Sheffler Update[7/10/14, 11:21:03...
Sheffler Update[7/10/14, 11:21:03...
Sheffler Update[7/10/14, 11:21:03...
Sheffler Update[7/10/14, 11:21:03...
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Sheffler Ivory Coast Christian Mission July 2014 update


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ministry news from the Ivory Coast of Africa

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Sheffler Ivory Coast Christian Mission July 2014 update

  1. 1. Sheffler Update[7/10/14, 11:21:03 PM] Sheffler Update July 2014  Ivory Coast Christian Mission Equipping Leaders to Train More Leaders Bob & Connie Sheffler sponsors of Christian Leadership Training Institute Grassroots Leadership Development Dear Friends and Supporters,   IMPORTANT MEETINGS IN GHANA      Dan Hutchinson, Chairman of our board of directors, went with me to learn about the work in Ghana and participate in some very important meetings. Some of you know Dan as Hutch's son who is now in charge of Christian Audio Tapes. Dan is recording sessions at the North American Christian Convention as I prepare this report. Thanks Dan for your participation in these important meetings! 2014 Annual board meeting of Christian Leadership Training Institute (I am taking the photo) Subscribe Share Past Issues RSSTranslate
  2. 2. Sheffler Update[7/10/14, 11:21:03 PM]       We met Wayne Meece in Chicago and traveled together to Accra. Wayne is Field Coordinator for western Africa with Team Expansion and a member of the Institute board. Friday and Saturday were full- day meetings with the board of the Christian Leadership Training Institute. After reports and approval of budgets for four countries, we discussed administration issues and set policies to help the Institute function better.      Wayne, Dan and I arose at 4:00 AM on Monday to catch an early flight to Tamale in northern Ghana. This is the fastest growing city in the nation. Mission work is focused on this part of Ghana because it has several unreached people groups.      Wayne spent several days with Terry and Amy Ruff, Team Expansion missionaries. Dan and I had meetings with Austin Ganyo, Field Director of Training Tomorrow's Leaders (TTL). TTL supports and supervises church planters in unreached people groups of Ghana and Togo. The Board of TTL and Austin Ganyo have agreed to give Daniel Marley and Kingsley Laryea, two church planters supported through Ivory Coast Christian Mission, encouragement and guidance while we continue to provide their financial support. In Tamale: Austin Ganyo, Kingsley Laryea, Dan, Afrifa Konadu, Daniel Marley, Bob      Daniel Marley gave a report on the tractor project and provided photos. He was not able to purchase the tractor in time for the plowing season. It was difficult to find a reliable tractor at a reasonable price because the demand was high at the time. He eventually found one that is in good condition and
  3. 3. Sheffler Update[7/10/14, 11:21:03 PM] reasonably priced. Tractor with disc-plow      The church is not disappointed they missed the plowing season. This gives them time to become familiar with hiring out the tractor and taking care of it before the next busy plowing season. In the photo you see the tractor and the disk-plow. A trailer is being built to carry loads. It is custom made from used axles, steel and wood. Besides being used to carry loads, the trailer will be use to carry people to nearby villages for evangelism and church planting.      Our next project is a roof for the Chamba Christian Church where Kingsley Laryea serves. The congregation and donors have brought the building up to roof level. $3,000 is needed to finish the building. Thus far, only one donation has been made toward this project.      We returned to Accra late Tuesday. I had meetings on Wednesday with Stephen Ofori, Director of the Institute and with two officers of the Fellowship of Christian Churches now called the Restoration Christian Church. Dan and I left for home that night via flights to London, Chicago and Indianapolis. NIGERIA      Sunday Obeten sent a comprehensive report on the churches for the first six months of 2014. He included activities, goals and projects along with statistics. The churches are active in evangelism and discipleship training. Below is a summary of the statistics. Calabar area: 2 churches, 429 members, 16 baptisms, 9 marriages, 35 TEE students. Ugep area: 3 churches, 145 members, 14 baptisms, 4 marriages, 15 TEE students. Ekori area: 7 churches, 755 members, 39 baptisms, 16 marriages, 15 TEE students Nkpani area: 3 churches, 250 members, 19 baptisms, 1 marriage, 13 TEE students. Totals: 15 Churches, 1,579 members, 88 baptisms, 30 marriages, 78 TEE students.
  4. 4. Sheffler Update[7/10/14, 11:21:03 PM]      The new church in the Ikom area is running 40 in worship attendance. Thirteen outreach trips have been made to the rural areas around Ikom to prepare for more churches to be started.      If you would like a copy of Sunday's report, let me know and I will send it by email or post as you request. The details are encouraging as you read about their activities, projects and goals. PRAISE AND PRAYER REQUEST 1. Thank God for safe travels and good meetings in Ghana. 2. Thank God that the Tractor Project is now in action to raise funds for evangelism. 3. Thank God for the growth and strength of the churches in Nigeria 4. Ask God for funds to complete the church building at Chamba. 5. Ask God to bless the Tractor Project that it will bring income for evangelism and be a blessing to the farmers as well. 6. Ask God to bless the new church at Ikom and open doors for more churches to be started in the area. 7. Ask God to bless and use the TEE program in western Africa to enable the churches to have strong leadership and grow.   forward to a friend  Copyright © 2014 Ivory Coast Christian Mission, All rights reserved.  unsubscribe from this list | update subscription preferences