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Steve and Linda Whitmer - PBT - December 2012 news


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Steve and Linda Whitmer - PBT - December 2012 news

  1. 1. Latest News Subscribe Share Past Issues Translate RSS Steve & Linda Whitmer work with Pioneer Bible Translators, bringing their extensive missionary experience to help reach the Bible-less peoples of the world. Friend on Facebook Forward to a Friend Chili, Brazil, Ecuador, and... I’m sitting in the home of missionary friends in Lautaro, Chile now.  I have just learned of the Mapuche people who live on government arranged lands not far from here.  A translation project has left a New Testament in their mother tongue, but there is no sign to me that there is an Old Testament coming.  Join us in Gods Mission! We are asking God for ministry partners who will: . . . commit to pray for the Bible-less, church-less peoples of the world, and for more servants who God will use to bring them enduring access to his Word. Brazilian Seminary Class on Mission I am not sure who has been running the project, but it interests . . . seek Gods best for our me to see what the marginalized Mapuche face here in the family during this time of southern, volcanic region of Chile.  There is perhaps 30-40% of transition, praying that he will provide the financial the total population of Mapuche living in this region (about resources as well as lead us 300,000+).  In many ways, the missionaries tell me, that the in making wise choices. Mapuche are oppressed and encapsulated by the surrounding Chilean culture.  Their language is very difficult . . . invest in a new and their worldview developed in very different categories from generation of missionaries, anyone else around, making culture and language learning very by financially supporting our family in our training ministry intensive and time consuming. at PBT.  We welcome monthly and special gifts to PBT that will make our ministry possible.[12/19/12 10:03:29 AM]
  2. 2. Latest News How to Pray Pray for the unreached peoples of the world. Pray for missionaries already on the field and translation projects already underway. You can subscribe to a weekly e-mail that guides you Brazilian Church Leaders meeting on training ministers and missionaries from in daily prayer for God’s their church for the field. ministry through PBT by writing to: I am here to train the Chilean people of the local churches in Cultural Anthropology for Christian mission outreach – how to understand other cultures for the purpose of working Pray for new recruits and across cultures.  We have 8 students from the Chilean missionaries-in-training. background.  Their population were originally from Spain, but Pray for the resources that have intermingled with the Indian population to create what is will allow us to join the distinctly Chilean and very proud.  They are very hardy, ministry team at the extended family oriented people with a strong nationalistic pride International Service Center that drives them.  Where the Mapuche culture is oppressed to as soon as possible (we a large extent, the Chilean culture thrives.  It would be glorious currently need $3,000 if the Chilean Christian culture engaged the Mapuche people in monthly support). a developmental way before the Mapuche way of life Pray for God’s strength and completely disintegrates and disappears from this beautiful wisdom to equip our terrain.  missionaries to bring God’s   Word to his world. The Chilean students are a part of IberoAmerican Ministries’ educational “Institute,” teaching church How to Give *Check -Payable to Pioneer members to engage in missionary and ministry efforts.  Bible Translators and mailed Chile is currently one of the sending countries in the 2/3 world to our address below c/o and we are proud to work with the future ministers and Kelly Cable (Forwarding missionaries, helping them to engage mission fields from the Agent). middle east to their own country.  This trip, we are teaching Cultural Anthropology for Christian Mission.  We have the goal *Credit Card or Debit Card -- Click the link to the above, to develop the skills for these students to be able to examine a sign in or click "Give Now",  potential people group, understand their culture, see where the Under "Categories" choose Gospel engages them in their culture, and be able to engage "Teams", then "Ministry of the people for Christ in a graceful way that would make Christ Whitmer, Steve & Linda" their own.   *Bank Draft[12/19/12 10:03:29 AM]
  3. 3. Latest News ALEM- Brazilian Linguistics School outside Brasillia, Brazil. So far, we have laid the groundwork for collecting cultural information:  understanding what culture is, models for organizing the information about the people, and a beginning for collecting the information (participant observation).  There is a high curiosity about our work with the Shona people over the previous years in Zimbabwe.  Our experience gives us plenty of stories and examples that we can use to help them understand the right attitude to approach their own mission project people.  It is amazing how God can multiply our abilities by allowing us to share our knowledge and skills with many who will use them for other people groups.  Christ is truly global.   Earlier in this trip, I had the opportunity to talk with a director of ALEM, the Brazilian school and extension branch of Wycliffe (Wycliffe Bible Translators) and SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics).  They have been seeking a way to develop their curriculum online for Portuguese speaking translation students.  They bring opportunity to train translators, scripture-use ministers (Church Planters), literacy development, and development workers in Portuguese and English to Johnson University Intercultural Studies (Missions Theory) programs and students.  If we are able to develop a partnership with ALEM, the Johnson-ALEM partnership will open up training Mother Tongue translators in all of the Portuguese speaking areas of the world that remain.[12/19/12 10:03:29 AM]
  4. 4. Latest News ALEM personnel discussing plans with us. It means Johnson is fulfilling its mission to be a Great Commission University through the development of its online mission training and partnerships with field organizations around the world.  Please pray that God’s will in this area is carried out and all of the parties involved will be ministry/mission oriented.  Pray also for boldness and vision on how all of this can be done.   After being with the church in Brazillia, Brazil, meeting with church leaders, and teaching missions to 20 students at their seminary, we moved on to Ecuador.  In Guayaquil, Ecuador, we taught 30 students as would-be missionaries from the fledgling church in Ecuador.  As a part of the IberoAmerican Ministries’ Institute, this church work is integrating mission outreach as a part of their ministry from the beginning.  As I told the students, it is my humble honor to be a part of what they are doing for preparation for fieldwork. Pastor Giovanni in Guayaquil, Ecuador holding the textbooks for the course on Cultural Anthropology for Mission . Early next year, I will be traveling to Indonesia to discuss with the missionaries there how we can train Mother Tongue Translators in Indonesia to translate the Bible into their own language.  Indonesia is one of the biggest areas that we have[12/19/12 10:03:29 AM]
  5. 5. Latest News left where there are huge amounts of Bible-less people groups spread throughout the islands.  Even though they speak so many different languages, they all have people from these languages that have relocated into the cities and now speak the common Indonesian language as well.  Having become Christian, these potential students can be trained through Indonesian to return to their own island and translate the Bible from Greek and Hebrew into their Mother Tongue.  Newsletters coming in January and February will address these possibilities.  The Lord seems to be laying out a lot of work and blessings for many people through what Linda and I have been doing over the past year. Ecuadorian Class (plus some of their kids), Guayaquil I can do nothing without your prayers, encouragement, and financial support.  We are now in the process of building a global network of effort to make Christ know in all those places that still do not know Him.  Pioneer Bible Translators seeks to see the last language targeted for translation project finished by the year 2050.  We are on the team working on this and doing our best to accomplish the work for Christ.   Please pray… it is the best method to move forward! In Christ always, Steve   Steve Whitmer, Ph.D. Missionary Pioneer Bible Translators Pioneer on YouTube |  friend on Facebook | forward to a friend  Copyright © 2012 Pioneer Bible Translators c/o Kelly Cable, All rights reserved.[12/19/12 10:03:29 AM]
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