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PrayerFlash from Tim and Tammy Aho June 4 2014


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news from the mission work of Tim & Tammy Aho with CMFi

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PrayerFlash from Tim and Tammy Aho June 4 2014

  1. 1. • • • 1A Conway Road • Shirley, Solihull B90 4RE• England• Shirley, Solihull Issue #165 4 June 2014 Ministry Update It has taken us longer than we expected to find our feet after our reporting travels. What with Tam’s travel to help her mum (see family update) and the fact we are a little older, we find that we aren’t bouncing back quite as quickly as we used to! This is proving to be a season to take deliberate steps to review, evaluate, and listen to God and colleagues about our primary areas of focus and effort. We have been wanting to do this for a couple of years, but have been unable to do so for a variety of reasons. Without going into detail, can we ask you to pray specifically for us to hear from God about our roles, focus, and leadership in these major areas: Dickens Heath Village Church, pioneer mission training, thethirdplace network, disciple-making relationships, church planting networks and catalyzing, the Fellowship of Churches of Christ (National Leadership Team / Church Planting Task Group), Springdale College (FCC and missional training), and ethnic/international churches. Without being or trying to sound dramatic, we are laying everything on the table before God in this season for His leading, direction, and deployment. Prayer Dates: 4th through 16th June 4th Tim’s 53rd Birthday!!! T&T participate in DHVC LT meeting. 5th T&T tentatively meet with J and Douglas to discuss a possible discipleship opportunity. 6th DHVC twice month breastfeeding café; T&T attend FCC Leaders Day; thethirdplace gathers. 7th Tim attends a DHVC men’s breakfast and later participates in a Sea Cadet Summer BBQ. 8th DHVC morning worship with Tammy singing and Tim coordinating media. 9th Tammy works at the Family Support Centre (FSC) and later participates in a weekly DHVC house group/Bible study; Tim serves as Chaplain for the local Sea Cadet unit. 10th Tim participates in FCC NLT Vision Group meeting and later attends a forum on Church Based Community Projects. 12th Tim meets with Larry for prayer/accountability then monthly Skype conversation with Matt; Tammy attends FSC monthly planning/prayer meeting. 13th thethirdplace gathers. 14th T&T enjoy their day off together! 15th DHVC morning worship service – Tim baptizes Laura! Tammy sings with the worship team. 16th Tammy works at the FSC and later attends weekly house group/Bible study; Tim serves as Chaplain for Sea Cadets. Support Update After a three week pause, we will resume writing e-mails and letters seeking additional monthly support and one-time gifts. We are glad to say we have seen a slow but steady response to our requests. As of the end of May we have $650 of the $2000 additional monthly support to meet our budget. And because we found a 2009 Nissan Qashqai at a lower price than we expected, coupled with the sale of our 2003 Ford Focus, we have been able to reduce what we need for a replacement vehicle to $11,000, of which we have $7455 provided thus far. To help us on either of these, you can go to to give online. Family Update Tammy’s trip to see her mom (Pat) in Oregon proved both enlightening and exhausting. While it was good to visit, it was difficult to see the acceleration of the memory issues Pat is experiencing. Less than 24 hours after Tammy’s return to the UK, we received word that neighbors had found Pat wandering around the neighborhood looking for family and wondering who was going to stay with her that night. Research has now begun in earnest to locate and transition her to an appropriate and secure living situation. All of this is made more difficult by distance and Pat’s lack of desire for any sort of intervention. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Jess had a fabulous graduation! While we were hugely disappointed to be absent, we are grateful Andrew was able to attend, along with extended ‘family’ Ona, Ruth, Rachel and Amelia. We are tremendously proud of Jess for her hard work and accomplishments and are looking forward to her visit later this month to hug her in person! Thanks for all your love and support! Reminder Share our prayer requests with friends and church family, but please do not post them on the web or attempt to contact individuals via social media (such as Facebook) in any form. A Celtic Prayer We are Currently Praying Dear Lord, please take the fear from our hearts and replace it with your love. Please take the turmoil from our minds and replace it with your peace. Please take the weariness from our bodies and replace it with your strength. Amen, Lord, have mercy.