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Please pray for Nick who completed his commitment to the Ar...
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- n After growing up in a melting pot of spirituality- Judaism,  atheism,  and

A jaded Cat...
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Restoration house ministries - august 2014 prayer pointes


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Restoration house ministries - august 2014 prayer pointes

  1. 1. PRAYER {-E[}POlNTES 2ugust20l4 NorthPointe Christian Church Please pray for Nick who completed his commitment to the Army last week. Nick’s wife, Julie, has been attending NorthPointe for a few months and has loved it. She is already serving and involved in a Community Group. Nick is not a believer, but has attended NorthPointe with Julie every time he's been home. He's told me that he comes because it’s important to her and that’s important to him. He has been open to me praying with them as a family and has even scheduled a time for coffee with me next week. Please pray that Nick will be open to what God wants to do in his life and for his next steps as he leaves his career in the Army. - Please pray for Chris. Chris came to our NorthPointe Nor’easter event last Sunday night with his son and really opened up to me about his life and struggles. . He has attended NorthPointe off and on for the last 6 months, but is wrestling with a lot of questions and doubts. Pray that he will follow Jesus and grow in his faith as he honestly pursues the truth of God's Word. - Please pray for Jan who is the sister of one of our committed NorthPointe attenders. Jan is a recovering addict and will be attending NorthPointe for the first time with her sister. Sue, this Sunday. Sue was so excited when she told me that Jan was going to be ooming to church with her next week. Please pray that Jan will find peace, grace, strength, and hope in Jesus and that God will use Sue to minister to her sister. NDRTH nih Lit ’nv_h. Irr| '. SouthPointe Christian Church Pray for Mike who is in a recovery program for his past addictions. He has been coming to SouthPointe weekly for the last two months. He is considering being baptized and dedicating his life to Christ. Pray for Lisa who has been attending SouthPointe for the last month or two. Currently, she oonsiders herself a Buddhist. Pray for her to see the beauty of Jesus and to commit her life to Him. - Pray for Dennis who has been participating in a SouthPointe home group since the spring. He is divorced and is the only employee at his own business. He has been attracted to the community at SouthPointe, but pray that he says "yes" to Jesus. - Pray for Dave and Tiffany, some friends that we have been slowly getting to know over the last year and a half or so. Kayla Battles worked with Tiffany at MetLife for a few months and immediately hit it off with her. They're great people, but they both have the sense that they/ re missing something. Both grew up in the church, but are looking for something more than the Catholicism and Protestantism they're all too familiar with. They came to SouthPointe for the first time last Sunday and loved it. We are praying that they come back, get plugged in, and come to know God in a way they never knew was possible, maybe even for the first time as adults.
  2. 2. BridgePointe Christian Church - n After growing up in a melting pot of spirituality- Judaism, atheism, and A jaded Catholicism- Jamie began dating a young man named Jason. . -‘ll ' - . Jason grew in in a conservative Christian family, but had struggled /3.‘ with faith in recent years. Jason's parents attended BiidgePointe's BRIDGEPOINTE launch service in March 2013. After a great experience, they brought ‘7-*""""‘ ‘ "W5" Jason and Jamie back with them the following week. That began a joumey toward Jesus for Jamie that has lasted almost a year and a half. On August 3, 2014, Jamie gave her life to Jesus and was baptized! Please pray for Jamie to continue to grow in faith, understanding, and love in Christ. - George and Dawn came to BridgePointe about 2 months ago. With little previous church experience, they are just beginning to understand the great love God has demonstrated for them in Jesus. They have started asking questions about committing to Jesus through baptism. They are nervous and still feel uncertain. Please pray that God would bring clarity for them and that they would have the courage to surrender their lives to Jesus. - Nick and Katherine both work at the front desk of a local health club where a staff member works out. They are open to friendship and we are praying that they are also open to faith. Please pray that the Back to School Fair will be an opportunity for them to see the love of God clearly demonstrated by His people. Pray that we would have discernment about how we can lead them with their next step toward Jesus. 0ceanPointe Christian Church We've had 2 wonderful interns this summer who have helped us get our student ministry off the ground. They've since had to retum to school and we are working through how to continue to pour into the students God has blessed OP with. Please pray that God would provide us with the people and wisdom needed to share the hope of Christ with the many teens who come to OP. - In July we were able to be a part of 7 baptism: at OP. While these were exciting, we ask you to pray for the OP leadership to focus on discipleship beyond this decision. Restoration House Ministries 1300 Wellington Rd Manchester, NH 03104 603-668-8808 This message was sent to rnissionsrvts@gmai. com from: Ema“ Mam, -nu by Restoration House Ministries | Otice@rhmnewengland. org I Restoration House Miiistries | 1300 fllcontact >> Welliigton Road | Manchester, NH mmnewengl W 51 W99