend missionary transition training, attend the ICOM (missionary con- vention, in Columbus) and set up a home after living abroad for 16 years. We hope to find a home in the Livonia area, so Noah can begin his freshman year in one of Livonia’s three high schools. When we’re not on the road for Taiwan and Team Expansion, we’ll be serving PT with the staff of Memorial, getting to know the church and the community. So, we offi- cially went FT with Team Expansion on Jan 1, 1998; and we will conclude our FT work on Dec 31, 2014. (Thank you for your faithful partnership these 16 years -- I never cease to be amazed!) Beginning Jan 1, 2015; we’ll be FT as the Outreach Minister for the Memorial Church of Christ! BTW, did I tell you there is a Chinese Church literally right next door to Memorial; and, a golf course right across the street! How cool is all that! :-) (DLA) Two More Give Their Lives to Christ Lien Chong-Dze (James) and Lee Guo-wei (Wendy) also gave their lives to Christ on Sunday, April 27. We have known Wendy since she was in our youth group, in Kaohsiung. Together, James & Wendy desire to glorify God with their lives and with their marriage. They will be wed on Saturday, May 10th, at Tung-hai University, which is Wendy’s alma-mater. James is an architect and Wendy a social worker. For the past three months they have been meeting with Dave weekly to better understand God’s will for our lives, through Jesus Christ; and to understand God’s plan for marriage. James is the first in his family to come to faith in Christ! Please pray for them! Campout Members of Come Chris- tian Church went camping in the mountains north- east of Taichung recently. The views were spectacu- lar, the fellowship was awesome, food was great, and the Bible study was from the OT book of Ruth (Even when roughing it -- God still has a plan!) A Sermon on the Mount