Southeast caribe mission - march-april 2014


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Southeast caribe mission - march-april 2014

  1. 1. Page 1 Southeast Caribbean Dispatch March/April 2014 Newsletter We are trying out a new Bi-monthly format in a different layout also. So please let us as know what you think as we adjust to all this new technology. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sometimes mission work can be very discouraging. People are not receptive, or they really don’t want to change their ways. They have assumed things are one way and when they find out they are wrong, they just don’t want to bother with it, so ignore it and go their own way. Many of us are like that! Problem is, how are we going to come closer to the Lord if we are not willing to change? What are the missionaries in the field to do? Matthew 10:14 tells us, “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.” Personally, we keep praying and teaching what we know to be the truth anyhow. Sometimes we are able to plant seeds. The rest we have to leave in God’s hands. When we came to Barbados, four and a half years ago, the marriage rate was reported at 13%. That is, only 13% of the population is married. Now we have heard that it is 7% and the literary rate is heading south also. Things seem to be going the wrong direction. They still refer to themselves as a “Christian Nation” but how can they when they don’t follow basic Christian teachings. Teaching is our all the time job. Churches have become very stagnant. Getting churches to look outward instead of inward all the time is very frustrating. Everyone wants you to see their need but, does not want to look outward to see their neighbor’s need. This has been the biggest road block we have faced. Getting people to see beyond themselves, whatever their needs may be and taking care of their neighbor’s needs first. One church we are working with is doing that!!! Below is information on what they are doing. News from the Oistin’s Church of Christ They have partnered with members of the Wesleyan Church in a community outreach service in the Oistin Fish Market area. This service has been named: “Step down, Step up.” The interpretation is that they carry the physical and spiritual food to the homeless and hungry and point them to Christ so that they can be moved from the state they are in to a higher, and better state.
  2. 2. Page 2 Step One - Every Saturday at 6:30AM they provide breakfast for about 20 men at Oistin. They also have prayer, sing, counsel and preach the gospel. Step Two - the men are assigned to a home with the intention of restoring their social independence and dependence on Christ. Their food basket is a permanent service in their church. It provides food to members and visitors to their church weekly. Some visitors may have an emergency that week and some maybe homeless. Every 3 months they pack food hampers and share with selected individuals, also they have a benevolent fund. There are from 10-17 that faithfully attend their Discipleship class we teach. We Are Praising God for the work He has begun!!! Small seeds planted and the fruit is being produced. Eyes are being opened and hearts are being touched and this is what Jesus taught His disciples to do. Are we not all His disciples too? We give Him all the praise!! Please pray that small seeds planted will grow and mature. Some from Oistin’s visiting for Church Villages Harvest Service. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harvest was really good this year and very Spirit filled. Children dancing to, “He will make a way”. Pictured below are Sis Melanese Pinder- Marshall from Ruby CC, Sis Stephanie Prater- Clarke from Church Village CC and Sis Brenda Bend from Fairview CC. Kandi had the opportunity in March to get together with the other Pastor’s Wives for dinner one evening. It is hard for them to find time to meet but they all feel it is very important that they do for the love and support they get from each other. We can laugh, cry, pray, share and sometimes we do all of them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  3. 3. Page 3 Our joint Koinannia Service the first Sunday of March had nearly 350 in attendance. Church Village lost the Bible Bowl to Ruby CC this year and it was a hard fought battle too. Congratulations to Ruby’s Youth. Great job! April brings a New Start within the Men of Barbados It started in March with three Men’s groups getting together for a discussion of problems relating to men in the home, church, work and faith. The following month there was another meeting and men from five churchs attended to talk about men of faith. In that meeting the men decided to do this once every three months and to encourage men from all seven churches to attend. Only three of the current churches have a Men’s Fellowship Group. Please be in prayer that all the churches will start one. We had our Sunday School Picnic the first Saturday of April and we had 5 bus loads of people show up from five of the churches we work with. Was a great day!! We took over the whole picnic area that day. Easter the House was full, Glory Be to God!! Blessings in Christ, Orvel & Kandi. Contact information: Global Church Growth Southeast Caribe Mission P.O. Box 157 Nevada, MO 64772 E-Mail Southeast Caribe Mission on FB